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Christian marriage coach training is a more natural and effective way to help couples get focused and get moving forward in their relationships.
Upon graduation, you will be given a lifetime membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance. Life Purpose Coaching Centers International® has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Your certification is recognized internationally and will be maintained through a minimum requirement for continuing education which will include quarterly peer reviews for ongoing quality control. Read about Dale’s faith-based wellness coaching and then request a complimentary session by completing the form below.
Dale has 25-years of professional experience in the wellness field and also has rich life experiences as a follower of Christ. If you are already a coach, you may be interested in using the Spiritual Fitness Assessment that Dale has developed. Christian health coaches assist people in identifying and accomplishing specific health-related goals.  They provide you with the tools, perspective and structure to accomplish more through a process of accountability. Conveniently, Dale’s wellness coaching can be done in person or over the phone so geographical boundaries are eliminated.
You and Dale will work together to choose the focus, format, and the desired outcome of your coaching. 1 - Completely dissatisfied 10 - I could not be happierLevel of Stress*12345678910Rate the level of stress in your life on a scale of 1 to 10.
This life transforming program 'connects the dots' between biblical principles and whole-person health.

Subscribe for Instant AccessJoin the "Christian Coach Newsletter" and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit! At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries. Before selecting a life coach training course it pays to look at certain features that will help ensure that you get the best life coach training. Using active listening and powerful questioning, a Christian marriage coach can assist husbands and wives in gaining clarity about the present and forming a vision for their future. The Alliance is an international network of Christian coaches dedicated to supporting one another. Coaching is a consistent, on going relationship where the coach stays with the client to help implement new skills, changes and goals. If a person who desires to work with a wellness coach is a Christian, the real value of being in relationship with a Christian wellness coach is that they both share common spiritual beliefs and can appreciate the significance of putting into practice the principles found in the Bible. The degree to which you mange your stress will play a major factor in how healthy you’re able to be. If you’re interested in the profession and desire to learn more about how to become a life coach or about a Christian Life Coach training and certification course, click on the button below.
Some of the features that a good training course should have include getting a lot of practical training and not being limited to simply reading from books to understand how to become a life coach.
You will be able to ask questions of any of our instructors in the member area and also use the Alliance emblem on your website and elsewhere. Dale will help you see through all the ‘fog’ in your life and help you get to the heart of the matter and any obstacles that have been in your way. Permission to reprint the assessment and use it with your clients is possible by purchasing it on the Products for Purchase Page. Lifestyle, in a coaching context, addresses the whole person, including physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

When a person aligns their behaviors with their values which are steeped in their deep spiritual beliefs, this affords a climate where true lasting behavior change can occur.
When at all possible, the first session will be face-to-face and, if desired, Dale will also send frequent notes of encouragement by email.
He’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire that helps him understand your current situation and challenges.
You may also gain great insight into the faith and health link by participating in the Faith and Health Ambassador Course or the 3-hour Faith and Health Link Teleseminar.
While they might initially be focused on a physical health issue, other dimensions of your life will also most likely be addressed. Then by interacting at regular intervals throughout each month, you and he will be better able to set strategies, take action, and keep you moving forward. Where therapy brings understanding and awareness of the past to a client, coaching provides the support and strategy to make changes based on the awareness a client holds.
A supportive friend is wonderful to have in life, yet does not hold the objectivity and distance that a coach does. A Christian health coach is a professional who is trusted to work with you on the most important aspects of your life. A coach offers a different perspective of the truth because of the emotional distance the professional relationship offers.

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