Knowing the many challenges faced by overweight children, teens, and young adults, Wellspring researchers have developed a clinical programme designed to empower campers with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be successful long-term weight controllers.
Wellspring's clinical programme includes cognitive behavioural therapy, dietary management, nutrition and culinary training, and activity management, and has been proven successful in helping children, adolescents and adults lose weight and keep it off. Wellspring starts by training students intensively on the set of behaviours proven by research to sustain weight loss permanentlya€”such as self-monitoring, journaling, goal-setting and contracting. The clinical programme at Wellspring is comparable to the coaching that world-class athletes receive from sports psychologists, as we understand that long-term weight control is like an athletic challenge.
Behavioural Coaches lead students along the journey to success through group and individual Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions, in which they learn to respond to challenges in healthy ways, improve goal-setting skills, develop frustration tolerance, and practice stress management. CBT helps overweight teens effectively manage their weight and overcome barriers to successful weight control. Individual sessions are similar in that they review achievement but focus on the details of each student's self-monitoring, barriers to success and how to achieve short- and long-term goals.
Wellspring's BCs are Masters- or Doctoral-level clinicians hired and trained by Daniel Kirschenbaum, Ph.D. In addition to improvements in overall health and well-being, lasting results are achieved at Wellspring. Executive Coaching deals with all of the above however pitched at executives and business leaders.

Normally within the first three sessions if useful some behavioural analysis will be offered. Weight issues can have significant medical effects, including many forms of cancer, diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, and stroke.
Then Wellspring Behavioural Coaches (Masters- or Doctoral-level psychologists or social workers) work with students to overcome any barriers to mastering these behaviours. Students become self-regulators who can set realistic, achievable goals and stay committed to health and long-term weight control while managing the stress that we all face in daily life. CBT is the key to successful long-term weight control, which leads to heightened self-esteem, improved mood and outlook, and an increase in energy level. Typically I tell you a bit about me, you tell me a bit about you, We discuss a potential coaching agenda and then we have a short coaching session.
They are called Behavioural Coaches because they actively coach students toward achieving rapid weight loss and successful, healthy, long-term weight control. He or she is probably very focused on overall health in order to perform at the highest possible level.
Kirschenbaum is a leading expert on weight control who has produced a volume of scientific weight loss research in peer reviewed journals. Your view of the world is dictated by how you perceive and have spontaneous thoughts about situations and the resulting emotional response.Your words are all important – the ones you hear and the ones you, in turn, use yourself to describe the world around you.

Many families recognize their child's unhappiness, negative outlook, and low self-esteem as connected to overweight or obesity.
If for example you witnessed a car accident and were asked how fast you thought the cars were travelling, you would probably estimate a higher speed if the impact were described as a ‘smash’ as opposed to a ‘collision’ or a ‘bump’.Your automatic response to situations can be distorted in this way in everyday situations and cause you unnecessary unease, distress and even physical symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, for example. CBT is growing in popularity for changing behaviour and is recommended by the NHS as a complementary therapy for dealing with certain emotional issues, mental disorders and physical symptoms of emotional distress.
CBT offers a highly structured approach to resolving issues and suits people like you, wanting to get control back over their lives and not be ruled by distorted thoughts.Looking for CBT Maidstone?CBT Maidstone, Kent and London.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment is available to help you overcome anxiety and panic attacks in everyday situations in central London and Maidstone, Kent. View on FacebookFocus clinic is proud to be participating in the Hero’s Clinic discount scheme.

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