Maybe your a teacher or an ICT technician in desperate need of a reliable, easy to use classroom management software package – then look no further than Imperos offering.
I have personally watched this product grow and evolve over the past few years, and with every new release I am always blown away with what the system can actually achieve. For a little more background about how it all started please read this short scene about Jon Valetine,  from Imperos website it is a great read and takes about 60 seconds. For me it is the remote control and support facility of the package which excites me the most, Providing tutors and IT support staff with remote access to computers in order to fix a problem, lend assistance or demonstrate how things should be done. The Q&A Module is an exclusive collaborative tool that enables teachers to reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge student understanding during a lesson. Built around current teaching practices for the continual assessment of learning, it allows a teacher to verbally ask questions to the class, gauge student answers and understanding, introduce new questioning styles to the lesson (such as basketball questioning), and develop peer assessment opportunities - as well as track rewards against both the individual and, where appropriate, teams. When the question has been asked, the teacher can set a 'thinking time' after which students indicate if they know the answer, with the teacher's desktop showing the order in which they answered.
The teacher enters the answer to a question in advance and students are prompted for their responses.
An alternative to First to Answer, the teacher can involve a number of randomly selected students.
This encourages students to give feedback in response to an answer given by one of their classmates.
During a typical class, all appropriate items relating to the subject can be captured and added into a PDF file for post-lesson review by each student, or to share with any who are absent. Tutor Toolbar icon to indicate whether the teacher's journal is started (and the journal status is shown on their status bar). Journal synchronisation - if the student has missed items, these can be inserted in the correct position in line with the teacher's journal. Find out if your students have understood the content covered during the lesson by conducting an instant survey. Design tests and examinations with the minimum of effort, including text, picture, audio and video questions. Visit the online content and Resource Centre, where teachers can browse for questions by topic or category, upload questions and exams they have already produced and are willing to share, or download resources others have already provided. Being able to monitor student activity is the cornerstone of good classroom management software. NetSupport School ensures a teacher can easily monitor student screens, the applications they are using, the websites they are visiting, what they are typing and who they are collaborating with.

Allow only approved applications or websites to be used or simply prevent restricted ones from being opened. Force SafeSearch on for supported search engines, preventing inappropriate content being returned within search results. In addition to the ability to prevent Messenger applications running within the classroom, NetSupport School also provides real-time monitoring of specific Messenger applications, presenting the teacher with a real-time view of chat activity and content. Keyboard monitoring is an important building block in detecting e-safety issues and can be used to identify inappropriate behaviour. Designed to be used in conjunction with application control, this component provides teachers with a concurrent insight into student activity and topic understanding. NetSupport School also provides "target" keywords for tracking of student understanding, as well as a full history of keyboard use by student and application. We are SO EXCITED to announce that our new app for iPad classrooms, Vision ME, is officially released as of today! Jason Kries is the Educational Technology Coordinator and a teacher at Holland Township School in New Jersey.
In his search for a classroom management solution, Kries tried products like iTALC and Syncroneyes, but ultimately found them to be too unstable or lacking in features. The ability to share his own screen with student devices is also a major benefit to in-class instruction.
Thanks so much for sharing your story, Jason – we’re thrilled that Vision has revolutionized your classroom teaching experience! Margie Maier, computer skills teacher at the Highlands Elementary Campus of Rainier Christian Schools in Renton, Washington, faced a lot of common challenges that technology brings to the classroom. Before using Vision, she  found that she spent at least one fifth of class time trying to get her students to focus on demonstrations at the front of the room, so they could retain instructions to put into practice on their own computers. To help meet its goal of providing a high level of learning for all students, Hornell City School District has adopted several online and software-based curriculum products. Netop is proud to announce the release of Vision and Vision Pro version 8.2 today, optimized for remote desktop services, online testing, the latest browsers, and additional languages.
These expanded capabilities offer educators even more support as the demands of their jobs evolve. It is unique in offering both a digital journal (containing a copy of all lesson content for post-lesson review) and a Question and Answer Module for delivering quick and engaging questioning and assessment in the classroom. The teacher can choose the 'top x' fastest responders and the quickest student is asked for their answer.

They indicate if the answer given was correct or incorrect and the teacher's screen displays the results. The Resource Centre provides a simple yet flexible location where educators around the globe can share curriculum content, all without any cost.
Simultaneously view all student screens in a classroom and see in an instant which computers have live audio activity. During a lesson, while all students are working using any approved application, the teacher can monitor the entire class and see quickly and easily their typed content and activity levels.
He manages a number of devices including lab and teacher desktop computers, laptop carts, iPads, and Windows tablets for the school’s 80 teachers and 600 students.
This creates two distinct challenges for school districts – how to manage student computer use and how to best maximize the time spent using computers. For Peter Baccile, technology director for the Hornell City School District in New York, the two challenges become one as he strives to redefine the teacher’s role in the 21st century classroom. However, managing student computer use when they are using those products presented a challenge for the district’s teachers.
The teacher confirms if it is right or wrong and then has the option to bounce the question to subsequent students. Select one of the displayed student thumbnails to listen to the audio being played on that PC. Kries was so happy with Vision that he reached out to tell us how the software is transforming his lessons for the better.
Listen to a student's microphone feed and correct pronunciation, chat or simply engage with each student individually without disrupting the lesson. Instantly get students' attention by blanking screens and locking devices during instruction. Tune out distractions and turn up the focus with Internet access controls.Online learning and assessment Post lesson materials and videos online - ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms. Engage students with in-class quizzes and surveys, or conduct complete web-based assessments that are scored automatically.

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