Many teachers make the mistake of starting the school year with a poor discipline plan or without any classroom management plan at all. Motivating students though rewards like no homework, watching a video, ice cream, or free-activity time can help students by giving them a goal.
A teacher than can connect positively with their students will make students behave and easier to manage because students will regard the teacher much like a friend.
Whether you are teach a kindergarten class, at an elementary school, middle school, or high school, it is best to “Expect the Unexpected” and be ready for adversity! AmpliVox’s Community Contribution Club helps organizations all over the country speak up for their causes by donating one of our products. For more information on our Community Contribution Club, please contact us and let us know how we can help. December 11, 2014 by Malia Hollowell Filed Under: Most Popular Posts, Plato's Blog, Teaching Tips 6 CommentsIdeas for ages 3 to 8. Our roundup of 32 must-try classroom management hacks includes our favorite tips for reinforcing positive behavior, placing kids in groups, taking mini brain breaks when they need to burn off some extra energy and so much more. Have each table color in a square on their bravo chart every time they do something positive.
Grab some playdough and balloons and make some wacky sacks kids can squeeze when they’re feeling anxious.

Use our FREE editable lesson planner and organization pack to group, plan and keep track of small group instruction {plus tons more!}. Teach kids about personal space by sticking sheets of construction paper on to your small group table with contact paper.
Join our free email list and get a bright and colorful teaching planner and organizer delivered straight to your inbox! About Malia HollowellMalia is a National Board Certified elementary teacher turned founder of Playdough to Plato and The STEM Laboratory - sites sharing addictively fun learning activities for kids. This is dangerous because it could lead to disruption if they sense that a teacher has favorites. Dimming the lights and letting kids lay down can help take their energy down another notch too. Chart with the class so that kids can learn how to be self managers when you’re working with small groups. She earned her Master’s in Education from Stanford University and spent seven years teaching in a classroom. Taking the time to share both areas of strength and areas of improvement about their kids will build trust with parents, and create a strong channel of communication that will have a positive impact on the student. There are so, so many components teachers need to orchestrate well in order for learning to happen.

From knowing where classroom materials are located to understanding how you want to plan lessons, organization can make the difference between a smooth or rocky classroom.
Show them that there are consequences, both positive and negative, to their actions and decisions. If a student is acting out, use clear, decisive language when communicating to them about what they have done wrong. Fostering a relationship with parents can go a long way in anticipating and addressing any problems that may arise both in and outside of the classroom.
Include them when possible in creating rules and methods of evaluation in the class, and provide them the opportunity to lead class discussions. Failing to be direct lessens the impact of the discipline and risks other students questioning your authority because they see there is little consequence for acting out.
You strive to establish strong communication with your students, and it is important to use it when necessary to correct misbehaviors in the classroom.

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