Doble TitulaciA?n Expedida por EUROINNOVA BUSINESS SCHOOL y Avalada por la Escuela Superior de Cualificaciones Profesionales. Los contenidos del temario se dirigen, siguiendo los principios de Coaching, a planificar y realizar un proyecto de vida que integre todas las dimensiones de la persona, para favorecer asA­, la consecuciA?n de sus metas. A Titulados Universitarios en PsicologA­a, o cualquier otra persona que quiera formarse sobre el Coaching Profesional.
MatricA?late en Certificacion Profesional Coaching Psicologia Online y accede gratis al Club de Alumnos de Euroinnova de Coaching. I’ve had many clients reveal to me that they suffer from hoarseness when getting up in the morning that may last for several hours.  Some are worried that this might be a sign of laryngeal cancer. Their anxiety is justified because any time a person is hoarse for over two weeks, cancer can be the cause.  There are other, less horrific, diagnoses, however, that are much more likely. My first step is to convince the client to see an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) as soon as possible.  Then I explain to them that they’re probably suffering from a very common condition called gastric reflux or GERD, and gastic reflux is often caused by something as simply as eating too close to bedtime. This site at the University of Iowa shows each sound in our language and how it’s formed. This website gives you some cool tools to make your podcasts and screencasts the best they can be. This website by two guys from Australia has a growing community of podcasters who share their experiences, hints, tips and marketing ideas to help your podcast thrive.

For triathlon coaches, online training software can help organize and streamline athlete management and tracking.
For triathletes, an online triathlon coaching platform serves as a vital tool to record workouts, structure training plans, and track performance and progression. For these reasons, online training and coaching platforms serve an essential role in the global triathlon community. TrainingPeaks enables both local and online triathlon coaches the ability to plan, monitor, and analyze athletes’ workouts, as well as offers features for nutrition and fueling analyses. Athletes can log and analyze workouts, track and map triathlon training with mobile devices, and share workout data with fellow triathletes and friends.
In addition to offering multisport coaching software, Sportlyzer is also a membership management platform. For triathletes, Sportlyzer provides a training log and data analysis features, data import capabilities from most heart rate monitors, and social networking platform to share workouts and interact with other athletes.
SportTracks 3 is a less popular but feature-rich online triathlon coaching platform that offers a simple workout log, but supports a number of plugins to access its core features. This short list of online triathlon coaching platforms provide both the online and offline tools to effectively plan and analyze training plans, manage triathletes’ data and progress, and optimize communication between triathlon coaches and athletes.
As teorias de autores como Maslow, McClelland, Herzberg, McGregor e muitos outros, confira!

Online triathlon coaches heavily rely on software platforms to monitor their athletes’ performance, build individualized training programs, and communicate and collaborate. Athletes who hire triathlon coaches, whether locally or online, will often be recommended to a specific software platform by their coach. Below we feature three online triathlon coaching platforms to help you progress as a triathlon coach or a triathlete.
TrainingPeaks also has coach matching service, which helps triathlon coaches connect with athletes.
Suitable for a wide range sports beyond triathlon, coaches can leverage features like: training planning and analyses, performance tests analyses, club calendars (with the ability to track invitations and attendance), and virtual accounts to track athletes who do not log their own training. Currently only offered in English, SportTracks 3 enables the capabilities to monitor workouts and physical changes, view detailed charts, explore and save routes, and share training data with your triathlon coach. If you have any favorite online triathlon platforms, then let us know in the comments section below.

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