After finishing her position rankings for the conference, Big East blogger Andrea Adelson published her rankings for the coaches earlier this afternoon. Gene Van Galder, a retired assistant football and basketball coach at Beloit (Wis.) Memorial High School, was climbing Mt.
John Heineke, Caldwell’s football coach at Memorial High, was still at the hospital when he called about Caldwell. Caldwell’s introductory speech lasted 13 minutes, and he spoke forcefully and eloquently. Bob Kravitz, a columnist with Indianapolis Star, was shocked to hear about the Caldwell dynamic speech his first day in Detroit.
Polian remembered a time the Colts were thinking about adding a short-yardage, power running back.
Through it all, Coyer appreciated Caldwell’s consistency, civility and an uncanny ability to invite input. Coyer is still upset that Caldwell lost his job when the Colts went 2-14 in 2011 with Manning out for the season. Polian pointed to the 2011 season and how Caldwell kept his team motivated enough to win two of its final three games, including one against Houston, which was vying for the AFC’s top playoff seed.
Kravitz said Caldwell never got enough credit for guiding the Colts to a 10-6 record in 2010, which injuries decimated the team on both sides of the ball.
One of the best of the life coach tips I was given for getting past the challenge of initiating and running a session is to prepare for coaching by getting “into state” with a ritual of some kind. Develop your ritual using whatever practice works for you to get in a peak state for coaching. There are two critical life coach tips to foil the fear that can keep you from starting every coaching session feeling confident in your role of coach. To learn more about how to generate an endless wave of high paying coaching clients, get your FREE Instant Access to our “Life Coaching Business Blueprint” video toolkit when you go HERE.
AUSTIN — Louisville coach Charlie Strong has been offered a job as Texas’ head football coach and is expected to take it, a university source confirmed Friday.

Strong, 53, has led the Cardinals to a 37-15 record in four years at Louisville, including a 23-3 record over the past two seasons.
I’ll be making the trek to AC on Friday afternoon, immediately after the movers get all our furniture in the house! Rutgers coach Greg Schiano at #6 may surprise some people, but I couldn’t agree more.
Along with covering Louisville basketball, football and recruiting, Nick also hosts The Red Zone weekdays from noon - 3:00 PM on Cards Radio 790 KRD.
Entering Caldwell’s senior season in 1976, Iowa had won six games over the past three years and prepared to play its third game that season on the road against a good Penn State team. His father and brother are ordained ministers, and Caldwell showed an inclination to preach during his introductory news conference at Ford Field last week.
He sprinkled his words with laconic affirmations while deftly moving between the religious and secular.
But in Caldwell’s own way, it seems, he was able to connect even a little with Kravitz by exchanging suggestions for books and movies. Over a 2?-hour personnel meeting, Caldwell was able to change the thinking in the room and achieve consensus.
Caldwell called a controversial time-out late in the game that helped the Jets set up an easy winning field goal. Sooey 1 Comment When you’re new to coaching, a few key life coach tips can feel like having a life vest on when you are about to go overboard in a stormy sea.
You can use visualizations of particularly successful coaching experiences, real or imagined, or other times when you felt powerful, strong, successful, etc.
Remind yourself, perhaps as part of your getting into state, that the sessions you are about to coach are not about you.
If you do what everyone else is doing you can’t separate yourself from the competition. Strong waited long enough to become a head coach and after his successful first season, he made quite an impression across the country.

Schiano over-achieved for a couple of seasons, but since then, his teams have drastically under performed.
It didn’t hurt that the seats at Ford Field were arranged like pews in several rows and bisected by an aisle.
Caldwell hired Coyer as defensive coordinator in 2009 as the Colts returned to the Super Bowl — then fired him late in 2011 when the team fell apart.
You can ask yourself a set of questions that remind you what you are grateful about, what you are excited about, what you love, or whatever will give you positive feelings.
As part of my coaching ritual I always include these words: “This session is for my client. This is a second way to give your subconscious mind the message that it doesn’t need to worry about you. The best ways to get past this and start strong on all your sessions are life coach tips that I was lucky enough to get early on in my training, and I want to pass them along to you.
You can use a power move—a move or gesture you make when you feel your most strong, your most sure, your most powerful, to anchor in those feelings. My stuff stays completely out of it.” Use my words or put the thought in your own words, but one of the best life coach tips is to say it out loud. What I am most interested to see is how he handles Year 2 with a green team lacking the senior leadership he had in 2010. You will find that those two sentences entirely change how you feel about what you are about to do.

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