Hooe Baptist Church is delighted to announce that we have appointed a new Minister to the church.  Her name is Vanessa Appleton who has completedd her studies at Bristol Bible College and has now officially joined us here at Hooe in 2015. Treasurer:  Robert Ashurst (01752 406649)  Robert and his wife Stella have been part of the family of Hooe Baptist Church since they moved into the area in 2008. Jean Osmond  Jean grew up in Hooe and attended the church from an early age attending Sunday School and the Girls brigade company. Robert Moore  Rob has lived in the Plymouth area since joining the Royal Navy as a young 16 year old in 1988 as a junior stoker. Free Newsletters:Get the best from Leadership Journal editors, delivered straight to your inbox!
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Unlock This Article for a FriendTo unlock this article for your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below. Share This Article with a FriendTo share this article with your friends, use any of the social share buttons on our site, or simply copy the link below. Many people who struggle with the concept of plurality of elder church government argue that the NT nowhere lays out any pattern that Christ intends to be perpetuated. How can you support an aggressive vision and aggressive growth apart from looking to one key individual to provide that dynamic? Won’t you be paralyzed if you spread the leadership focus across a plural group of elders? How can the church speak with one voice when it comes to doctrine and strategy and administration unless the staff all reports to this one key individual? Every human institution that we can look to for leadership mentoring has a strong hierarchical structure.
Single-pastor oriented flocks (or heavily senior-pastor oriented flocks) can have the best of intentions, but that does not excuse them from being misguided.
Our problem is that we neglect the impact of the Biblical record in our rush to justify our path of expediency. Unfortunately, there are plenty of men like Diotrephes in the churches today, and they are always characterized by this attitude.

Note: By the way I commend the leadership of Peninsula Bible Church for their example down through the years of attempting to model a godly plurality. I view Diotrephes as the God-given example of how quickly sinful men ignore the system of checks and balances which God has put in place and allow human ambition to take over and rule the roost. Is he not approachable and unable to graciously consider appeals that point to his weaknesses?
Does he blow away the other elders in certain situations and dominate the decision making and the planning?
Luke 11:14-23 Jesus is confronted by some who claim that His miracles are works of the power of Satan.
Luke 11.1-4 Jesus teaches the disciples to pray with a model of prayer completely focused on God. They have 3 married children and 4 grandchildren, with two of their children and two grandchildren living in or near Hooe. He married the love of his life “Kerry” in 1994 and subsequently they were blessed with 2 wonderful children. They try to make a case for church leadership being one of those culturally determined areas where we are free to devise whatever structure best suits the situation. We also believe that the Word of God is the only thing that is ever going to bring anyone into a saving relationship with God. Today we look at the second half of this prayer and our asking our Father for physical provision, spiritual provision, and protection from temptation and the evil one. He is our Father, He is holy, He is sovereign ruler and we should pray that His kingdom would come, and His will be done on earth like it is in heaven. The resurrection of Jesus Christ has implication on your life whether you believe or not, and the evidence of the resurrection is staggering. Prior to their move from Surrey to Plymouth, they were both heavily involved in the life of their local Baptist church, where Robert was in lay leadership for over 30 years.   Although allegedly retired, they are busy people.
Jean has been a Christian for 50 years and has been active in various roles in several churches over that time.
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Please feel free to check out our sermons here on line, and we would love to have you join us on Sunday’s as well.
In addition to his involvement in the life of Hooe Baptist Church as a Deacon and admin co-ordinator for Messy Church, both Robert and Stella share in providing prayer and practical support to Plymouth Street Pastors. At some time in the dim and distant past, she was a school teacher, but more recently has become known as an artist and crafts person. Rob’s call to faith was one of a slow build up followed by an amazing cleansing tidal wave as the Holy Spirit flooded through his body and soul in an all-powerful and deafeningly silent crescendo (Just ask him!!) Whilst in the Royal Navy Rob became a member of the Naval Christian Fellowship, helped to run the Sunday Service and daily bible study on board the ships he served on.
Robert also has wider responsibilities on a voluntary basis as a trustee of the two Baptist Union pension schemes,  and with BMS World Mission, Release International and Scripture Union. Jean has a heart for Christian discipleship, Bible teaching and training, and has had a long-term involvement with Christian Prayer Ministries, which is a non-denominational organisation which ministers to Christians in the areas of “inner healing”.
When she is not about her work for GB or Church activities she and her husband enjoy walking and spending precious time together. He is a member of the team that lead the church’s Sunday youth groups and actively involved in any practical and physical needs of the church and its buildings. It is he who has the right to pre-eminence; he should be first, but here is a man who put himself first, and that is the really serious thing. Jean also enjoys writing, not only creative writing but also writing for teaching and communication purposes. Robertson, an outstanding leader among the Southern Baptists and a great Greek scholar, once wrote an editorial in the denominational magazine about Diotrephes. Later, the editor reported that twenty-five deacons wrote to cancel their subscriptions, feeling personally attacked.

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