When Rob Kaufhold of Lancaster Archery Supply in Pennsylvania needed to expand his company’s youth programs, he launched the Lancaster Archery Academy. Not content to simply open the Academy, Kaufhold – ever the innovator – has also hired three archery experts who are Olympic hopefuls or once lived at the U.S. Pfeil loves many things about working for Lancaster Archery Supply, but professional rewards are most important.
While Pfeil and Stover are managing and coaching the Lancaster Archery Academy, 2012 Olympic hopeful Dan Schuller is working full time as a customer-service representative for Lancaster. Find out more about the team at Lancaster Archery Supply and Lancaster Archery Academy by visiting their website.
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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Andy Farrell, the England backs coach, mounted a robust denial on Monday night that he had had an undue A­influence in selection, particularly over the preference for former rugby league player Sam Burgess. Maro Itoje, Sam Burgess, Henry Slade, Luke Cowan-Dickie and Elliot Daly are the lucky five.Burgess is expected to train as a centre, the position he first occupied following his move to union from league in 2014, despite impressing most so far when wearing the Bath number six shirt.
This undertaking might seem risky, but it was just good business to Kaufhold, Lancaster’s president. Since I started shooting 19 years ago, I’ve had few days where I’m not shooting or thinking about something involving archery. Wallpaper and background images in the The Secret Circle (TV Show) club tagged: the secret circle el0508.
Instead, they’re part of Kaufhold’s team of friendly, helpful archery technicians who also teach the sport and coach serious young athletes. Holly’s greatest assets are her bubbly personality and ability to relate with archers of all skill levels.
They also fit right in with the rest of the Lancaster Archery Supply crew, all of whom are archers. Lancaster gathered the squad on Monday morning for an A­impassioned address, stressing the need for them to back each other through what will be a difficult week as they build towards their A­final game, against Uruguay in ManA­chester, urging them to finish strongly even though their fate has already been settled. England will clearly pick Ford and Farrell – rightly so on current and historic form.
He had to make so many big decisions to get it to that point and they have been outstanding decisions.
Ford is inexperienced (as you state), and SL knowing he was likely to pick those two for the WC made sure Ford got as many minutes during the 6 nations as possible.
In a WC, esp v the SH, to be blunt, do you really think he’s going to ask any serious ?s of the opposition?

James Haskell, who played in every game, declined to take part in those player questionnaires four years ago but has committed to do so this time as he feels that Lancaster’s environment is more accommodating.
Strettle a good club player but 14 appearances and 2 tries says to me he is not Interantional class. Also what is the point of telling the likes of Ewers, Wade, Rokoduguni that the door is still open when they have missed out on on such a large squad. I know Cowan-Dickie is a good player (throwing a little dodgy?), but George has been outstanding this season, and never see him have a bad game? Kvesic is in such form he made several premiership team of the years – not sure any other 7 candidates for England did. Just because he tailed off at the end of the 6n shouldn’t be a reason to discard him so quickly. Though I would have liked to see Jamie George there as well.He has included Daly, Slade, Itoje and Cowan Dickie. Corbs is nowhere near back to his best yet, would actually say Mako looks better in the scrum at the moment! Have to stick to my guns on Haskell as well (for Burgess).I would probably have Barritt in over Farrell for centres (never been a great Farrell fan).
I think Mako has adapted his game to suit the new scrum laws (not that new anymore), but Corbs has struggled. Mainly because he spends so much time injured, and for that reason I’m not sure SL will take him. It worked for SL when he coached them in the U20’s, and I think a combination of Ford, Farrell and Joseph is a great option. Brown’s not back to full fitness yet, and will be pretty much untested for match fitness before the world cup starts. Slade offers much more in that position for me (bar kicking percentages).I am also warming to the idea of Ashton back in the squad.
I know that he has had loads of chances, but I can’t help feel with a much more creative midfield he will prosper.
What he does do it read the came and pop up at the perfect moment to take that final pass and score.
Guys like Ford, Joseph, Daly, Slade – they will suit his game much better than Farrell, Barrett, Tuilagi, Burrell (Tomkins ha). Please Benjit May 20, 2015 at 1:24 pm - I wonder what centre combinations we’ll see in the 4 matches?
I’m assuming that the play off finalists will not be selected for the Baa Baas match.
Haskell has been brilliant this season and other than the brain fart against Ireland he has a brilliant 6 nations, in particular the Wales game where he was MOTM. Having experience is important but he has never taken it as the first and foremost reason for picking someone.Robshaw was selected as captain having 1 cap, and he has often selected others before Haskell despite his caps. I can’t see enough room for more than 4 back three players in the squad, so with those two and Brown a shoe in I assume the last spot is between Foden, Goode and Yarde.

As I mentioned outside of Haskell’s stupid moment against Ireland, his 6 nations was good. He has had some great games for England, the last test away to SA always sticks out in mind mind from 2012. Surely you want players in your squad who are tip top form wise and desperate to be given a go?Strettle? After that, he really didn’t make any kind of impact and in fact went backwards, culminating in that idiotic trip against FranceHaskell has managed to rack up almost 60 caps but with no consistency at all. Tuilagi is banned for his and will be back in 2016.Seems like the exact same treatment to me?Same went for Danny Care too. Clark likewise received a hefty ban and underwent some serious psychological therapy to banish his demons. I’m not sure its possible to play any better in a problematic position and not get selected for your national side.Also, am I the only one who thinks that Corbisiero, as good as he was, should be nowhere near this squad on his form since returning from injury? Mako does worry me at scrum time when playing for England Jacob May 20, 2015 at 3:51 pm - I was thinking this earlier to be fair.
Matt Mullan has been in such good form for Wasps, and has always been extremely good when playing for England too.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see him ahead of Corbs in the pecking order based on current form. We have options but none are world-class (or at least not yet)Wood – nowhere near his best form. Ewers is a great ball carrier and this season seems to have added some breakdown nous to his game.
The poor sod must be double knackered after England games!It comes back to the lack of a genuine 7 again.
Devote has shown that sometimes he has failed to find touch, not that great kicking penalties, but he is a really great 12 who is very sly & cunning.
I would bring Burns in because he been in England Camp far longer then Myler so should be more familar with the calls. With Burns though i would not have him above Cipirani but it’s nice knowing someone who been in England setup for a while in the case our flyhalves get injuried. My worst case scenario would be Myler at 10 with Farrell at 12, two players who play alike.Our wingers Jonny May i just feel he should play at right wings instead of left wing.
If you look at the try against the all blacks, it came from Farrell passing really deep, follwed by Barritt doing the same, which looked to have given May the chance to back himself.
I would hopefully think with the world cup warm up and Baba match with full 80 min should be enough? Because having Alex Goode start in the 15 shirt for our pool of death does not insipre confidence.

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