Executive Coaching and Mentoring:At The Centre, we work with top teams, senior and middle managers. Talent development:Increasingly companies recognise that their people are key to keeping that competitive edge Talent development encompasses a variety of components such as training, career development, career management, and organisational development. Outplacement coaching - executive outplacement, redundancy, retirement preparation:These common changes involve many personal challenges for the individual manager, particularly if senior and accustomed to power. Leadership Development:Bespoke leadership development progammes for organisations wanting to harness the potential of their managers are designed to meet unique business needs.
Mediation:Conflicts can develop in teams and between teams often through poor communication, ignoring emotional energy and lack of attention to managing differences. This page explains coaching, mentoring and counseling and how to apply them in your work and personal life.
In a work environment a mentor, coach or counselor is usually a person who is experienced in the area in which the competencies of a colleague still need development. To be able to maximize the growth of the individual being mentored and add value to the relationship, the mentoring skills and style of the mentor should be developed and adapted to suit the developmental level and need of the individual being mentored. What does it mean to adapt your mentoring style to the developmental level of the individual being mentored? According to Hersey and Blanchard, four developmental levels of the individual being mentored can be distinguished, ranging from D1 to D4 (as they call it). At each level the individual being mentored needs a different monitoring style to maximize growth. They have further identified four mentoring styles (S1 to S4) which differ from each other in terms of the amount of supportive and directive behavior each encompasses. The diagram above illustrates what each developmental level entails, as well as the appropriate mentoring style that will facilitate the individual being mentored’s growth to the next level. OK, so that means that my colleague , who has high commitment and low competence, is on developmental level D1 and he needs a Directing Mentoring Style. Remember to adapt your mentoring style as your individual being mentored moves to another development level. The mentoringprocess can be regarded as the growth of the individual being mentored’s self-concept through goal directed behavior.

After achieving the goal, it is vital that the mentor assists the individual being mentored to REFLECT on the achievement. Through reflection (which implies honest feedback) self-analysis and self-evaluation, growth of the individual being mentored’s self-concept is facilitated. About Unre VisagieI am a master coach with 30 years of career and business coaching experience. What others are saying:Llewelyn VenterCurrent Professional Coaching Student"Roughly 3 weeks ago I was in a terrible place. At a glance, it isn’t necessarily easy to identify the difference between coaching and mentoring. Both are a means of aiding an individual to grow, develop and achieve their goals but the main difference is in the approach.
In a way mentors lead the path and can open doors through passing on knowledge, opinions and contacts. To be successful as a coach requires a sound knowledge and understanding of the coaching process (preferably a qualification in coaching too!). With coaching, you do not need to have prior experience of your client’s goals and focus areas they bring to you.
Enter your comment details below, please note all comments are moderated before publishing. Coaching a mentoring – teraz juz widzisz, w jakich obszarach roznia sie te dwa procesy. Wylaczenie odpowiedzialnosci:Tresci zamieszczone na stronie internetowej sa wylacznie sugestiami i opiniami ich autorow. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Some thoughts on the difference between training, coaching and mentoring and how you need to switch between hands on and hands off coaching in technical coaching. Using 3-way meetings with line managers and feedback processes we ensure coaching contracts meet business needs. Coaching is a confidential process which is focussed on the individual client meeting agreed business goals and development needs.

Coaching and in-house leadership programmes enable businesses to tailor development to their unique opportunities and challenges. Our work explores the often hidden ambitions which people can mobilise for, the opportunities and challenges outside the organisation, the heritage which the manager leaves, and the effects on those left behind. We interweave core learning days, action learning and coaching to ensure that systemic and individual needs can both be met. At The Centre we use mediation to bring together conflicted parties and provide them with a safe, respectful and enjoyable process which enables all parties to feel heard and enables a negotiated contract for  moving forward. As indicated in the diagram below, the individual being mentored is guided from one goal (G1) to a more complex one (G2). To be an effective relationship the coach will rarely ever be a close friend or relative as coaches should be impartial and non-judgemental. Working across hierarchies within a business enables us to support the organisation to create systemic as well as individual change. I have always built my companies based on the principle of successful people make a successful company.
It is obviously incredibly hard to achieve this if you are personally connected to a client. Wsluchuje sie w czlowieka i pragne, by kazdy czul sie wyjatkowo i pokazywal swoje naturalne piekno swiatu. Raz na 2 tygodnie we wtorek na Twoja skrzynke mailowa trafia tresci pisane z potrzeby serca i pasji tworzenia innej kultury biznesu.
Nalogowo uprawiam networking i uwielbiam pomagac innym, dzielac sie informacjami i dostepnymi zasobami.
As your coach you get 30 years of experience to help you do the work you love and earn the salary you want.

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