Since player rankings have become one of the driving forces in youth basketball one of the main topics that has surfaced is players playing above their grade level.
The Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic is slated for May 28th and 29th and many teams have already committed. This entry was posted in News and tagged 2015, Bob McKenzie, Broadcast, Canada, CBC, Coach's Corner, Coaches Corner, Don Cherry, George Stroumboulopoulos, HNIC, Hockey News, Hockey Night In Canada, host, NHL, rights, Rogers, Ron McLean by Scott. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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Entering his second year as a Bears assistant and first under John Fox, Bears outside linebackers coach Clint Hurtt is excited about being part of the new staff. The only position coach from the previous staff to be retained in the same role, Bears receivers coach Mike Groh is excited about the opportunity to work with the new regime. New Bears running backs coach Stan Drayton knows a thing or two about winning national championships, having accomplished the feat as a college player and coach. Offensive quality control coach Brendan Nugent has worked with a changing offensive line this season, all while gaining an education in coaching. Bears assistant defensive line coach Clint Hurtt has taken his experience from college to the league in order to teach the young Chicago players in the trenches. Bears running backs coach Skip Peete comes from a family of coaches, and he uses his years of wisdom to connect with both young and experienced players. Assistant special teams coach Dwayne Stukes recalls the football path that's taken him all over the world and the time he was fired by the guy who's now his boss. Strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark works hard to make sure the Bears are in tip-top shape whenever they take the field. I put this list of resources together to help you learn more about Beachbody coaching and grow your business once you become a coach!

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Some basketball purest feel like this is used to make the player better while critics say the player is avoiding the competition on his grade level. Next season Rogers Communications will take over as the exclusive broadcaster of the NHL in Canada. TSN reporter Bob McKenzie has leaked (via Twitter) that Rogers is planning major changes to Hockey Night in Canada. I’m constantly adding more articles to the list so please check back often to see what’s new! For more information on starting your own Beachbody business and joining my team please CONTACT me for more details. According to McKenzie, Rogers has hired CBC television personality George Stroumboulopoulos as the new host of Hockey Night in Canada.
I decided to make this training available to ALL coaches so please share with your team and on social media to help me spread the love and knowledge with others! I don't know if it has necessarily changed, I would say maybe there's a little bit more emphasis put on the passing game than when I first originated in pro football. So the ability of a running back to pass protect as well as run pass routes is extremely important.
Some guys don't have a whole lot of experience in that area coming out of college and you kind of have to work with them, but they eventually become guys who are capable of being a pass protector and run routes.
As far as the position evolving, I know a year ago people talked about the diminishing role of the running back, about how guys aren't getting drafted as high. But in my mind, if you look at all successful teams, the running back plays a very important part of what they do. Even if you are a pass-happy team, there has to be somewhat of a balance to keep a defense honest.

I would say Senorise is a little bit different in that he will try to avoid the hit to utilize his speed and quickness to try and get around the defender. Both of them, I think, coming out of college, weren't really exposed to route running and catching the ball out of the backfield. I'd say for most backs coming out of college, the pass protection aspect and understanding defenses is probably the biggest aspect they need to improve on.
If you understand the structure of the defense, you understand the responsibilities of the d-linemen and linebackers and safeties on certain fronts, coverages, and things of that nature, it will help you do your job that much easier. He has a great understanding of the defense, the defensive schemes, so he understands the responsibility of the d-linemen and linebackers on certain fronts. He can also align out as a wide receiver and run some of the routes out of a wide alignment, and he's shown to be a physical and capable pass protector. Probably his biggest trait is that he trains so hard and that he gets his body in such good condition that he rarely gets tired.
You go out there and watch young players, hopefully, execute the game plan you put in during the week. When they have success in the game, you've worked on that all week and talked about it, explained what the scenarios could be and then see the success over the course of the game. Watching young guys who really have no idea what pro football is all about, and watch them blossom into a professional running back and have success doing it, you feel like you had the opportunity to have some success.

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