About Coaching ConnectThe Coaching Connect website is the ‘virtual’ meeting place for coaches on the internet.
Sports Trek Swim School sessions are held exclusively from the comfortable and well-maintained pool at Embleton Spa Hotel near Cockerouth..
Lesson TimesAll Sports Trek Swim Schools are held at Embleton Spa Hotel, near Cockermouth and are for ages four years upwards. This year believe it or not is now the 5th year of our wonderful Schools Coaching Programme.   In those 5 years the Schools Coaching Programme has rejuvenated our club with hundreds of children now playing Gaelic Football,  our Membership having almost quadrupled and Gaelic Football now taking centre stage across our 5 primary Schools and across our parish. Our County Star Graham Reilly at the launch of the 2013-14 Schools Coaching Programme in Gaelscoil an Bhradain Feasa, now incredibly in it’s 5th year. A coaching approach provides teachers with a good vocabulary of questions to stimulate independent thinking.
Leadership coaches, Liz Scott and Stuart Newberry, originally developed Coaching Connect for the UK coaching community, but it has grown over the years to include coaches from all over the world.

It’s crucial that children gain the skills and confidence to swim from an early age, skills that can allow them to be accomplished swimmers in adult life, as swimming is seen by most experts as one of the best forms of exercise. The Swim School over four midweek days during school term time and due to popular demand, since September 2013 we've also ran sessions on Saturday and Sundays. The programme will help the key influencers nurture this kind of mindset in our players.Mastery CoachingWe will work with coaches to help develop their approach to coaching. These are based loosely on The National Swim Plan, although we believe that the Sports Trek awards allows children to develop more at their own pace, and have less stress based on completing stages and achieving certificates.
This helps to develop players to master the skills of rugby, thus increasing the chance of success.Creating a Positive EnvironmentThe environment that allows the players to develop is key.
There must be a mixture of challenge and support coming from all the key influencers to create the correct environment.Codes of ConductDeveloping codes of conduct around training and match days are important to install not just respect and rugby culture, but also the soft skills essential in development of young people. However it is important that parents take their children to a pool regularly from babies to toddlers.At Sports Trek we offer a free taster session to children prior to enrolment.

Participating in a competitive contact sport will help develop confidence and the experience of winning and losing along with the other challenges involved in rugby will help develop resilient individuals.Triple Impact PlayersThis looks at ways in which players can improve their self, their teammates and the game of rugby.
It’s great for their development to feel at home in the water, and easiest to do as young as possible before any fear emotions can develop. These taster sessions allow us to asses the child's swimming ability and direct them towards the best lesson for them.To join Sports Trek Swim Schools, all you need to do is complete an application form, which can be downloaded here.

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