Claudia Enriquez is a second year student receiving her Masters in Public Administration from NYU Wagner. You landed the interview, now it’s time to bring out your A game and really ‘wow’ your interviewer. At the close of the interview, the interviewer will always ask if you have any questions for them. There are a wide variety of careers in hospitality. Through a career in hospitality you can focus on special events, finance, public relations, and more. On Tuesday, October 21st, the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development will host an Arts Professions Panel for students who are interested in the arts, design and entertainment industries. Maintain patience and perseverance in the pursuit of short and long-term career goals that you set for yourself. Before his consulting career, Joe was the President of The Philadelphia Orchestra Association, where he helped develop the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and raised over $130 million for endowment. If you’re interested in the arts, make sure to RSVP for the Arts Professions Panel (Tuesday, October 21st, 12:30-1:30) through NYU CareerNet! Murshed Chowdhury acts as an advisor to both companies and individuals who are looking for assistance in technology talent acquisition and development. With over 15 years of technology placement experience, Murshed has helped secure some of the most competitive technical positions for his clients at some of the world’s most prestigious firms. Murshed is passionate about helping technologists develop themselves both professionally and technically. Recently, our company had a table at a career fair and I noticed that many of the students had a puzzled look on their face. Julie Yoon is a Steinhardt student working as a Multimedia Intern at the Clinton Foundation. Best part of winning the WCIG: Because my internship was full-time, I knew that it would be difficult to secure a paying job. Most challenging or rewarding part of your internship: Interning at the Clinton Foundation allowed me to continue my commitment to mission-driven media making. Good advice for others applying for the WCIG: To those who are applying for the Wasserman Center Internship Grant, I would advise to form candid relationships with their mentors or supervisors.
This year, the Wasserman Center is making an active effort to connect with graduate students by introducing them to its resources right when they first arrive on campus. Over 180 graduates from GSAS, Steinhart, Nursing, School of Professional Studies, and Polytechnic School of Engineering (to name a few) participated in the event.
Sign up for the Wasserman Graduate Student e-newsletter to stay on top of events and information. Resumes for Masters Students, CVs for Academic Jobs, and Acing the Interview for Masters Students are also offered regularly – check NYU CareerNet for dates and times.
Say to the interviewer ‘that’s a good question, let me think about it.’ Pause, breathe, think, and then give your answer. A professional will take over our account for the day and give you live updates about the projects they work on, meetings they attend, and the culture of their office.
NYU Tisch Center alumnus Ke Jin earned his Master’s Degree in Hospitality Industry Studies in May 2014 with a concentration in Hotel Finance.

Among many leadership positions he holds, Joe is an internationally recognized expert in the use of technology to accomplish strategic objectives in the arts. It really comes down to 3 simple steps in my opinion: have a plan, meet (network) and effectively follow up.
Do some research once the career services center makes available the list of companies that are visiting your institution.
If you are like most college students, and people for that matter, you’re probably familiar with the big brand companies. For those companies you’re keen on, send a quick email thanking them for meeting with you and express your interest in the next steps of their process.
Remember, they are there to find you, so make the how and why as easy for them as possible.
As a past recipient of the Wasserman Center Internship Grant, she shares some insight into the value of applying for the Grant, and offers some tips to further your candidacy.
As we all know, living in NYC is very expensive and the Wasserman Center Internship Grant eased my overall stress and allowed me to focus on my internship. One of the most rewarding parts of my internship was working with people who are driven by the same mission that I firmly believe in. Let them know that you are passionate about your internship and that you are there to learn.
Yes, you won’t get paid, but you will learn a lot and discover something new about yourself. Whether or not you are getting paid, take Julie’s advice on forming relationships with mentors and supervisors. In case you missed it, below she recaps the Graduate Student Welcome Reception at Wasserman. On August 28th, the Wasserman Center hosted a Graduate Student Welcome Reception filled with lots of food and information. They heard from Richard Orbe-Austin, the new Director of Graduate Student Career Development and learned about how to schedule a career coaching appointment, register for on-campus recruitment (OCR), and sign up for career seminars and events. She is a New Yorker at heart, growing up in Long Island, then moving to upstate New York to attend college, and now she’s back downstate and enjoying her time at NYU. Wasserman’s goal is to help simplify the process with the Wasserman Cover Letter Best Practices Guide. He has provided advice in this area to organizations such as the League of American Orchestras and OPERA America and their members.
Prior to Infusive, he worked at several recruiting agencies where he honed his skills and rose the ranks within the organization before founding his own company. Then, put together a list of the companies you want to meet with and find out where they will be.
But don’t overlook a really great startup or fast growing company that might be perfect for you. It motivated and inspired me everyday while I practiced my editing and visual storytelling skills.
The idea for the welcome reception came from the creative brainstorming efforts of the Wasserman Graduate Student Advisory Board, a group of student representatives doing the NYU graduate community proud by coming up with amazing ways to professionally develop students.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll feel, which will come off during the interview. As soon as you walk through the door, all eyes are on you – that means, be polite to everyone, from the receptionist to the person interviewing you. Some career fairs are so large, they can have companies housed in different buildings.  Map it out and really have a game plan. Now, going back to why I asked you to collect those cards, send an email to all the people you met with, even if you’re unsure about the firm or company. Overall, it was a great day and fantastic way to spread the word about what Wasserman can do for graduate students. I told her to have some real conversations, to get representatives’ business cards and if there was interest, she should follow up. If you are going with a friend, ask them to split up and see where the crowds are and then come early or stay late to meet with them. Remember, all big brands were small at one point, you never know where this company may go.
Ask them to please forward your information on to anyone they feel may have an interest in your background. The goal is to have some quality conversations, not just say hello and give them your resume.
Part of your planning should include research so you can differentiate yourself from the competition. By making a good impression, and effectively following up, you will already be ahead of your fellow students. After a few hours, she came back to our booth to tell me that she found some really good prospects, met some really good people and had some genuine conversations.  She went on to say that the career fair was not that intimidating after all, and that, actually, it was kind of fun.
She said, from now on, she would make the most of her career fairs and try to use it as a vehicle to further her career. As most people ask the quintessential, “What do you do?” question, you are unique when you can walk up to an employer and tell them you are aware of what their business does because you’ve done your homework. Be curious and explore, the information you find about these firms, their product and services, can help you narrow down some of your choices, and help you decide what you might be interested in doing once you graduate.
I can tell you for a fact, that students who took the time to research my company and me, in some cases, always got more attention from me.
I’m sure it is no different for other employers as well.  That leads me to my next point, which is, if you have the information on who will be attending from the company, please research them. It shows two things on your part: one, that you’re serious, and two, you are willing to go above and beyond but what most people are willing to do.
Remember, successful people don’t just focus on doing great things, they make a concentrated effort to do the small things really great, and with consistency. In today’s digital age of social media and particularly, LinkedIn, that information is readily available.

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