Each of our locations offer a variety of Aerobic and Fitness classes designed to fit your needs.A  Below is a list of classes, see your closest location for availability and location class schedule. This strength training class focuses on those areas that we would like flattened, tucked, and lifted!! Aerobics H2O: (all fitness levels) Aquatics classes are designed to take advantage of added water resistance while benefiting from decreased impact and joint stress.
Body Shop: (intermediate to advanced) This drill based class is designed to give you a good workout in a short amount of time. Cardio Ball: (all fitness levels) Are you ready to put some bounce in your workout routine?
Cardio Kickboxing: (all fitness levels) An introductory high energy class which uses punches, kicks, and techniques used in boxing to condition the heart, lungs, and musculoskeletal system.
Core Fusion: (intermediate) This class combines cardio and resistance training for a total body workout.
Core Power: (can be modified for all fitness levels) This challenging strength and cardiovascular conditioning class uses Reebok Core Boards for a fun total body workout!!
Flexible Strength: (intermediate to advanced) 45-minute all level class incorporating resistance exercises on the stability ball to build bone and muscle while improving flexibility and balance.
Freestyle Strength: (intermediate to advanced) 45-minute all level class using different forms of resistance (body weight, adjustable bars, dumb bells) and a variety of body positions (stability ball, floor, bench) to build bone throughout the skeleton and increase lean body mass. Group Cycling: (intermediate to advanced) Indoor cycling uses portable fixed gear bicycles for an excellent cardiovascular and muscular endurance class!
Kids Tumbling: (fee based class) Kids Tumbling is designed for children ages 3-5 years old. Pilates: (all fitness levels) Pilates is designed to strengthen the entire body with concentration, control, centering, core stability and strength. Power Hour: (all fitness levels) 60-minute total body workout which blends step aerobics with resistance exercise using dumb bells, bars, stability balls, and mats to benefit both musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems.
PT: (can be modified for all fitness levels) PT (Physical Training) is a circuit style class where you determine how hard to work. SSS: (all fitness levels) Step, Slide, Stretch is a fun 60 minute cardiovascular workout that incorporates the step and slide board and stretching.
Strength Challenge: (all fitness levels) Each 45 minute class will be designed to challenge certain muscle groups, resulting in gains in strength and flexibility. Sunrise Spin: (all fitness levels) 45-minute indoor cycling class, followed by 15-minute strengthening for torso and upper body.

Yoga: (all fitness levels) Yoga is a powerful form of exercise that strengthens, energizes and relaxes!!!
Challenge your child’s creativity!  The Fargo Park District is offering a sampling of art projects for ages 6-8. Artmania is perfect for children who love to draw, paint and be creative.  This combination class offers independent children a sampling of art projects using various media such as drawing, painting, water colors and pastels.
There will also be an opportunity for you and your child to explore different mediums together.
Our mission is to provide quality recreational and leisure services at an affordable price to improve the quality of life for all residents of Fargo. To sum it up as briefly as possible, Enforcers are generally meant to play a support role but are decent for assault too, Mechanics are specialized to work with and repair vehicles, Operators play well as both medics and assault roles, and Professionals are the stealthy, recon-style characters of Hardline.
By clicking the name of the class above you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to that class.
Similar to Halo’s Master Chief, Titans are a heavily armored class, which is deadly and merciless while protecting its allies.
Destiny’s Hunter is comparable to the Thief or Rogue classes of other well-known RPGs. The class examines the history of photography, and students use glasses to view a new exhibit of 3D images. We will work together using, stability balls, weights, and resistance bands to strengthen and sculpt our tummies, torso, and upper body! We will use stability balls, resistance bands, and weights for an effective workout that will strengthen and tone! These classes help increase cardiovascular fitness as well as improve flexibility and muscle tone. The variety in this class keeps your body moving as you strengthen and tone using steps, dumbbells, resistance bands and more. One great benefit of cycling class is that you control the intensity of the ride by adjusting a resistance knob and pedaling rate, so you can a€?ride your own ridea€?. When done with consistency, this program will improve your posture, strengthen your back, flatten your tummy, and tone your bottom and thighs!! The instructor will lead you through the circuits, which vary from lunges and squats, to punching combos using gloves and weighted bags. The class is designed to challenge ALL fitness levels as you breathe your way through various yoga poses.

Motor skills and the imagination will be put to work while painting, drawing, coloring, doing crafts and other projects! For obvious reasons you should coordinate your decision with your squad so that each person within the squad fills a necessary role. We had a lot of fun exploring the classes a little further, that’s why we want to give you a short overview. Other than the Titan, they rather tend to specialize in long distance fighting and stealth attacks. In Cardio Ball we will use stability balls combined with simple cardio moves that get your heart rate up and improve your core muscle strength. The program is a combination of fat-burning cardio, muscle building resistance training, and core strengthening stability training that will help you reach your fitness goals! This class will challenge you to become your fittest self ever and change your preconceived ideas about any one type of cardio, while you burn the absolute most amount of calories possible!
Each class has access to different sets of weapons and gadgets and each one is designed to play a specific role. If, however, you prefer to stay back and provide cover fire, you’re probably better suited for a support role (Enforcer) or even recon (Professional). HD Wallpaper and background images in the Star Wars club tagged: wallpaper star wars the old republic videogame pc art classes characters.
If you want to master the Warlock class, you have to be patient and use your skills every time they become available.
We recommend purchasing 14 or 16 oz boxing gloves or bag gloves for this class is limited to 22 participants. When you choose Hunter as your class, your skills will mostly focus on mobility and powerful abilities.
You want to drain energy from your enemies and cast huge disintegrating Nova Bombs while moving through cover?
If you want to summon a Golden Gun, get back ammo from being precise and shoot enemies from afar, the hunter will fit your playing style very well. If you love to fight in close combat, bear much damage and carry heavy armory, the titan might be the right class for you.

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