Expert advice, tips, and sales training enablement content for today's leading sales and learning professionals. Time is a limited and much sought-after resource in the sales environment, especially for sales managers who are being tasked to do more with less. There are a few secrets that I have found that can improve your sales coaching techniques and make coaching easier and more effective.
Was there anything that required my immediate attention or that they needed my help with today? I could tell what I needed to do to coach them in the moment by how they answered the questions. This morning routine also provided me with the opportunity to connect employees who might be dealing with similar scenarios so that we could share best practices or address an emerging problem. This practice became helpful, especially when it came time for performance reviews or more formal one-on-one coaching. Every person is unique, and you have to get to know the sales professionals on your team as people first.
In its purest sense, coaching is about sharing feedback with someone about their performance — what is working, what isn’t, and what opportunities exist to do things better. Some managers feel that their top performers don’t need coaching, that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But, all sales professionals need recognition and direction. Coaching requires a genuine concern for helping people succeed and for recognizing progress, no matter how small.
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We are the “how” to the “what.” We are the only company that provides an emphasis on the skills necessary for your sales professionals to execute properly and enable them to succeed. The report researched the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and any patterns in how these organizations leverage external providers to assist in achieving performance goals.

The mission of the Sales Excellence Review is to provide you and your teams with tips, insight, information, and best practices for improving your sales performance. LADDER Coaches are typically district or school-based language specialists who are trained by WIDA Facilitators on the LADDER program cycle and team coaching techniques. Throughout the program, WIDA Facilitators work with the LADDER Coaches by using powerful professional development approaches that combine in-person workshops like the Coaching Institute with individual coaching sessions through telephone and email, site visits, and virtual group coaching sessions that allow the coaches to model new skills and network with other LADDER coaches. The Coach's role during the Setting a Foundation phase is to engage the LADDER Leadership Team in dialogue around the content of the online tutorials, to focus Team members on issues of team development, and to assist in gathering data prior to the Data Analysis Workshop .
During the Implementation phase, the LADDER Coach provides support to monitor progress of action plan implementation and helps the team to engage in continuous reflection in preparation for an end-of-year evaluation of the Action Plan. Taking the time for coaching sales professionals can seem like an unrealistic luxury, but the time invested can create greater gains and even more time for the manager. This process surfaced urgent items that needed processing, challenges with a client, any lack of focus, attitudes that were forming, and any performance issues.
Whether I was standing in someone’s office or they were in mine, I gave them my full attention. Giving top performers the recognition that they deserve can challenge them to higher levels.
Over the last 18 years, she has been responsible for developing and implementing strategic corporate initiatives, custom learning solutions, and sales and business process improvement strategies.
With you, we establish sales best practices, evaluate talent, build capability and consistency through world class training, and sustain necessary change. We want to help you understand what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful and meet your personal and company objectives.
LADDER Coaches play a key role in steering and supporting the LADDER Leadership Teams as they go through the LADDER program cycle and make data-informed decisions about ways to improve instruction and programming for their ELLs. These combined training strategies prepare LADDER Coaches to develop important coaching skills that link directly to the LADDER program cycle and to apply these new skills through work with their LADDER Leadership Teams. Additionally, the LADDER Coach helps team members identify and use the resources they will need to fully implement their plan.

As a sales manager, I disciplined myself to make time for “in-the-moment” coaching every single day. I focused on the individual and, if I was at my desk, I moved away from the computer, to avoid distraction. Coaching is not only about improving performance but also recognizing when a person has done something well, as success breeds success. The Richardson coaching framework helps provide managers with the structure to optimize performance, connect with the person, and coach authentically. It’s the sales manager’s job to refine their sales coaching techniques and find the most effective way to deliver such feedback to their team.
She has worked with clients such as McKesson, FedEx, Deloitte, Tyco, L-3 Communications, and Verizon Wireless to optimize results through the alignment of people, process, and technology.
Through our time-tested customization process, we ensure your solution reflects your unique culture and values, which drives rapid adoption and lasting results. The LADDER Coaches engage in a comprehensive, year-long LADDER Coach Development Program to gain coaching skills to effectively support and guide their team toward accomplishment of their action plan goals.
I had to force myself to turn my back on my computer and turn off the sound so that I could not hear the ping of incoming e-mails. These tweaks say that I, as your sales manager, am here to help you be the best that you can be; I am listening and watching.
Help them adjust their technique to optimize their performance, and assist them in seeing where they fit into the big picture. Giving recognition and direction to middle performers can make sure that their progress continues. It helps them adjust their sails, giving them the confidence to push through rough patches and focus on the results to strive for.

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