These three words I thought of, spoke of, wrote of and tweeted of before these NBA Finals began on June 6th.
The words came to me in the form of a premonition, but I also embraced them with my logical mind. If the Spurs were to dethrone the defending NBA Champions, they would have to do it in a hostile environment.
Letting go of left brain logic, I opened my mind and right brain to the intuition of what I felt would happen in this series.  The three words would not go away, Miracle in Miami. Perhaps my premonition did not foresee Manu or Kawhi’s missed free throws or the Spurs inability to get a title-clinching rebound in the final minute of regulation play. Perhaps my intuition of a Miracle in Miami was the likely outcome of the Spurs leading by five in the final seconds, but some cosmic force beyond my comprehension altered that fate forever.
While the heartbreaking, soulwrenching way the Spurs lost in Game 6 has nearly dashed all hope among the faithful, a Miracle in Miami would be more of a miracle if there were no other game to fall back on.  This seventh game is ultimate finality for either the Spurs or the Heat tonight. On the front page of the Express-News this morning, the city awoke to a story and images of the Salesian sisters of St. Globally recognized astrologer and author of the book Pronoia, Rob Brezsny even pondered what mystical forces might be channeled on the Spurs behalf tonight.
Chris Duel is the host of the Spurs Net Center during Spurs broadcasts on 1200 WOAI Radio and is the co-founder and co-host of Talk Now SA, a live video talk show covering all things San Antonio.
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Jacobs feels this title run is his career story, Santana says Team Peterson made a huge mistake, Garcia promises epic performance for fans.
At the opening bell, both fighters came out aggressive as they met in the center of the ring.
This quickly became the story of the night as it became obvious that Jacobs was the much more comfortable fighter in the ring. The most significant event of the fight however occurred in the third round after the two fighters clashed heads. With a fire lit under him, Fitzpatrick came out aggressive against the slick counter-punching of Jacobs. This was what would go on to do Fitzpatrick in, as Jacobs came out aggressive and never let up, determined to end this fight in the fifth round.
Jacobs looked as impressive as always, but with his intentions of challenging for a major title, he’ll have to take one more fight to really prove his worth to the middleweight division.
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Trout” broadcast, Daniel Jacobs (24-1, 21 knockouts) took on Chris Fitzpatrick (15-3, 6 knockouts) in a one-sided, yet entertaining middleweight clash. Where Fitzpatrick embraced the role of aggressor Jacobs did most of his damage as a counter-puncher.
Once Jacobs saw the cut develop the Fitzpatrick’s head, Jacobs was set of ending the night early.
Jacobs continued stalking Fitzpatrick around the ring, and would eventually catch him along the ropes.
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Going into this fight, many viewed Fitzpatrick as a stepping stone for the surging Jacobs who was coming off of a 72-second KO win against Josh Luteran in October.
Early on, Fitzpatrick wasn’t quite committing  to punches as he seemingly pawed at Jacobs with his jab. Fitzpatrick would go on to find success landing a few thudding hooks that visibly shook Jacobs, but instead of following up on his initial assault, Fitzpatrick would allow Jacobs to recuperate and steal back rounds. Jacobs went on to bully Fitzpatrick around the ring for the remainder of the round, leading some to question whether the fight would be stopped after seeing the flurries that Fitzpatrick would take. Unfortunately, throwing flurries of punches are meaningless if they don’ t manage to land, and Fitzpatrick knew this by the end of the fight. In the final 30 seconds of the round, Jacobs would unleash a vicious flurry of blows that would have Fitzpatrick offering no kind of offense, aside from the occasional clinch attempt.
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To some extent, that’s is all this match really was, although one must give credit to Fitzpatrick for delaying what many seemed was inevitable. Jacobs would go on to capitalize on Fitzpatrick’s slow start and he would go on to set up a series of combinations behind a wicked quick jab. Luckily, Fitzpatrick would find himself saved by the bell, but at this point he already knew that he was losing the fight.
With Jacobs blocking most of the incoming shots, he would capitalize on the fact that Fitzpatrick would leave himself open for a right hook and body shots.
Surprisingly, the fight wasn’t stopped, but Fitzpatrick decided that enough was enough as he told the ref to stop the fight. While stopped, she turned around and caught Katie starting to fall asleep and tickled her toes.

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