Wagner Advanced Enneagram CertificationThis program will feature WASPs, WAMS, and CATs in the context of SIPs. More in-depth exploration of the wings and what it looks like when we identify with the high side or low side of our neighbors.
More on the paradigm shifts that take place when we are under stressful and relaxed conditions (the Arrows).
Additional work with Polarities with exercises for integrating our shadow elements into our sense of self. More information and practice for administering and interpreting the WEPSS and suggestions for conducting a typing interview.
Nine ways of doing business: working with our inner and outer Team with additional powerpoint slides. Opportunities for Small group sharing with same types and different types, Input, and Panel interviews. Singapore Athletics would like to invite coaches to apply for the upcoming following coaching course to be held in the States.
Applications: Candidates will be notified of their status within ten (10) business days of receiving the application by USATF.
The IAAF Academy contains 55 hours of contact time in classroom lectures, laboratory practicum, and demonstrations. The course projects are valued at 100 points, and the student must receive a grade of 70 points to pass the course. 30 Sep – Announcement of coaches selected by SA nominated for the course (Enrollment pending USATF). International coaches must have successfully completed the IAAF Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) Level IV in Endurance. International coaches also must secure an endorsement from Singapore Athletics, and have letters of recommendation from SA and the IAAF RDC submitted with application.
Coaches must be working with athletes over the age of 16 to be able to complete the assigned projects.
All coaches must be actively coaching track & field and have a proven record of a minimum of 8 years of coaching experience which must be detailed on their resume. Founded in 1934, SA's historic footprints began more than 60 years ago when we opened our doors to Singapore's early athletes at the Farrer Park Stadium.

CERTIFICATION : The IAAF TOECS Level 1 Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course. Provide participants with the theoretical and practical training to make technical officials competent to officiate at local, regional, national and exceptionally, at international competitions held within their country. They must be able to read, write and converse in the language in which the course is to be conducted.
Compulsory to attend all classes punctually and throughout the duration of the course (100% attendance). Upon completion of the 4 SA Meets candidates will be awarded the SA TOECS National Certificate. The CEO Institute’s Future CEO program is a certification course designed for future business leaders. In constructing the {T} Process Coaching Model, I have drawn from my own journey of transformation and reflections from my own coaching practice. Before any change to take place, first there should be Personal Clarity and Desire and Accountability.
Coachees start with an understanding (even if how little it may be) of themselves and their lives – they evaluate this and see some aspects of it that they want to change. Coachees, armed with the knowledge of who they are, where they are and what they want to happen in their lives has that inner desire to make it happen. Looking at how each style maintains their maladaptive schemas, with exercises for letting go of our distorted views and employing some more useful views.
Wagner’s dissertation was one of the first written descriptions of the Enneagram and pioneered formal research studies on the Enneagram. Wagner has been researching and teaching the Enneagram since 1980 and began the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program in 1995. Wagner has been an invited speaker at all of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Conferences, was on the Board of Directors of the IEA, has been the editor of the Association’s NinePoints Bulletin, and is currently co-editor of The Enneagram Journal. Participants flying into Sarasota may schedule take local taxi for 15 minute ride to the IMG Academy.
Coaching during an athlete’s formal undergraduate education does not count towards their years in the profession.
Since then, the SA has toiled and grown, and is now poised to chart new territories for the future.

Certification in this course allows you to officiate in events sanctioned by SA or direct SA events, as well as offers you an advantage towards upgrading to more advance technical official courses. It equips next-generation leaders with the skills, knowledge and contacts they need to confront problems and manage growth. It was important to me that the model reflects who I am and the work that I have done and will do with my clients.
He has presented Enneagram workshops for business consultants and coaches, human resource directors, counselors, therapists, spiritual directors, educators, and personal growth audiences throughout the United States and in Canada, England, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. If arriving at the Tampa international airport, rental car or shuttle will be available for approximately a 45 minute ride to the IMG Academy. In my journey, prayer, Spiritual Direction, Retreats and the like were key to my transformation journey. For his early and continuing contributions to the Enneagram community, Jerry was honoured by being named a Founder of the International Enneagram Association, was the keynote speaker for the 2010 IEA Conference and for the IEA China 2013 Conference. It may be a theological basis but it has proved to be very relevant and has aligned me with my Creator, the Universe , my values and my core. The WEPSS is the only Enneagram inventory reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook (15th Edition). And in my journey, I have not been alone – and in my coaching, I also realized that people need to recognize that they are not alone.
Certification provides an objective means of establishing credibility,” Mr Teo continued.
It is Australia’s leading membership organisation for CEOs and senior executives, with about 1,000 members. In 1992, the first meeting of The CEO Syndicate - an exclusive peer support network for CEOs - was held. The Future CEO program, launched in 2012, is a certification course designed for future business leaders, based on a blended learning model.The International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM) website - a fully owned and operated subsidiary of The CEO Institute - was launched in December 2000.

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