Learning how to correctly manage complicated spiritual situations isn’t an inherent skill.
For those who are blessed to have natural leadership skills it’s important to take extra care to guard your heart. When it is time to launch a new leadership training program for your organization, always take time to seek God and pray for guidance. Remembering that it does not take our strength to reach the goal will help us accomplish more in the long run.
With the 2016 Leadership Training for Christ conventions taking place this past weekend, we dug up as many chorus videos as we could find. In many cases, it takes Christian leadership training to meet the needs of children, teens and adults.
Ever wonder why some people feel the need to take the lead while others prefer hovering in the background?

A gentle reminder can be good for us occasionally and can keep us from encountering unnecessary struggles down the road. As you pray, you will remember to focus on His vision for the future and take care to submit to His authority. Whether you are a new leader or have been leading well for years, a good leadership training program will help you focus on what is important and is a valuable resource for any organization.
We hope you aren't tired of hearing about LTC (or Lads to Leaders) because we aren't tired of boasting about the participants. With training, leaders will better understand how the many ministries of the church work together to fulfill the vision and mission. As leaders, teams should be able to meet the challenges of ministry in a manner that reflects positively on the church and Christ.
While leadership training should include ways to develop and grow, the very core of any Christian leadership training should be Christ focused.

With training, pastors, teachers and leaders will better understand their personal leadership style and how to relate to other leaders, regardless of style. It’s easy to get so focused on pushing forward to accomplish our immediate tasks that we become distracted from our true center.
Often the chuch will suffer retention issues because of problems withA the church's leadership.
They had a passion to serve God, and a humility that allowed them to submit to His leadership. In fact,A change has the potential to either launch an organizationA to the next level, or dump it into the deepest pit.

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