Therefore, best practices in mentoring involve the development of an equally beneficial correlation that improves the proficient intelligence of the mentor and the protege or the mentee. A good mentor-mentee relationship is not just gauged by the personality of each that they bring into the relationship, more significantly, the occurrence of proper interaction and behavior is needed all throughout the process. Within this representation, a mentor serves as a leader, a teacher that encourages thinking abilities, an advocate of realistic principles, an overseer, and an analyst.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. An IT service provider, within a large US government client, realized that a number of business outcomes were not being met despite a huge investment in IT.
The CIO quickly realized, that immediate action was needed to stop the financial bleeding and to show instant return – as soon as possible. A review of the current situation was carried out to see what was needed to achieve a catalog of services offered within IT.
The CSI approach was used to start adopting and adapting to a number of ITIL best practices. The best practice coaching and mentoring service closely followed the Guidance, found in the ITIL Practitioner Guidance. Get more insight on ITIL Best Practices (video) and check out the wide range of ITIL courses Learning Tree offers. Learning Tree InternationalWe offer over 400 hands-on instructor-led courses for IT Professionals and Managers on topics such as Big Data, Project Management, Cloud Computing ,Cyber Security plus Leadership and Communication Skills. Free White PapersEnhance your knowledge and expertise with our extensive library of white papers, articles and podcasts. Coaching is working with an individual or team to identify and work on specific issues or development opportunities to enable the full reach of their potential. In the first instance p3m global will need to understand how the individual or team currently operates. A p3m global coach will talk through their observations with the person or team and gain input from them into the design of a personal development plan. For a fixed, agreed period the p3m global coach will spend regular sessions on the phone and in the workplace of the subject to oversee the implementation of the personal development plan and discuss any new queries or situations which have emerged.
We think of mentoring as "showing an individual how it's done" and is therefore closely linked with the concept of 'on-the-job training.' p3m global mentoring is often associated with our Extended Workforce or Turnkey Project Management services where p3m global provides people to run projects in your environment.

An individual has just been given responsibility for a major project and is not experienced in project management.
An individual or team is studying for a credential such as Project Management Professional. An individual or team has just finished PRINCE2 training and needs to apply it in their own context.
Mentoring pertains to the development of rapport involving a more knowledgeable mentor and a less knowledgeable protege or mentee. Best practice is an organizational idea which states that there is a standard activity, process, method, technique, reward or incentive that is more effectual in accomplishing a specific result. A good mentor usually projects expertness, candidness, affability, and communication skills. What the mentor accomplishes with the mentee, and how eager the mentee responds and receives it, is what matters most in such a relationship.
A mentor that protects and challenges a mentee, which the latter understands as part of the relationship.
A mentor who befriend a mentee, but is still focus enough to achieve the goals of the relationship.
A mentee on the other hand is a student who is willing to be taught and is ready to embark on a journey towards an absolute learning experience.
Questions were being raised, about the amount of investment carried out and the value of return seen.
I was contacted and assisted in carrying out an internal review, which highlighted that one specific area of concern was the inability to show the services that were being delivered within IT.
It was quickly realized that the structure was extremely complex, variable, misaligned, and differing expectations within internal IT staff. The client recognized immediately, that focusing on a certain pain point instantly added value to the goal of bringing costs under control, as part of a long term strategic initiative.
The CSI approach and Organizational Change Management section from the Guidance were extremely useful in this case.
It can be used for a variety of situations such as people needing to work on leadership skills, decision-making, staff relations, creativity, stress and time management, meeting control or sensitive issue handling. This step can often be combined with a more formal assessment of their project management competency.

This will include areas of strength and weaknesses but, most importantly, a series of steps toward achieving the desired level. These sessions will be as regular as the situation requires and ensure that the subject is given personal attention and expert support in achieving their goals. By using mentoring in this context p3m global can demonstrate a best-practice approach to managing projects on the very types of projects your people are managing. A protege or a mentee is a person who is guided, supported and protected from an experienced mentor. Enthusiastic proteges or mentees have a tendency to express desire for knowledge, utmost discipline and self-respect. Your challenge is for each group simply to express any area of concern you might have in the form of, at least, one question. The coach does not necessarily have more experience than the coachee and can take place between peers and staff at different levels. A mentor would undoubtedly use coaching skills as part of this quality relationship but would more than likely be a more experienced colleague familiar with the role, culture and context in which the mentoring applies.
The Chief Information Officer (CIO), was shouldering constant pressure from internal and external stakeholders, as to how so much money was being spent with no justifiable return. For example, as we were moving from one way of working to another, a cultural change would be  required and the emotional cycle of change had to be considered regarding impacted stakeholders. If you have an individual or team with potential, has been through some process training and needs to implement it effectively (or is working on a particularly high-profile project), p3m global's Coaching and Mentoring is right for them. A p3m global coach will carry out a structured interview with the subject and attend some of their project management meetings as an observer.
This kind of 'leading by example' is proven to be very effective for learning and development due to the relevance and practical application of the subject involved.
Best practices is also described as one of the most effective and efficient way in carrying out a task, based on tried and tested procedures. They began to take responsibility of the services provided and recognizing that accountability and visibility of services were lacking.

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