About Brenda SamBrenda Sam is a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) and Parent Coach (PC).
Through one-on-one sessions and family coaching, Brenda empowers individuals and parents to maximize their strengths, making positive and lasting changes. In addition, she exercise life coaching by supporting a diverse client base ranging from employees to entrepreneurs.
San francisco giants spring training tentative schedule, To learn efforts improve accessibility usability website, visit . Marathon training schedule - 100 day marathon plan, Next generation marathon training schedule level marathoners olympic runner md marius bakkenn. Jerry "JB" Brown a€“ a certified personal trainer has ten years of experience in the athletic industry. A new and creative class to bring out your natural athleticism and help you achieve your fitness goals. JB's developed a new and dynamic fitness class format to participate with a group of 6 or more.

JB will come to visit your team during practice to teach proper technique, form and conditioning.A He will provide assistance and motivation to any team that needs to reach the top of their athletic potential. JB will provide customized plans for each individual to achieve their maximum nutritional health.A Plans and tips include suggestions for daily caloric intake, suggestions for meals and snacks, and motivational techniques to help each client reach their dietary and weight loss goals. She received her training in coaching from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in San Francisco, California and parent coaching from Adler School of Professional Coaching in Toronto, Ontario. Her approach was centred on her 28 years of background experience in the Early Childhood Education. The clients were guided through sessions to self-discover their unique values, to identify their self-defeating influences, and create their own vision for a compelling future. She had walked on fire, bungee jumped from 110 ft, climbed and jumped from one tree branch to another 30 ft off the ground, travelled in many countries including Italy, France and many islands in the West Indies.
And he's looking forward to speaking with you, about your goals, your plan, your project to better your health and feel stronger!
You will be given a customized workout plan with each session catered to fit your fitness needs.

Feed off the energy of the people around you while you participate with your friends in JB's Circuit Burn class. CTI is the world’s largest and oldest in-person coach training school and also the very first organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Many clients, including parents and families had credited her as being the critical factor that brought about the changes in their lives. Brenda works with woman and families in relationships, professional development and career transitions to help and inspire them in rediscovering themselves, and in leading a fulfilling professional and personal life. Through her daily interactions with children (ranging from 18 months to 12 years old) and parents, Brenda had accrued valuable experiences in child disciplining, parental skills, and prevention of bullying. She had been regularly called on to assist various other clients who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and helping them in finding the values and purposes to take their course of change.

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