God cares about the faithful handling of church finances and so does the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Galatians 2:9-10 reminds God’s servants, whether they minister among Jews or Gentiles, to “remember the poor.” What does it mean to remember the poor?
Local churches in Galatia in the first century and around the world today are not private clubs that serve only committed members. What excites me most about our church (that our son helped plant in Littleton, Colorado) and the church our daughter attends in Santee, California is that neither owns its gathering place.
What if times change and our churches experience government persecution or seek church funds? Will you steward your leadership development well?  Enroll in Christian Leadership Alliance’s  Outcomes365 and immerse yourself in a yearlong experience that will activate, accelerate and help you achieve a higher level of leadership excellence.
Discover how approaching your intentional brand development can revolutionize your marketing. Both men and women reflect God's personality in unique ways and bring something special to the workplace environment.
Discover how approaching your brand development with intentionality can revolutionize your marketing. Everyone wants their organization to be the best it can be - and good branding plays a huge role in making that possible! Effective communication is crucial to connecting with your audience - therefore every organization can benefit from a strong content strategy. Have you ever wondered, “If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money?” If so, you’re not alone. Want to hear the latest in financial news and trends every Christian ministry leader should know?
Did you know 90 percent of nonprofits still employ the same fundraising and communication strategies they used 10 years ago? Could adjusting the way you conduct performance reviews help to change the face of your organization? Discover the secret to a flourishing ministry culture in our webcast "Growing People Who Grow Your Ministry" with CLA Anaheim favorites, Chad Carter and Al Lopus. Want the secret to understanding and successfully recruiting the younger generation into your organization? Could a "celebrity" spokesperson be the right way to spread the word about your organization?

There are times in life when it is wise to seek out another leader to help you strengthen the inner core of leadership that is taking shape in you. In the book, Nonprofit Leadership in a For-Profit World, Melinda Delahoyde wrote about strengthening the inner core of leadership and then specifically identified essential leadership characteristics.
Perhaps you are at point where you sense the need to strengthen the inner core of your leadership. Christian Leadership Alliance exists to equip and unite leaders and because of this commitment, the Outcomes Mentoring Network was created for you.
Available in six-month engagements, this leadership development experience is designed to uniquely help you become more of the leader God intended you to be.
Visit www.OutcomesMentoring.org and take that next step to strengthen your inner core of leadership!
I am privileged to serve on an ECFA Advisory Committee offering counsel linked to the development of financial literacy resources for churches. Jesus urged disciples to care for “poor” outcasts from society as if they were caring for him (cf. Paul does not tell God’s people to “tithe” as that is Law language, but says to “share (koinonia in Greek) all good things” with their teachers? The 5by5 team delivers messages with undeniable clarity, reach, and results.Prior to establishing 5by5, Shannon co-founded a successful agency, worked in marketing for a technology leader in the educational space, and provided marketing consulting to non-profits engaged in multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns.
Some departments can feel less connected to your mission by virtue of their role - but EVERY individual is crucial to the success of your organization.
In this study of successful leaders, the question being addressed focused on the one character trait common to all effective leaders.
What all leaders possess, the one most important characteristic they all share is a deep core of inner strength.
Those inner reserves of character, integrity, and strength enable a leader to rise up in difficult times, to cast a vision for hope and transformation when catastrophe strikes, to call a team back to trust in the mercy and power of God as they navigate uncharted waters. The matching process is highly reliable and mentoring relationships are launched every month. This post aims at offering four church budgeting insights from the earliest letter of the Apostle Paul: Galatians (c.
Do you instruct your church to “share” so that the needs of those who provide instruction in the word are supplied? That means churches make the most of every opportunity to proclaim Christ to the world in word and deed.

For those responsible for church budgets, my advice is to put God’s resources in play in service to the poor, care for your pastor(s), offer programs for your congregation, and proclamation efforts that do good to all people.
You’ll receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to join in to your live Webcast. Peggy Banks as she shares what it looks like to lead from a place of wisdom and vulnerability. But there are ways you can improve the health and culture of your organization and potentially reverse the damage - Dr. There were many traits the leaders held in common – discipline, vision, and communication skills.
Somewhere inside of them is a reserve of courage, discipline, and fortitude that enables them to face the consistent, continual challenges and problems that are synonymous with leadership. The benefit of wise counsel from an experienced Christ-centered leader may be just what you need to help you stand strong and persevere. What percent of your church budget is allocated to caring for the needs of your pastors and teachers? Programs are modern parallels to this as churches deploy gifted people to serve the needs of the body. This includes outreach in your Jerusalem (your city), Judea and Samaria (your region), and the ends of the earth (around the world).
He loves the family of faith served by programs as well as those who are lost that may find the way to life through our proclamation efforts. If you don’t, you likely have far more resources for ministry and less burdens linked to property management. Therein, he gives specific instructions that together provide a paradigm for the allocation of church resources. Conspicuously absent, however, is another “P” word that surfaces as a cost center for many churches: property. A deacon answered for the whole church, and required one day to comply with the order of the tyrant.

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