The best thing I did in college was get a position as a logic tutor in the philosophy department.
Grading papers wasn’t the greatest thing, but it did give me a chance to see what kind of work goes into being a teacher, good or monotonous.
Find a difficult text (it doesn’t even have to be in your field) and attempt to conquer it. There is nothing more challenging than writing a clear and concise paper upon a text you hardly have any experience with.
Thinking is the way by which one thing signifies another. Associations are made and each time certain things come up, your mind suggests a solution based on past experience. Take some time this year to look for other ways of doing things, other ways of solving problems.
Think of your core beliefs about anything, whether political or spiritual or related to your field. Many ideas just work for a long time, until one fateful day when they come across a problem they just can’t solve.
Other people involved in your major likely have things to contribute which you may not have thought of. It’s easy to give into beer and pizza all the time to make things easy, but your ability to learn is tied to your ability to stay healthy.
Sure, your diet will likely take a hit during finals week, but just don’t let it completely break down.
The art of relaxing is something that you should take definite steps towards, as often as you can.
While we all instantly think of hot tubs and massages, the truth is that we all relax differently. During a semester studying eastern religions, our professor was able to secure a grant to take several students to tour some religious temples. Colleges offer so many resources to help you out with your future career that often we forget they are there. Seek out these resources and get started on planning out how you will transition from a college student, to a member of the work force in whatever field you are studying. Understanding this is key to understanding other people and the world at large and getting to know people with the a different perspective will shed light on just how different we all can be. A passive mind sits and listens to what the professor is saying, and this is the default mode most of us take because it makes it easier to take notes. Attending the class in this way makes taking notes less important, and while the notes you take will still help you later, they won’t be such a crutch as they are now. A lot of professors are kind and will summarize the main points of the texts in class before moving on to talk about them.
You may be new to the town if you are just starting school, or maybe you are a veteran, but still broke. While some things like money, how much we can lift, and how fast we can run a mile are measured by numbers, things like virtue and growth as an individual are hard to pin down. Taking part in activities that do allow for measurable progress is a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to personal development.
As long as you have clear goals about who and what you want to be, you are going to have to learn how to love the daily grind. Each of these things has a place in the overall picture, but you need to have a picture for it to make sense.

If you have learned how to relax and how to recover, you can hit each day with a full tank and really give yourself a chance to dig deep into whatever you want to learn about.
The best goal you can have this year is to participate in so much, involve yourself with so many different endeavors, that you end the year completely exhausted.
The amount of resources at our disposal is so vast we forget just how much we are capable of doing. They each have their own motivations, desires and interests which has shaped them into the person they are. Heck, they may even cut you a break on your grade those times you forget about the term paper due the next day and write 30 pages of jumbled mess that uses your aunt Sherry as a source. I was around my professors often, got to chit chat about small topics, had access to more resources than normal, and was very active with the students of the classes. You are forced to really do your research and make a strong case for whatever you happen to be arguing for. Spending the same amount of money on an easier class will only result in a weaker return than if you were to really challenge yourself. Whatever interests you may have, there is likely a club for it, with others who think like you.
Just like your professors, they are there to fulfill certain goals of what it means to be successful. Being able to get out of the fray and release some tension and anxiousness does wonders for you in the long run. We met many different kinds of people who taught us much more than we would learn from any textbook. The path may be trickier than you think and having a head start will allow you to have an edge over your peers vying for the same positions. This is contingent upon where you were born, how you were raised, how you were educated, from your self knowledge, and from your own rational thought. Think of ways to apply the teachings, mull over the arguments and try to counter them, or just think of the consequences of the ideas.
This helps ensure the class moves along smoothly and helps to sift out any possible mis-interpretations, so you may actually be able to get away with not reading the texts.
You don’t necessarily have to read it twice like some say you should, but at least take a look at it and try to get a clear picture before you enter the classroom. The transition from college to work force can be a tough one and you don’t want to be unprepared.
Understand your own goals and motivations, and know that tough times will come, but so will the successes. But if you knew everything about high school and how it really works, would you change how you approach (or approached) it?
It was an unfathomable thing coming out of high school only to realize that in college skipping class every once in a while is, dare I say it, okay.
You may find a new pathway by which to solve deep and important problems, whether in your field or in your life generally. Joining a club or activity will give you a good group of people to go to with new ideas and general chit chat related to your field.
Doing so will open you up to how other people view your beliefs and how maybe they are wrong about some things but right about others. Other people came up in different circumstances, and thus different variables act upon them as well as they way their personal investigations cohere with these variables.

There are much better ways to take notes than others, but in all the note-taking it can be easy to forget to use our best asset for learning, our own mind. Whatever it is, it helps to know where you can get a deal on something without losing too much. They may not be good indicators of overall success, but they give you nice checkpoints by which to see progress come to life. Well when Thursday roles around, it’s the start of the weekend and obviously college kids play by their own rules because only in college is it acceptable to have a three-day weekend every week. For some it might even be something more extreme like juggling knives while someone shouts out trivia questions. Established in 1939, it is a comprehensive community college that offers two-year and four-year degree plans. And so it begins, the mornings of waking up smelling like the floor of a bar and a good chance of a less dignity than you had the day before.Here’s the thing though, you never want to be ‘that’ girl.
If they are successful at what they do, they will offer insight into what it takes to become so.
It doesn’t matter, you need to find out what helps you relax and do it each day to let off some steam. We all have seen her at parties; the one that drinks 15 cups of jungle juice and proceeds to dance on tables and does the reach-around make out while still grinding. They might know some tricks of the trade that aren’t in the textbooks, and they will most likely have some hands-on experience which will give you an edge over others. Slutty might be the word to describe this situation – and sluts in college are not respected by guys and even less liked by girls. Freebase content is freely licensed under the CC-BY license and Wikipedia content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation license.
There is nothing worse than being told the next day that everyone saw more of you than you had planned. There is a time and place for pizza and breadsticks and it’s not when you’re hammered out of your mind. Putting 3,000 calories in your body for a day is bad, but for a fourth meal, it’s even worse and more unnecessary. Yes, your metabolism is probably at the peak of your life, but there’s a reason why college kids are much heftier than they were in high school. Think about that bikini you’ll be putting on in a short few months… you want to stop eating drunk now, don’t you? 5. Don’t take party pics that show drunk eyes, alcohol, kissing lips or anything that isn’t classy and attractive. Putting photos of you and your friends taking pulls of vodka straight out of the bottle on Facebook is so freaking dumb that you should have your right to FB revoked.
Hello, we’re in college to get jobs and future employers probably don’t think chugging vodka is an impressive quality.

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