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Employee Coaching Mentoring Training DVDs, Employee Coaching Videos and Mentoring Training and Products, Employee Coaching Mentoring Training image. As Training and Development Manager, sourcing trainers who are both technically excellent and easy to work with is really important.
Are you looking for mentoring support for your marketing team, techniques in selling for your sales teams or coaching skills training for your managers? When we think about people’s development, we tend to think about training or a fairly structured process in which a group of people are offered information on a particular body of knowledge (such as what is emotional intelligence?, how to set up a well-structured budget, etc.) or on how to develop a specific skill (such as how to listen more effectively or how to give a good presentation).

Coaching is an open-ended process in which an individual obtains expert input so as to achieve better long-term performance and results than may have been possible by operating alone.
Jon Warner is an executive coach and management consultant and in the past has been a CEO in three very different companies. ReadyToManage is your one-stop shop for world class employee and personal development resources. You may use these images as screen savers, as illustrations in your newsletter or ezines, and as artwork on your website.
This works well when there are a number of people with a common need at approximately the same level in terms of readiness. Coaching may be given by an expert internal or external person but in both cases, this individual should be experienced in broad-based management terms and have a facilitation-led approach. Jon Warner is a prolific author, management consultant and executive coach with over 25 years experience. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We merely ask that you make no alterations and you keep the copyright notice with the image. However, when people’s needs and readiness varies, training is often a poor choice and coaching or mentoring is a much better option.

This means that he or she needs to be highly skilled at asking insightful questions and offering steering type guidance to the person being coached, when he or she needs it.
In some cases, and usually after some formal coaching has been offered, this kind of role can be performed by an internal organizational mentor. The main difference here is that the mentor provides an independent “sounding board” for an individual’s ideas, perhaps helping the person to see opportunities to get things done that he or she may have missed. Employee coaching training videos and mentoring training videos help the new employee and especially the employee who is the coach or mentor. Done properly employee coaching and mentoring via coaching videos and activities reflect well on the employees and the organization.
Eemployee coaching and mentoring multiplies existing skills bringing greater worth to your organization and workforce.

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