January 24, 2013 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment The world is a very competitive place and a personal coach can help motivate and inspire their clients; personal coaching, training for success in a competitive world. A personal coach should first discover a client’s personal history, their fears, the dreams, their goals – basically what makes them tick, their wants, and their needs. By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “30-Days to Become a Coach” video toolkit. Thanks to meeting Michelle I have gone from being a stressed out mom of 3 who had just filed bankruptcy to providing a full time income for my family within a year.
Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Hello and thank you for your interest in the wellness coaching training programs offered through the Spencer Institute. Shakespeare didn’t become a relationship coach, but he has a lot to offer if you want to broaden your understanding of how and why people love and hate.  Pay extra attention next time you have the opportunity to enjoy one of Shakespeare’s works in print or on stage.  You might find something you can use with your clients!
By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Master Coach Blueprint” video toolkit. Whether a client desires improvement in athletics, health, relationships, career, or life in general, a personal coach can help their clients identify goals, determine the best possible course to reach those goals, and inspire them to achieve greatness as they realize their dreams.

Personal coaching, training for success requires the coach to get to know the client as well as possible.
You have been trained and educated – use your training, use the techniques and skills you have been taught.
Even if you want to look casual and spontaneous when you are working with a client, it is important to come prepared to every session. Working one-on-one with clients to help them find their own definition of success and chart their personal pathways to that success is invigorating and enlightening. Personal coaching, training for success involves trust in a personal trainer as both client and trainer work toward the same goal – the realization of a client’s goal or dream.
This allows the coach to ask the right questions, push the right buttons, and step on the brakes when needed. The inquiry should begin in more general terms and gradually become more intimate and probing. Personal coaching, training for success involves a coach who truly cares (you) and a client passionate for personal success. We've been providing wellness coach certifications and wellness education for people in your area since 1992.

Continuing your education will allow you to keep up with new theories, skills, and techniques that are designed to help you motivate and inspire your clients.
In a competitive world, every advantage counts, and a personal coach provides individuals hungry for success with a trained, dedicated, highly proficient advantage. In the time since, we have watched our graduates become highly successful wellness coaches, and have the opportunity to help hundreds and even thousands of clients to attain high levels of health and wellness, while building a solid wellness coaching practice which is financially fulfilling. By listening with your eyes and your ears, you will move that level of trust to an even higher level.
Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coaches are trained to track the assumptions and thinking processes of the client reflected in their use of language. Being able to track the clients beliefs, behaviors and metaphors of life enable the wellness coach to ask appropriate and pertinent questions of the client.
This facilitates a deep self-exploration for the client that often leads to subtle shifts in the coaching client's awareness.

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