09-08-2013 - F*ree Marketing Planner & Get More Productive with The Urgent Important Matrix! And, also in keeping with the "Back to Business" theme in September, we'll be launching our brand new Business Coaching Toolpack later this month!
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The Urgent Important Matrix is a powerful productivity and time management tool to help people manage their time more effectively.
What: Tasks that fall into this quadrant include deadlines, urgent meetings, pressing problems, crises and fire-fighting.
Action: Minimise the time spent in this quadrant by prioritizing, planning and delegating ie. Coaching Tip: If your client is in a line management or service based role, they will spend more time in this quadrant than a project manager. How we feel: When we spend a lot of time in this quadrant we feel calmer and under control, we deal with most issues before they arise and are likely to have solid support from others.
What: Tasks or activities in this quadrant interrupt or take us away from our important tasks. Action: Minimize the amount of time in this quadrant by reviewing and prioritizing your task list and focusing on the high importance tasks first. Coaching Tip: If this is an area your client spends a lot of time in you may also find keeping an interruptions log helpful. Coaching Tip: If your client spends a lot of time in this quadrant, get them to write a list of all their distractions and how long they spend on each one, recording this over a week time period. You can create your own handout, or simply draw the grid on a piece of paper for your clients. To become aware of our interruptions and distractions so that we can reduce or eliminate them.

The Launchpad is a weekly newsletter with awesome resources - coaching tools, exercises, tips & techniques to help you build your coaching skills and coaching practice! I’ve always been fascinated by time management — the tools, systems, tips I can implement to live life more productively (since I always have even more ideas brewing that I’m excited about implementing)! I’d love to hear your personal recommendations and favourite tools that you use to manage your time when running a business too! My client management system also blocks out the ‘busy’ blocks of time on my google calendar and syncs all my appointments to my calendar, which means no double-booking or forgetting any meetings I already have scheduled! I use Evernote for on-the-go inspiration and divine downloads on content ideas, messages, and everything in between.
I’ve found having a print-out calendar really helpful for content planning for blogging and mailing. Enter your name + email address above to receive more behind-the-scenes tips and inspiration on creating the life you desire! It's a comprehensive guide to this great time management tool - with helpful coaching tips for you too. It’s great for a wide spectrum of coaching from career, executive and business coaching to life and even spiritual coaching.
Set specific time aside to plan, build relationships, prepare for problems and look after their health. They can range from excessive or irrelevant email or phone calls from friends, social media usage to any activity we use that wastes time and avoids necessary work. Make sure you grab my free manifesto & goal completion worksheet to get started — it's yours for FREE on the right. I also schedule in advance (and as an act of faith) when it comes to manifesting international trips away, fun nights out, etc. It’s a place I gather all my client notes, clippings (via the Clip to Evernote browser plugin), as well as outline and flesh out content on the laptop.

This function has tremendously helped me in eliminating notifications and pop-ups from distracting me. At the start of the month I sit down and handpick some content ideas that I then schedule in this calendar + schedule it into Sunrise. Grab my FREE Live Your Vision & Rock Your Goals Workbook (Value: $17) - my gift to you! I already use Evernote and have a blogging calendar (which I don’t make good use of though…), but I think I will test out Self Control!!! SelfControl can be a total game changer especially in the area of minimising distractions (without having to turn internet connection off altogether) – hope you find it serves you well.
Your clients may need help identifying and clarifying priorities — and to brainstorm ways to schedule chunks of time for these important tasks.
These distractions lead to us being late, not finishing projects or tasks on time and can leave us tired, stressed and unable to be effective.
I’ve recently been re-acquainted to Wunderlist and am loving it, too (especially shared lists where you hold one another accountable)! This ensures that I’ve got a good idea that I can write about, while still allowing creativity to inspire a completely different post. In our personal lives things like excessive TV or internet surfing at home can also fall into this category. I also have an old-school paper daily planner (The Day Designer) that I am absolutely obsessed with.

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