To give you an overview of our coaching offerings below is a list of courses that we deliver.
You are encouraged to look further than the simple understanding of coaching and lean towards understanding behaviour patterns. Provides the tools and techniques to discover HOW a top performer in any field does what they do and then show YOU the most effective way to apply them. You understand what work you have to do, you now have the skills to coach teams to release their potential. Team coaching programme helps to establish role clarity, objective setting, decision making following organisational change.
The Blue and Gold NRL squad will be travelling to Alice Springs to take on the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday, February 13, while the Eels' development officers will be making the trip to Darwin and Katherine as part of the club's commitment to spread the game of rugby league, and support rugby league education and eite pathways.

Black Stars coach has Avram Grant has outlined plans he has put in place for the development of the local league as well as coaches in the country. Grant signed a 27 month contract with Ghana which started in December 2014 and has been widely criticised for his lack of commitment to staying in the country to do hands-on work. We first have to understand our own patterns and so stage one provides individual profiling following by one to one coaching session. It uncovers the unconscious mental processes and associated thoughts, images, words and feelings that make up performance.
Now you are ready to progress into the world of coaching for results and will attend a 2 day course on management coaching and mentoring.
You have the choice to apply for one of our ILM Coaching qualifications to become a qualified coach.

According to the GFA, the seminar will enable the senior national team boss share ideas with coaches of the various Premier League clubs. Once uncovered in this way, the solutions are chosen for someone to achieve their potential and goals.

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