EMPLOYEE COACHING DVDS& MENTORING TRAINING DVDSIDEAS AND TRAINING Employee Coaching and Mentoring Training DVDs Coaching and mentoring is the low-impact way of teaching.
Coaching Challenges on Performance Management - 4-Part Series - Free Preview Available Online!
Managing employees successfully requires effective communication and interpersonal skills that go beyond the ordinary.
Hargrave, considered the leading expert on body language, is a college professor, has written 4 books, and has provided body language consulting for many high profile court cases including the Scott Peterson case. Day after day, your employees are communicating with you through their body language - and you are communicating back to them through your body language. How to create an environment where an employee would feel comfortable even if the message is negative. Understand the key body language gestures that says you are actually listening to what an employee is saying.
This video was not produced with the intention that customers would purchase it and teach a class on body language; after all, where will a company find a subject matter expert on this topic within their own organization that would feel confident enough to TEACH it? The Coach: The Manager's Role in Helping Others Achieve - Video Aim To give managers the skills to set examples, guide, and encourage their teams towards greater performance.
This two-part series featuring Warren Bennis stresses the importance of teamwork when organizations become less structured.
Coaching the Team: Program 1 The first program focuses on the military, which is synonymous with the autocratic top-down management style.
Coaching the Team: Program 2 This second program uses a case study of the Steelcase Corporation, a successful office furniture manufacturer, to illustrate the highly effective ways it has found to work in teams and improve production.
Feedback For Performance: Giving and Receiving Information - DVD AimTo use praise and constructive criticism to achieve better performance.
The main video and course guide gives clear guidelines for giving feedback: ask don't tell, describe, don't judge, focus on behavior, not personality, be specific, and be constructive.

Time Required - 30 minutes runtime Product Format - Video (VHS Format) Do you want reduced costs and reduced employee turnover?
Succeed by Coaching comes complete with a video, audiocassette and copy of the book “Coaching Skills” by Robert W. You'll Soon Get The Hang Of It is the definitive program on the techniques of one-to-one training. This program explains how important it is for managers and team leaders to have the skills to teach people in their care. The lessons show how to put the training into context, divide the process into segments, and ensure the trainee practices at every step.
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Hargrave isna€™t focused on showing people how to catch employees and interviewees in deception, but how to create a positive environment and find the most positive employees. Recognizing the most common body language gestures can help you to understand what an employee may be thinking, but not necessarily saying. The coach shows how they can use coaching to teach practical tasks and interpersonal skills to the people who work for them. Questions addressed include what motivates a team, who provides leadership, and how discipline and accountability are maintained.
It shows how the British Royal Marines, internationally recognized for their fighting effectiveness, successfully use a team approach in the most unlikely of settings. We see how each group manages its own performance by monitoring the performance of individual members.
It also explains how to receive feedback: be open, not defensive, listen and clarify, and seek specific suggestions for doing things differently.

Do you need improved quality and quantity of work by your staff to make your business grow? Lucas, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series Published by the McGraw-Hill Companies. Hugh Laurie looks at both the theory and practice of training in a humorous and memorable fashion. It introduces a variety of scenarios: a warehouse, an office, a hotel and even a dentist's office to demonstrate the psychology of why people want to learn and then how to help them. This must be followed by praise and encouragement, and a review at every stage of progress. It draws the analogy between a manager who captains a football team, and the way he manages his teams at work, to show the types of skill that he needs to develop.
Officers and lower-ranking members offer insights into the process and why it apparently works. Mentoring of younger workers by older employees is encouraged, along with employee participation in all company decision-making. A 'feedback skills pack' has 30 short video triggers to demonstrate and contrast specific skills, and to stimulate discussion about difficult situations.
Everybody needs recognition when they are doing well and guidance when they could be doing better. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need the new video training program Succeed by Coaching.

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