This Workbook (a companion to the Christian Life Coaching Handbook) provides coaching clients with an introduction to life purpose discovery, plus over 60 reflection exercises for finding your destiny. If you want to find your life purpose, or give those you are coaching a tool for finding it, choose this Workbook.
The oft-overlooked area of calling ("An external commission from God for others") also gets an in-depth treatment. Finally, you'll roll it all together into a set of life purpose statements you can post on the wall and refer to again and again. A second companion book is The Calling Journey, a look at the stages leaders go through on the road to fulfilling their call. We've also partnered with Extended DISC to offer an on-line DISC assessment and 25-page report at 40% off to help you discover your innate Design. Tony Stoltzfus is a long-time coach, author of 11 coaching books, including the best-selling Coaching Questions.
The Calling Journey fills a vital need for coaches by mapping out the progression of stages and transitions God moves us through on the road to our call. Filled with examples from the lives of biblical and contemporary leaders and overflowing with insight on how God works through our circumstances, The Calling Journey will provide a powerful perspective on your own journey and a great set of tools to work with those you coach.
What would it be like to live in a community where everyone was empowered to live out their dreams? Coaches Andy and Janine Mason have circled the globe to follow their own calling, and use that experience to help you live yours. To help make coach training affordable for ministries, we're practically giving away these professional coach training outlines for coaching classes you can offer.
If you are training coaches for your organization and want to go beyond the basic courses currently available, this package is for you. This Open Source coach training course outline will help you introduce Christian life coaching in your church, team or ministry.
The 8-session class or tele-class outlines contain everything you need to offer the Getting Started in Leadership Coaching training course. This complete Presenter's Package includes: in-depth presenter's outlines, course schedules, a participant's packet, a PowerPoint presentation, an orientation session outline, tips for running and promoting the coaching class--even a color promotional e-flyer you can modify with your course name and dates. Train others in life purpose discovery skills with the Level III Life Coach Training Tele-Course Presenter's Package.
The Open Source format (Electronic Download) means you can train royalty free and customize them to suit your organization's needs. The Open Source format (Electronic Download) means you can train royalty free and customize these outlines to suit your organization's needs. This interactive destiny workshop, built around the book The Calling Journey, is a perfect tool for coaches who want to offer life purpose courses to their church or organization. The Open Source format (Electronic Download) means you can offer the course royalty free and customize it to suit your needs. Offer a life purpose discovery course to your church or team with the new Calling Discovery Workshop Presenter's Package. The Calling Journey Poster Is a presenters tool that will provide a powerful visual aid in a classroom or workshop setting.
Looking for a turn-key course you can offer to provide basic training in coaching skills or introduce people to the coaching model?
To offer the course, simply purchase the presenter's pack here, and you'll receive a code by e-mail that lets you download the outlines, presenter info and other course materials.
The Questions for Jesus Workshop is the perfect way to introduce a group to the powerful practice of your praying deepest desires. This Workbook provides coaching clients with an introduction to life purpose discovery, plus over 60 reflection exercises for finding your destiny.

The Christian Life Coaching Handbook gives you an in-depth look at how a master coach helps Christian leaders discover their life purpose. The companion A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook provides the client with an outline of the purpose model and all the exercises?a tremendous time-saver in the discovery process. Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills is a best-selling handbook of dozens of asking tools, models and techniques, with self-study schedules to help you put them into practice.
The Master Coach Series combines three advanced coaching CDs, each with over an hour of live coaching demos, debriefings and input on a particular skill area. Questions for Jesus by master coach Tony Stoltzfus takes you on a journey of learning how to pray and coach around your deepest desires.
Questions for Jesus shows how Jesus spoke to the deepest desires of those he met--and how he can do so for you.
The reader walks through a four-part model of life purpose (Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling), identifies the destiny clues in each area, and then combines them into life mission, life purpose and life vision statements.
Calling is what keeps life purpose from becoming an exercise in navel---it prods us to seek revelation on how God is calling us to serve, instead of merely looking inside and asking, "What do I want in life?" Calling is about being Christ to the world--and there is a unique facet of who God is that you are called to uniquely embody. Covering everything from understanding your personality type to creating value statements to identifying the message of your life for others, this book is a practical, accessible gold-mine of tools for anyone seeking to understand what God made them for. This volume lays out a model of calling timelines with predictable valleys and transitions.
The Workbook contains basic descriptions of life purpose concepts, along with blank copies of the exercises for the client to fill in; while the Handbook adds in-depth descriptions, sample coaching dialogs, and filled-in exercise examples to show how people respond in real life. Temes draws on great thinkers from Augustine and Aristotle to Emerson and Mother Teresa to build the case that lasting fulfillment comes from serving others, not self. This path includes predictable mountains to scale and painful, disorienting valleys all leaders must navigate to fulfill their destiny. Dream Culture is about activating us to dream God-dreams, and about helping leaders build cultures where people are encouraged to dream, risk and do the impossible. Coaching questions, dream activations and powerful stories show how to turn ideas into action steps and develop an intentional lifestyle that brings dreams to life. Open Source means you can freely use or adapt these class materials for your needs, with few restrictions. This open source Presenter's Package from Coach22 provides two full days of interactive coach training sessions, and is designed to follow an introductory coaching course like Getting Started in Leadership Coaching or Peer Coach Training. As an added bonus, the course materials are provided in an Open Source format (Electronic Download) that allows you to freely use and customize them to suit your needs. The new version 3.0 also includes a 75-slide PowerPoint presentation for doing in-person classes. Participant materials (purchased separately) are the acclaimed book Leadership Coaching and the companion 4-disc Leadership Coaching Live!
Along with the downloadable materials, you'll also get a license to purchase the participant books and CDs at a special 30% discount. This open source coach training class from Coach22 provides eight weeks of advanced, interactive training designed to follow a Level II course like The Level II Coach Training Intensive. Please note: this is not a self-study course, but a set of resources for teaching coaching to others!
This open source coach training class from Coach22 provides eight weeks of advanced, interactive training (or a 2-day workshop) designed to follow the The Level III Life Coach Training course. Each participant builds a personalized calling timeline that unlocks incredible insights into how God is at work in their lives and how to lean into his agenda for them. Please note: this is not a self-study course, but a set of resources for offering a course to others.
This new open source workshop from Coach22 provides eight interactive sessions with PowerPoints that lead people to discover and clearly articulate God's call on their lives.

The presenter's package includes a complete Facilitator's guide with in-depth outlines for each session, course schedules, a participant's packet, an orientation outline, tips for running and promotion the course -- even a color promotional e-flyer you can modify with your course name and dates. You'll also get a license to purchase the books and CDs needed for the course at a special 30% discount (call us if you need books for the course). And this workshop's interactive approach gets participants praying and sharing what they heard right off the bat. This handbook is packed with real-life stories, example coaching dialogs and over 60 discovery exercises for use as client action steps. You take a scientifically-validated on-line assessment, from which you will receive a personalized 25-page report on your DISC type. Stop praying about the business ("God,what do you want me to do?") and learn to pray about the relationship ("Jesus, here's what I like about you: ____. Written in a devotional format, this book takes heart-level conversation with Jesus to a new level. Built around 52 passages in Matthew where Jesus touches desires, each meditation offers five powerful, heart-level questions that will help you enter into the passage and receive what your heart most longs to hear. Covering everything from personality type to value statements to life messages, this book is a wonderful resource for the life coaching process. Coaching the calling stage a person is in right now instead of using the generic approach makes a tremendous difference in coaching effectiveness.
As Founder of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute, Tony teaches leaders to engage the heart by coaching through the emotional brain to touch the deep desires that drive behavior.
If you are looking for an erudite book on purpose that goes beyond shallow self-help and personal fulfillment, this volume is a great choice for reorienting business or life coaching clients.
Each stage has a unique growth agenda, and Tony shows how to coach each stage differently to line up with what God is doing in that season. The emphasis of the workshop is providing extensive practice with feedback to build confidence and competence in core coaching skills.
Please note: this is not a self-study course, but a set of outlines that let you function as a trainer for others.
Built around A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook by well-known life coach Tony Stoltzfus, you'll cover what calling is, common misconceptions about call, creating a Revelation Journal, identifying your life messages, profiling the audience you are called to reach and more.
Based on a four-part model of life purpose (Design, Passion, Preparation and Calling), Tony walks you through each major life purpose area, demonstrating powerful techniques like identifying desires under dreams, coaching around hearing God, and much more. The report tells you what motivates your type, what energizes and de-energizes you, what kind of work environment you flourish in, and much more.
You can even use it to offer life purpose courses or workshops in your church with our life purpose course outlines. Known for his interactive, innovative training and writing style, Tony has written courses and training materials used around the world. Temes treats themes like the choosing when to change the world and when to adapt to it, the competitive advantage of building a business on serving others, ambition vs. Each week participants read a few chapters from the book, listen to a demo coaching session from the CD set, and then participate in a live, interactive class session with you as the coach trainer. Interpretation instructions and action items are also included to help you make the most of what you learn about your personality type.
If you want to become more self-aware about your innate Design, this DISC tool does the trick.

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