ITS ALL ABOUT CHANGE™ is a Christian-based life coaching practice inspiring women who are on a personal quest to achieve a strong sense of self and create a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A study where women from around the globe study the same Bible passage, listen to the same teaching, and apply the same transformational truths, each from her own home. Your first lesson will be winging its way to your email inbox shortly after you sign up.  You will continue to receive a lesson each week for 9 weeks.
If you have studied the Bible much at all, you have undoubtedly heard that when a word is repeated, it must be important. Living in Love With Jesus is the delightfully intermittent blog designed to brighten your day and to help you fall more deeply in love with Jesus. Christian Life Coaching is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. The table below highlights the key differences between professional services commonly confused with one another.

Christian Life Coaching is all about helping people establish a future vision of their life that is aligned with how they are wired, then helping them achieve the necessary transformation goals to get there. All of our Life Coaching is gender-specific (male coach with male client, female coach with female client). Men need a partner, a mentor and a coach as they look to conquer short term and long term challenges.
My practice is designed to be informative, uplifting, and motivational, as well as enhance the lives of women through personal, one-on-one coaching. That’s why Life Coaching for Christian Women will be offering a 9 week virtual Bible study called Contagious Love – a study of the book of I John, featuring the teaching of Kim Avery. People hire a coach when they are making a career transition, starting a new business, feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices, or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs. I am here to help women leaders who struggle to take care of themselves while caring for and leading others.

Nearly all of the top leaders I know are using mentors or coaches to help them achieve goals bigger than themselves. Coaching often gets confused with mentoring, consulting or counseling; but there are distinct differences. Deeply rooted in my approach is my belief that every person has value and every person has God given gifts.

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