So as much as I talk about our trainings, I thought I would discuss how the training actually works.
Here is where we start to automate and use email systems to continue to engage your customers.
Following these courses, utilizing the techniques, and continuing to build upon them will elevate you to a Star Diamond Coach. I currently live in sunny San Diego California and work with people around the country as well as Internationally on their health and fitness goals. CTI is a pioneer in positioning coaching and relationship management as core leadership competencies. Explore deeply the growing body of neuroscience research which reveals that the tools of Co-Active Coaching® profoundly help clients develop positive new neural networks, respond more calmly to stress, make choices more easily, and access much more of their creativity.
Comprehensive, 80-hour Live, Virtual Program Taught To ICF CompetenciesThis program will equip you with the foundational Christian coaching skills you need to take your first client and supervise you while you do! Unlike many of the programs out there today, our class is taught by an actual instructor LIVE via our virtual classroom platform. The average student invests 5 hours per week (10 hours Week1&10) to complete our program. Each student will receive a comprehensive Coach Training Manual and an online Resource Center filled with MP3s and other digital resources. I highly recommend Jennie as a personal coach and as a trainer if you want to learn how to become a coach. If you have completed Phase 1 as designed… you are now an Emerald Coach making an average of $2,319 a year. Learning the techniques taught in the Accelerated Diamond 2 group training will expand your universe and make you a customer engagement machine.

You will see your instructor, as well as your fellow students, and be able to interact face-to-face. You will share stories, visions, and challenges as you apply coaching to your own lives and offer it to each other. If a student needs extra tutoring or assistance beyond the scope of the course, we will provide private instruction and supervision (for a small fee) until the student successfully masters the curriculum.
This is a 3-phase system that our greater Coach team (called Elite Stronghold) has developed. This is professional level training… done within interactive Facebook groups and with accountability. While most coaches will spend their first 60 days lost and fumbling through websites… the introductory Coach Modular Training and the Accelerated Coach Basics group training will laser focus new coaches on their first goals and wickets for success. The Elite Stronghold Professional Beachbody Coach Training is the exact guide to open doors to this profession and lifestyle. What I noticed immediately is that Jennie didn’t give me advice, nor did she tell me what to do (unless I asked).
The beauty of the training is that you can check into these groups at anytime throughout the day to do the training… but you have to keep up to stay in. Now it’s time to lay the groundwork for even bigger near and long term success with the Accelerated Diamond 1 group training. By the end of Accelerated Diamond 2, a coach should reach Diamond status making an average of $14,658 a year.
Instead, you will participate in active virtual classes where you will see coaching demonstrated live, participate in stimulating class discussions, practice your skills in hands-on breakout sessions and debrief to ensure integration of material. You will experience the transformational power of coaching first-hand as you set personal and professional goals and are challenged, inspired and held accountable to achieve those goals.

This is hands down the most useful training I have ever received and it will teach you exactly how to network and create customers and coaches from friends, family, and even people online that you have never met. With that foundation, we identified the areas of life I wanted to improve, and retrained my thinking around those areas. By the time we were done, I was crystal clear on what I wanted and was ready to grab it by the horns. This means that coaches that completed the class reported over $161K made while taking the class! This course is key for developing coaching and marketing techniques along with follow up strategies that make your business take off.
Now, three years later, I have accomplished nearly everything I set out to do at that time thanks to Jennie. You will learn to develop real relationships online that result in customers and future coaches. Curious about Jennie’s techniques, I later became her student and completed her Coach Training program. I personally made $2,089 over the course of 60 days using what I was learning and applying it real time. Today I use the principles I learned with myself, my family and friends and in my ministry, Live to Listen. Jennie’s coaching program taught me how to bring out the best in people in an empowering way, and for Christians, in a way that brings them closer to the Lord.

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