At the 2008 ICF Conference I attended several live coaching demonstrations. Overall the Conference was very good. At the same time, what occurred to me was that the dynamic between support and challenge was WAAAYYYY off. The important thing is this… support and challenge is dynamic. This means that in the pursuit of greatness the player needs both support and challenge from their Coach.
In the demo, the player was really comfortable in their situation so the Coach needed to provide challenge. The Coach did not provide this and this is why the session went flat. While walking back to the hotel my mind started flowing with a model to explain what coaching is all about and the key dynamics that can make a coaching session AND relationship so powerful. The diagram you see at the top of the page is what I came up with. Most people who hire a Coach begin with an achievement in mind. This is a great place to start AND greatness is more than achievement, it also includes mastery.
Another way of describing this is the distinction between what your player is doing and who your player is becoming. Greatness requires both doing and becoming.
As I mentioned in the story, the Coach must constantly monitor the players situation to know when to support and when to challenge and this can change from one to the other over time OR right in the middle of a session.
As you learn more about our program you will see that we have a method for the pursuit of Human Greatness.
The thing that is flowing is energy in the form of thoughts, feelings and actions. Flow happens when your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned on a clear intention and there are no resistance,blocks or leaks.
When you are IN the comfort zone you feel at ease and fully capable – However it can get boring.
The experience of flow is such a delight that all of the moments when it is NOT flowing pale in comparison. We cherish those moments and then we keep playing so that we can experience it again and again. This pursuit speaks to the interconnectedness of all things. We know that humans are both adapting to the world around them AND creating the world around them as a reflection of who they are. The key dynamic is the interplay between our adaptive and reflective relationship with our Environments.
The Adaptive relationship – we are constantly adapting to the world around us – ESPECIALLY AT AN UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL!
We have a method for designing a winning environment : We call it the World Power Method (TM).
When you combine the pursuit of Inner Freedom through energy awareness with the pursuit of personal evolution through environmental awareness what you get is expanded awareness. The more you are aware of, the better you will play in any game. When you combine the pursuit of human greatness with the pursuit of personal evolution you get sustainability; where the player stays connected to the world and continues to play at a high level.
Hockey Player Path templates, will help you to create common path for practices, drills, coaching and values in your hockey team or club. A visualized hockey player path document will create clarity for hockey players, parents and sponsors, it will be clear for everyone one what you strive and stand for.
To get the best team spirit and values within the team the Norwegian National Hockey Team defined some team value words and the meaning of them in practice. I will continue with the learnings from the hockey coaching training, I attended during the World Championships in hockey. Per Backman the head coach of Denmarks national hockey team and Esben Nedermark GM Danish National Hockey Team started their presentation, with talking about how small sport hockey is in Denmark. Still Denmark is in the highest division in hockey, I will altough also talk about Norway, they have done an impressive work, with small or similar resources (6700 registred players!

The Danish team have also been working with tactic and the discipline to stick to it, teambuilding, social environment and technical skills (opposite to Norway).
In my mind totally wrong attitude, you will always need development and try to recruit new players and develop the game, players and teams (like Norway, coming in later post). I wrote earlier about the Swedish 2-2-1 set up and quite aggressive forecheck, if you then look at the World Champions in hockey Russia, you find almost the opposite, very defensive 4-1 or V set up. In the International Hockey Coaching Education, during the World Championships in Sweden, we had the opportunity to listen to the Swedish National Hockey team coach, before each game.
In the International Hockey Coaching Training, during the World Championships in Sweden, we also had the opportunity to listen to the Swedish National Hockey team coach, before each game. During the international hockey coaching training I attended, we also got some media training and some good advices regarding that. Have you ever thought about how the hockey coaching role is seen from different perspectives? The included 35 Louis van Gaal practices are from his time with the Netherlands, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. This fantastic new Louis van Gaal book in FULL COLOUR gives you the unique opportunity to learn from the man himself about his coaching philosophy. The book is packed full of in depth interviews with Louis van Gaal describing his football philosophy.
The Netherlands training practices in this book were observed at Quick Boys in Katwijk, at the Dutch training accommodation in Hoenderloo, in various stadiums across Europe, during the 2014 training camp in Lagos (Portugal) and in Brazil during the World Cup.There were many of the same types of training, but the methodological progress was thought out and the coaching moments were increasingly detailed and demanding. The first key moment is my relationship with Brian Ashton which started as an England U19 player during the 1999 season and the Junior World Cup. How does the Principle of ‘Deliberate Practice’ apply to the coaching of Rugby Union…? Pictured above is Sir Alex Ferguson, who is in my mind, the best professional sports coach in the world. For any amateur or professional sports coach, it is very important that they have a personal coaching philosophy which is rooted in the spirt of fair play and good ethics. People all around the world play soccer because of the innate joy and satisfaction the game itself arouses. The theme of coaching and social responsibility was compelling and well-timed. The coaching demo’s however, in my opinion, were just OK and left me wondering: what was missing? And the Coach has to read the players’ situation – what the universe and their game is providing them – recognize the dynamic and then provide was is missing or most needed in the moment.
As a Coach we help our players find their place in the world. Then we help them design there place in the world so that the environment pulls them toward the vision of who they wish to become. Define what’s most important in various categories and in different ages, along the hockey player path.
So good content and fantastic presentation by Roy Johansen (National hockey team coach) and his colleague from Olympic coaching team (Olympiatoppen).
What does the best hockey player do, what skills do they have, and what skills are they masters of? Therefore they – Created a physical training development stair, with defined levels of, what is world class. What they are not good in regarding the national team coaches, is the physical part, they are too weak.

When you think you can not develop or are satisfied, you will start your stagnation and to roll down the hill you are climbing and be eliminated in the end! When the forecheck is started they have almost a 2-2-1 set up, that is transferred to a wall or trap when they stop the attack from the opposite team.
Earlier Sweden have been playing 2-2-1 with defined or static roles, and with the mindset of putting pressure when the timing is correct.
This soon followed listening to Brian at Coaching Conferences about the way England played the game in the early 2000s leading up to the 2003 RWC. Across my playing career I have played every position in the team…I remember playing prop and second row in the U8s and U9s at my local rugby club…I then moved to scrum-half from the U10s to U12s…then moving into the U13s and beyond I played across the backline.
Let me use the example of a soccer coach, as it is the sport which I trained in at the top level before becoming a coach.
The want to win is a great attribute in any amateur or professional athlete, and this quality must be nurtured. His previous experience working with national, olympic and professional athletes has given him an appreciation of how far the body can go when all factors are balanced correctly. At the same time as playing in the backs for my local rugby club I played in the back-row for my school from 11 to 18 years old.
He has continuously re-built his team every 4-5 years with remarkable success, and anybody who listens to a post-game interview with him listens very carefully to what he says ….
However, good coaching is about player development and ultimately improving player performance.
His background as an athlete, a coach and a rehabilitation specialist has lead him to have an understanding of the union between pre-habilitation, training and rehabilitation. He now works full-time as a high performance coach to professional and amateur athletes, and under specific circumstances as a private fitness consultant.
Today Sweden play 2-2-1, but player 1 in top will always put pressure and the roles are flexible, the most offensive player will take the role of being P1 and the player that puts the pressure imediately, the other forwards will then adjust and take the two other roles P2 and P3. Coaches who encourage performance goals and skill development are usually more successful than a coach that only emphasizes winning. Kieran is a recreational football player and coach, and is due to complete his UEFA A coaching license in 2011. The fundamental concept of encouraging good skillful play should form the key to any coaches philosophy!
I spent lots of time practicing goal kicking…kicking out of hand…passing…plus many other skills. Most sports commentators naively applaud professional fouling as being a clever tactic, or praise the opportune player who delivers it.
While professional fouling may not directly injure a player, it does hurt the game as a spectacle and I believe that an ethical stance against professional fouling is important for coaches.

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