If you’re looking to transform your own life, or if you want God to use you to make a difference in other people’s lives, Lynne Lee can help you. Coaching is a very effective way of helping people get unstuck and have significant breakthroughs that lead to lasting sustainable change. On Thursday January 7 at 4 pm Eastern Time (New York), Lynne Lee is led a no cost online seminar (webinar) that will open your eyes to the power of coaching to transform lives.
You will leave understanding what’s so special about Christian life coaching, the difference that coaching can make, and why working with a Christian coach is a better option for Christians.
You will also understand the qualities you need to be an effective life coach and why coach training is not just for people who plan to work as coaches. If you have a passion to help people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs, then Christian life coach training could be just what you’re looking for. I thank you for this because it has helped me realize that the service I give, in counselling and teaching the Word of God to others, and dealing with my own personal lifestyle is what I do on a regular basis.for many years now.
Lynne, I must tell you that I sense your spirit of humility, and heart of compassion for all humans. Lynne you are incredible I would love to study under you aw well as take coaching seminars. Free BONUS Video when you sign up An Evening Of Inspiration and IlluminationThis powerful message by Phil Zaldatte will help you understand the transition process to go from where you are to where you need to be to live your big dreams.

The secret to experiencing greatness is the embracing of new ideas – big ideas, which develop you and have a broad impact on others. Choose Greatness – A Guide For Extraordinary Performance is designed to challenge and inspire you. Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business? Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money? Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? July 26, 2014 by Path of Life Christian Coaching Leave a Comment My big dream (and prayer) is to have a small, farm-like setting with a red barn for my coaching and ministry center. I envision sunflowers growing outside and a big porch with rocking chairs and a porch swing. Have you ever really thought about these questions or other questions like them?  Have you written out the answers to them or the details of your big dream?  Have you ever told anyone else? Lynne is a master life coach and coach trainer with years of experience and success under her belt. In addition, she will give you a taste of coaching to help you establish new daily habits that will help you to create an environment that supports you in creating the life you want to live.

Of all the courses and training I have participated in my life as a physician, my coach training was by the most powerful and life-changing. I am a certified counsellor,burned out walking out of tsunami of issues schanging character to reflects Gods character and nature a carrier of his glory and loved daily deepening my capacity to carry more to become the best I can be to stand it what he has called me to do.
Lynne, thank you for sharing these truths that can change lives, and cause other lives to be changed, by those who take the training.
I find you so soothiing so strong and so knowledgeable more than i hav e ever heard your skill set and knowledge in so many aresa I love your prayers and your voice thankyou so much bless you and joesph and all invloved my favorite are these webnars.
Understand there is no end, no mountain top to reach when it comes to the mastery of greatness.
Christian Coach Training is the best training I ever had in my life and Lynne is my favorite coach. As well I’m doing this via cell phone right now as I have hired someone to teach me how to use my new laptop. It might be more beneficial to do it by cell phone as you Lynne have said you do it this way.

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