No, The discussion classes ( The virtual classes) are conducted before the online test paper. Step-2: A day before the test paper , Live online Discussion class is conducted ( the questions are from the same subjects), and related theory is discussed allowing a quick brush through and final orientation. Step-3: Oriented and Motivated by the discussion class, students give a final revision for the test paper a day before the test. As we all are aware of the fact that MDS entrance is highly competitive examination and preparation process has to be highly organized.
But when I say concepts I am talking about the core concepts which we have been doing in our BDS days, so if you feel confident about concepts and are ready to put up the  hard work , surely you will be benefited by the revision discussions. The basic concepts have been thoroughly covered in AIM MDS plus and comprehensive course and recordings are available for review So if you are looking for something that will help you with concepts , you can opt for the recorded classes of AIM MDS plus or comprehensive( where u get both concepts and revision). Definitely You can , At AIM MDS we provide the resources, concept coverage help, revisions , guidance and motivation, but success is MDS entrance examination is a result of preparation and efforts on student end. We also offer FREE TEST SERIES, which you can use to evaluate yourself during your self preparation.
Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. 2.        Ask: How content can you realistically be within a time-frame of your choosing?

3.        Gap-manage by asking which segment they wish to start with (typically one or two will make major changes to several segments) and question to help them to a smart target. Troops to Teachers is NOT a teacher preparation program, but Troops to Teachers does advise prospective teachers in obtaining a teaching credential and refers them to teacher preparation programs.
In addition, current teachers who are veterans may qualify for a bonus of up to $10,000 just for continuing to teach, helping you to retain outstanding teachers in your classrooms. Troops to Teachers clients have worldwide experience and first-hand knowledge to bring to your classrooms and offer diversity (80% male, 40% minority), technology know-how, and teamwork skills. Those who have been preparing for a year are looking forward to amplify their revisions, cover the backlogs. While Many are now confused, should I join a crash course or I should rather prepare thoroughly next year ? All the discussion classes are MCQ based retrospective discussions , where in faculties compile up the MCQs ( which is a combination of those submitted by students in forum and those picked up by faculties from the bank), the related theory of these MCQs is added up for revision and discussion. If i start preparing now , is it possible to clear the entrance or I should start preparing , the next year? SO rather that giving up without trying, I recommend give a best go and appear the entrance. So if you have a clear vision of preparation , confidence with your preparation method and concepts,  proper time management attitude , and ability to give a continuous hard work during preparation , definitely you can prepare and clear on your own.

Department of Defense program whose mission is to develop a pool of NCLB highly qualified teachers from retired and separated members of the Armed Forces, or from current and retired National Guard and Reserve members.
The Lewis and Clark Region includes Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Numerous studies have been conducted independently showing that Troops to Teachers clients are a terrific asset in the classroom. Let us know what vacancies you have, and we will advise our clients who are classroom-ready. So at Aim MDS , we offer an extended support facility to the students, if you join late in the course, we boost your to take the race seriously and attempt it at your best.
Troops to Teachers assists qualified military personnel in making the transition from military service to classroom teaching. Posters are available for your school breakroom to help veterans learn about Troops to Teachers and get in touch with us. And remember that the preparation of these last months would never go in vain and will be substantial addition to your upcoming year.

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