Salon Spa Business Solutions GUARANTEES that in 90 days of our Coaching Program your gross sales will increase enough to cover the cost of your monthly coaching plan. You would pay over $3000 to learn this information if you coached with me for my minimum 6-month commitment! Since 2004, coaching has become mainstream.A  Now there are life, career, executive, and leadership coaches who help their clients live a more satisfying life.
6-day E-Course to help you write your plan a€“ this course contains all the knowledge I have gained over the years and will help you pinpoint successful tactics and strategies for growth. There's a helpful resource on the final day of the course that's certain to help you set up your best coaching practice! Day 6 - Marketing Tactics - What type of marketing really works in coaching and how can you get the attention of potential clients? Day 6 - 35 Prospecting Ideas - I created this list of prospecting ideas for my target clients, but the ideas can easily be adapted for professional coaches.

Day 6 - Coaching Resources & Tools - Non-affiliate tools like coaching magazines, blogs, thought leaders, options for accepting credit cards, shopping carts, autoresponders, newsletters, greeting cards, surveys, where to hire freelancers, and more. Are you a life, career, or executive coach who needs branding advice and a client-attraction website?
Schedule a Consultation with me to learn more about my Brand Coaching Package for Coaches with add-on custom WordPress website. I'll coach, mentor, and teach you how to brand your coaching practice and acquire clients by using your website and the internet. You'll shave YEARS off your learning curve by avoiding the mistakes I made when I first started coaching. Develop a Target Market - I have a great target market (finance) & I recommend all coaches take this path to success! Now is a great time to write your coaching Business Plan using my easy, step-by-step program!

There's so much information in this program that you can write out a much longer plan using the content in the samples as well as the content in the E-Course. You'll find two sample coaching plans plus an emailed E-Course to help you write your custom plan.
You must carefully select the strategies that will suit your personality and help you get new clients. Because many coaches don’t treat their practices like a business and they don't have a Business Plan.

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