Click on the picture for the milestones Coaching Actuaries believes you should be achieving throughout the exam studying process.
Written by Brittany Baudier:  The first two weeks of my internship were extremely interesting.
Written by Chloe Hung:  Studying for Exam C was definitely a very challenging experience for me. In our last post we talked about the importance of managing your time leading up to the exam. Raise Your Odds® is registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office and Earned Level™ is a trademark of Coaching Actuaries. Within the role I distributed handouts and study sheets, hung-up flyers, sought out potential questions writers, and wrote blogs as well. I think the most rewarding part was being able to see the referrals come to fruition from learning that they found the software very helpful in passing their exam.
Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is the sole opinion of the author and is not associated with Coaching Actuaries, its team members or its brand. Written by Anthony Ashbridge:  As I began my college career, I knew I wanted to study mathematics but never really thought farther into the future other than my major. Coaching Actuaries is now offering Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam prep with Adapt through our new brand AdaptPrep CFA. The CFA is a designation for investment professionals, particularly those involved in research and portfolio management. Becoming a CFA charterholder involves passing three exams (Level I, Level II, and Level III) and having four years of qualified experience. The most common answer we hear is that actuaries are taking the CFA exams to fill their VEE credits. Another common thing we hear from actuaries it that they’ve taken an interest in investments and finance. Some actuaries find themselves in unique actuarial roles, like in an investment management arm of an insurance company. For those with a passion for teaching, gaining additional credentials is always helpful for a career in a college or university. We’ve been seeing an increasing number of actuaries taking the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams, including many on the Coaching Actuaries staff!
The CAS announces a new Exam S to replace Exam LC, ST, and the VEE Statistics requirements for the ACAS designation starting Fall 2015.

Actuarial retailers such as the Actuarial Bookstore and Coaching Actuaries are staffed by professionals who are either Actuaries themselves or who have great depth of knowledge about the career. Coaching Actuaries is proud to announce their Gold Sponsorship at the first annual Midwest Actuarial Science Conference on Saturday, Oct.
Being an actuary is constantly ranked the top job, but the journey to the fellowship can be long and daunting.
There’s advice for 3-4 months prior, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, the day before and the actual day of the exam! It was a mutually beneficial experience, as I was able to spread the brand of Coaching Actuaries and Adapt, a product that has helped my study efforts immensely, but I also have gotten to experience the business side of the exam sitting process of the actuarial profession. It never seemed like work, and felt rewarding being able to point people in the right direction for their current study goals. Coaching Actuaries provides an opportunity for actuaries to share their ideas, but does not claim any responsibility for the content provided. As I took some math classes, a professor in the math department at Simpson College, Rick Spellerberg, mentioned the actuarial science program. You guys are like the Facebook of actuaries!” This is definitely the most memorable remark from the Valuation Actuary Symposium (VAS) in New York City. This was a natural decision for us given the overlap of topics and the number of actuaries who take the CFA.
The CFA exam is focused on knowledge about accounting, economics, portfolio management, and security analysis with also a strong emphasis on ethics.
Level I is held twice a year (June and December) and Level II and III are held annually in June. A passing score on the CFA Level I counts for VEE Microeconomics and VEE Macroeconomics credit. So after they’ve passed a few exams or gotten their ASA designation, they now want to pursue the CFA to take a step toward a career in investment or finance.
These actuaries may end up benefiting from having a CFA in addition to their actuarial credentials. Abraham Weishaus, author of popular ASM Manuals and instructor for our MFE, MLC, and C eCourses, is both an FSA and a CFA charterholder. However, becoming a CFA charterholder may be an appropriate designation to open up new role opportunities depending on the type of actuarial background you have.
This is why Coaching Actuaries and Mike Carmody, FSA, CFA, MAAA (of StudyJAM fame) have launched AdaptPrep CFA, offering Adapt and our quality video learning experience to the CFA exams.

Finding that optimal balance in life, however, is not easy; it involves a continuous process of learning, experimenting, and trial-and-error. If you have not passed either LC or ST yet, you are required to take new Exam S even if you have received the VEE Statistics credit. If they are the same or similar in total difficulty, it would be a no-brainer to choose the Level I and Level II exams instead.
This is a unique opportunity to sit face-to-face with individuals who can lend you a helping hand. If you have read a couple blogs in our “Real Life” section, you might realize that most actuaries deal with data every day in their work. Effective and efficient completion of this journey requires more than just commitment, but also strategies to work smarter and networks of people who can support you along the way.
Often, Actuarial students take the manuals and the other study resources for granted because they are so focused on passing the exams. You do not however need to be a Coaching Actuaries ambassador to help a fellow actuarial student. CFA charterholders often work in investment firms, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, or banks. Pass rates are around 45-50% for each exam, but only about 15% of people who start end up completing. I want to share with you three apps that I found useful in this process of finding balance. I think it is more common for people on the SOA track to move into other areas like finance. We know it might be tough to find answers to your questions online, so reach out to our knowledgeable customer service representatives – they will know the answers! It was refreshing to be on the more relaxed side of the process, and helped me mold my perception of the actuarial profession. I used to refer people to Adapt before I had become an ambassador because I knew how much it would help them.
For investment professionals, the CFA designation is debatably equal or more valuable as an MBA for financial professionals.

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