This website and the products on offer are all designed to promote positive winning attitudes and reflect Bill Beswick's learning as a result of his personal journey through education, sport, and life. Scale: The Scale above describes the share of responsibilities between the football leader and the football team. Co-operational losses consist mainly of two categories, co-ordination losses and motivation problems.
Probably you already have a good knowledge of many of the football leadership blocks, this is just a way to structure it. Use the blocks to analyze your own football team, where you are strong and where are you lagging. This is the football leadership model on an overall level and we will now start to dig into each leadership part deeply, I personally find it better to give you the whole picture on an overall level before going in to the details, that’s so you don’t need to try to figure out how the picture of this leadership puzzle looks like when you are reading the details. I hope you get some guidance in solving “The Mourinho Code” through this football leadership model and the following pages in this football coaching and leadership blog.
I have tried to visualize the “iceberg” that shows Jose Mourinho’s football philosophy and the thinking he uses in his football practices and creating his football drills. The following are interpretations of Jose Mourinho’s football practices and drills, and what you can find on Internet (read Google). You can read that Mourinho uses a series of 36 drills which include training of individual technique, but it’s a part of a whole system. He also uses “box thinking” where a certain tactical situation is represented of a colored box. The last step is to let the team recognize when to change the formation and system during the match by the team them self, at this point players can see for example counter attacking problems, Mourinho trust his players and that the team knows what he knows. A practice for game understanding (Tactical skills) could be the practice Wayne Gretzky’s father made him to do. When participating in soccer training, it is important to know the key components of being a successful defender.
The first component of successful defending in soccer training is the fact that you must keep a strong focus on the soccer ball throughout the game. The second component of a successful defender in soccer training is to be sure that you are familiar with various skills and techniques. In order to be a successful defender during soccer training, it is important that you perform numerous drills. When you are taking part in soccer training, you will quickly learn that kicking in a key component in the difference between a successful game and a game that lacks success. One of the first ways of practicing your kicks during soccer practice is to enlist the assistance of a friend or relative.
The next way that you can practice your kicks for soccer training is to team up with a person from your soccer training team and kick the ball back and forth to each other.
The first way that you can promote sportsmanship as a soccer training coach is to teach your team that having fun comes before everything else.
When promoting sportsmanship during soccer training, it is imperative that you coach and encourage each individual that you are responsible for. It is always important to understand that promoting good sportsmanship during soccer training is the most important job that you have as a coach. I have combined a few different leadership models and leadership theories to an own leadership model which I have dubbed “The Mourinho Code“ It is these leadership elements that I think Jose Mourinho is masterful in getting in place in the football teams he works with. Of course the football coach is always ultimately responsible for all aspects and in particular for the football teams results, but it is the football team that delivers the results. Steiner’s model is based on what we can strengthen within our football team, capacity and team spirit and try to minimize the third, co-operational losses.
Motivational losses tend to occur when the football team size increases, then you suddenly don’t get 100% from each football team member, this phenomenon is called social loafing.

The Jose Mourinho statements are in some case at the “edge” or even extreme and therefore you need to find your own ways of expressing things, but I think his statements visualizes clearly e.g. You can use the leadership model on different levels, for the whole football organization, for the football team, group of players (e.g. Mourinho works in specific sequences and practices ball possession intensely, especially at the opponents half.
Each time he scored a goal, he needed to point out the players, he could have passed the puck to, and they could have scored. The main element of defending consists of ensuring that the opposing team does not have possession of the ball. By knowing where the ball is, and what techniques that you can use to get the ball away from the opposing team, you can scan for opportunities to defend. You should ensure that you are mentally and physically capable of performing these techniques. It is important to ensure that you are mixing a healthy lifestyle with other key components to maximize your potential for success. This is why many coaches express the importance of practicing your kicks during soccer training. This person should roll, kick, or throw the soccer ball to you in many different ways, and rates of speed. This is a great way to practice your kicks because both of you have a good handle on the rules and techniques used in the soccer game.
Many players practice kicking a ball against a wall or other surface and then practice various kicks as it comes back to them.
Your team members should understand the basic rules of soccer, they should know and understand all the positions in soccer, they must know how to perform many techniques, and they must develop personally in skills, and be able to hold their own on the field.
It means to display a high sense of pride in the game play, the rules, the ethics, and the fun in a game.
While winning is an important aspect of a sports team, it is not a very rewarding experience if the team did not have fun winning. While a little bit of competition is good for the soul, it is not good to solely focus on this aspect during soccer training. I will try to explain the leadership blocks to use to secure your success as a football coach. Some defending moves all your team to gain possession of the ball, where other defending moves allow you to simply ensure that the opposing team does not have possession of the soccer ball.
This is done by considering the location of the ball, and deciding what strategy that the opposing team is using.
Playing soccer is a physically challenging sport, and it remains true even during soccer training. There are numerous methods that you can use to ensure success when practicing this particular aspect of your soccer game.
This will reflect accurate game play and allow you the opportunity to practice both the ground kick and the volley kick.
However, there is one main responsibility that is often forgotten when it comes to effectively coaching during soccer training sessions. As a soccer training coach, it is imperative that you lay the basic foundation for good sportsmanship during soccer training. Many times, the team that wins only does so for the coach of the team and not for themselves if they did not have fun doing it. The goals are clear for all involved football players, people round the team, even the media and the fans. It’s also suitable for the whole football season, each football practice or a drill on your football practice.

The football leadership model you find in the book, can be used to build up things from the beginning or to analyze where you are at the moment with your soccer team and what parts you can improve or you are strong within. It is important to quickly identify this strategy and come up with a method that places you ahead of the moves of the opposite team. You main objective in defending is to keep the ball out of the control of the opposite team. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout soccer training to be certain that you are up to the task. Here, we will outline some general ways that you can increase the overall effectiveness of your kick. When practicing with another person to benefit your soccer training, it is important to make sure that both of you have the proper protective equipment on to reduce the chance of an injury occurring. You can run toward each other while kicking the ball back and forth or you can run side by side. This is a great method to use when you wish to gain better control over the soccer ball through soccer training.
As a matter of fact, this should come before all those fancy dribbling techniques, kicking positions, heading methods, and other aspects of soccer training. Additionally, it displays to the members of the team that everyone has a special place in the team and that one position is not better or worse than another position.
Not only will this motivate your team, but you will be better at training and developing each person on the team to ensure that they perform their best. It is more important to strengthen an entire team at its foundation then to try to get a wall to move out of the way. Team spirit can be difficult to define, it is something that exists in the football team and makes the football team stronger. Once you have ensured that the other team does not have possession of the ball any longer, you can start developing a strategic plan to maintain control of the soccer ball and score your next goal. You may even wish to create a little game out of the kicking practice that can implement other techniques, such as dribbling and passing. It is important to fulfill a few elements when practicing kicking a soccer ball for your soccer training. By instilling this value in your team, you will experience more success during soccer training. We-esteem, security, appreciation, positive climate, could be a few key words when talking about football team spirit.
Your feedback will affect all the parts in the leadership model, energy, direction of energry, teamwork and what results you will achieve in the future with your football team, create a postive spiral towards future success. This is a necessary part of making the most of your soccer training and being on top of your game when it comes to defending. Once you are familiar with the tactical application of numerous drills and defending techniques, your soccer training will improve. If they are, you should put a stop to it immediately and let them know to just play a good, fun game and only win for themselves.
Co-operational Losses example as unclear roles, wrong positions on the field, bad passes, in short, all errors, which complicates and degrades the football team. The third is being able to effectively control the ball while practicing your kicks for soccer training.

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