I wanted to write this article about being proactive and productive when it comes to looking for jobs.
You read phrases and people preaching about chasing the things that you want but how many of you make some kind of excuse when it comes down to making a change?
Of course, no dream worth having was ever going to come easy, and unfortunately reality needs to be factored in, but being realistic does not  mean giving up on your dreams altogether. If you’re the shy and retiring type (and I say this with love) you’re not going to get too far because you really need to go out and make connections. Also, I feel like the people I surround myself with are all inspiring and beneficial to me without them even knowing it.
All in all I guess what I’m trying to say is that the things that you perceive as obstacles in your path can be turned around into something positive. I love writing articles that are topical but more than anything one’s that inspire and help others. Advertise your vacancy now to finance, banking and accountancy professionals across the UK.
Remember, dreams are about your subconscious telling you things, and processing things, you don’t typically see in your waking world. My character’s dreams begin to change from Page 1 on, each new clue in each new dream pushing her closer and closer to the truth she needs to see. In Her Forgotten Betrayal, Shaw must face a life-long demon, or she’ll never stop running. I’m not usually a big fan of cookie-cutter dream dictionaries, but this one’s pretty good! Having just read your fabulous book, Dark Legacy, I thought i would take a quick look at your website. I feel like modern day society can be overwhelming unless you learn to adapt with the times and use your obstacles against you.

Some of the greatest opportunities and vital contacts I met, were through going out and actually making them for myself.
I think this is an important factor in regards to how you progress as a person, the company you keep.  If the people in your life inspire and encourage you then it’s fair to say they are the people you want to keep close to you!
If you feel disheartened learn to take comfort in that pain, and know that something greater will come of it. Writing has been my passion for longer than I can remember, it’s the only thing I pictured myself doing. For me there’s nothing more important than the connection between a writer and it’s reader.I want to be able to share my experiences as a postgraduate, good and bad because more than anything I want to be honest and not patronising. In my Dead Sexy series launch book (from Entangled Publishing), the heroine’s an amnesiac, and the question is, why? Of course, this is easier said than done and I feel like there are certain lessons that you can’t learn in a classroom.
For me, (and perhaps some of you too) the biggest obstacle in regards to being proactive, is making time and staying focused. There are plenty of people who out there to help you, but most importantly you need to learn how to help yourself.
And putting off that hard work might not just cost her life, but the life of the man she loves. You need to go out and experience things and make mistakes in order to grow and prosper as person. However, I will be honest with you in the world of work and opportunity, regardless of how good your grades are, it’s about who you know. Go out there and meet people, be shameless (well, not too shameless – but you get where I am coming from) in the sense of biting the bullet, and not being afraid to ask employers for potential job opportunities. It’s very easy to fall into a routine whereby you’re getting paid and are scared of leaving that cycle, so like I say –  use it to your advantage.

Feel the emotions associated with what’s happening, rather than worrying about how even the most disturbing dream situations might actually come to be. Recurring themes and colors and voices and even animals (look back at old Dream Theories posts for discussions of many of these dream symbols) are key.
Bwahahahaha… Because this is fiction, folks, and I have to give you readers the hooks and drama they come to gothic romantic suspense to devour. I feel like to a certain extent (and, of course, depending on your course) university offered a sense of prolonged security – a way to bide our time and keep us from plunging head first into reality.
You can work and also chase your passion –  remember that there are 24 hours in a day and most of them are spent wasted. As soon as you wake, try to write down (or discuss with someone) these seemingly minor details.
If you are carrying out research I have many of these ancient books in Pdf format that I can send you. However, once we have been dropped in, we need to learn how to swim –  so here is my advice so that you can keep your head above water. But, your mind is trying to tell you something, and our emotions are a direct conduit to what that might be. Why not chase what you want most, instead of letting something unseen continue to stalk you? Some of the best articles I write on my phone in order to fill my time with productive activity.

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