On Track Athletics are looking to recruit a number athletics coaches with a minimum of a UKA Level 2 coach license, who are able to work within primary, secondary and special schools across Kent, the South East and London. College grads or young people with jobs have been the first let go in this economy in most cases, and those who are on the hunt for a job are out of luck even with service industry jobs. But the positive spin – some young people did something about their rejection and tough job markets. While completing her master’s degree in organizational communication at the University of Texas at Austin, Kabani wrote her thesis on Twitter and other social networking sites and their benefit. But Kabani believed she was on to something, and founded her own full-service online marketing firm in March 2008, called Click To Client.
It provided several Web and social media services to clients, like building Web sites, managing SEO, and creating and managing social media campaigns. The six-employee business now takes on about 25 one-off projects a month and acts as an online marketing department for six regular clients on a retainer basis. Kabani said Click To Client had about $120,000 in revenue in 2008, and she expects $280,000 for 2009, and is shooting for $1 million in 2010.
With the unemployment rate apparently stuck at or near double digits, more people seem to be choosing a passion over a steady paycheck. While this is a big risk, but these people realize that they’ll be far happier if they can find something they love doing and figure out creative ways to make a living from it. While this isn’t uncommon for an economy in the early stages of recovery, it is frustrating not only to those looking for work, but also companies.

According to an article in this week’s Bloomberg BusinessWeek, iring of temp workers had been rising each month since October 2009, until they dipped in July by 5,600, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Given the depth of the recession and concerns about a double-dip, companies are seeking more proof of customer demand before doing much permanent hiring. But like most things are moving in this recession, it will most likely be a long ways away until lower unemployment stats.
If you think franchising can only leverage and optimize revenue and profit for you, think again.
Applegate tells the story of Jeff Haas, who bought a CertaPro painting franchise last year.
Rather than go it alone, he agreed to let the former owner stay on to work as an outside sales rep. All in all, buying a franchise turned out to be a good thing for the Haases, and while it does take dedication, a successful franchise can ultimately help the economy, because it’s creating new jobs.
People who buy franchises are among those creating new American jobs—about 36,000 this year, according to the International Franchise Association. All our current coaches work either before, after school or during school holidays providing athletics or multi-skill coaching sessions.
Rather than waiting for companies to open up their payrolls, these people are taking matters into their own hands and defining their own jobs, going online to find each other, leverage each other’s capabilities and services, and learn faster by working together. Focusing on work that offers greater meaning makes it easier to withstand the perils and roadblocks they will face as they leave the corporate fold.

In a robust economy, the acceleration in orders at GE Transportation could have led to hiring full-time workers, says Stephan Koller, the company’s spokesman. The former Chrysler exec who resigned instead of waiting to be downsized, bought the franchise by tapping into his retirement savings at a time when the stock market was hammering his portfolio. It was a good move for both of them: the former owner now focuses on bringing in new business, while Haas manages the day-to-day operations and supervises the painting crews. The trade association, which represents about 1,250 franchise companies and 10,000 individual franchises, recently reported that new job growth this year contrasts with the loss of 400,000 franchise jobs in 2009.
Do you agree that franchising might be a good way to increase job growth in a still-shaky economy? While growth in gross domestic product of about 3 percent is widely expected for 2010, Oppenheimer Funds corporate economist Brian Levitt says it would take at least 4 percent to make a dent in the unemployment rate. Haas has 30 employees, including his wife, Gwen, handles customer service, sets up appointments and offers interior decorating and color consultations.

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