Delicate studs and understated hardware, including an updated version of the iconic horse-and-carriage logo, lend refinement to a spacious north-south silhouette satchel in Madison’s luxurious gathered leather.
I've been excited for Coach's Spring 2015 handbags to arrive ever since I saw them at the brand's runway show back in September; the collection felt modern and light-hearted, like it could bridge the gap between the brand's longtime fans and the fashion-forward audience that Coach hopes to attract. The Baseman bags, which feature adorable little monsters, are the fashion bait of the collection, meant to appeal to a consumer group that watches runway trends and wants to buy things that are weird, distinctive and limited-edition.
For a more mainstream customer, the collection also debuts a new marquee bag style for the brand, the Swagger.
Check out a selection of the bags below or shop the full collection, including shoes and clothing, via Coach. Just at the point where Coach was starting to get it right, some overzealous person came up with these… Sadly, I can never un-see these bags. I bought my first Coach (saddle pouch) 35 years ago, and to that added duffle sac, original rambler, and the city bag, which are much loved and in use.
I would LOVE to own the Studded Tatum bag, and I like the Swagger Carryall in solid colors.
I like the swagger bag, it’s a nice design and does not remind me of another designer.
I bought one of the creature bags from colette… I love the creature, but my beef is with the leather and the shoulder strap.

I was really tempted to buy one but I got cold feet and went with the swagger in all black. No Mel you are mistaken, there is no way a women will walk into a meeting with client with this on her arm. The extremely spacious Coach new chelsea camo large emerson satchel features a mix of richly textured materials, a detachable shoulder strap and a diminutive padlock detail. Featuring short sleeve, ruffled details, the Dreamgirl gloves is this season’s trendy design. The Coach chelsea signature ashlyn hobo features a spectator effect, crafted in signature fabric with lizard embossing on the tonal leather belting and trim. There has already been a notable response to these bags and the rest of the Coach x Baseman line, so it seems like cute beasties are a bet that will pay off. It's an East-West tote that currently comes in three sizes, and although it's not innovating any new territory or starting any new trends, the execution and options are solid.
The colors are pastel without being too sweet, and the details and embellishments elevate the bags without making the designs seem self-serious.
The creature bags are so cute but they looked really big for what i’d need in an everyday bag. They might not work for the Western market, but I’m sure they will do wonders for the Japanese market in particular.

The camouflage logo fabric is trimmed with glossy, grommeted crinkle patent leather on the handles and belting. I’ve been saving for months to get in on this collection, I think it’s creative and cool! The bag just ends up bumping the back of my knees when I walk, and if I’m carrying a laptop inside of it that sort of hurts! My favorite tote is the Smythson tote, which is beautifully constructed though more $$ than Coach. It’s tacky and mark my words it will cost coach in a competitive market they they are already failing in. Those places are packed while I can count the number of people in the mall stores on one hand for the last few months.

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