Coaching Youth Football Tips by Coach Parker, Keller TX North of Fort Worth TX and West of Dallas Texas, DFW. I am really psyched because I am coaching offense this Spring football season and was developing a multiple offense and Coach Otto has the same formations I am planning to use; Double Wing, Single Wing and a Wing T which is similar to the offset I am planning on using. Just received the book Coaching Football and the Split T Formation by James M Tatum and Warren K. For all new youth football coaches that think they may not be good football coaches because they lack football knowledge, "Organization is the foundation of all successful football coaching.
It was interesting to learn he coached Joe Namath at Alabama and actually suspended Namath. After finishing the Paterno autobiography last week, this autobiography is a little different in that its less about coaching and more about Coach's life but a more enjoyable read, probably for a Cowboy fan. Before you begin your journey into the world of youth coaching, you must first establish the foundation of your coaching philosophy. It’s important to recognize the limitations of your abilities, and subsequently play to your strengths. When coaching children, it’s important to remember that positive encouragement is a necessity. The most important aspects of coaching that you need to establish are consistency and fairness.
Most new youth soccer coaches end up with the gig because they have a child on the team, and someone has to step up. While coaching the players is your true role, the politics of coaching simply can’t be stressed enough. The Positive Coaching Alliance is a well established organization dedicated to the betterment of youth coaching in all sports.
Your captain should be a selfless individual who displays hard work and the objectives of the team before themselves. Unless you are coaching a professional team or a well established and well funded high school team, there is a lot of work behind the scenes that needs to get done.
Whether you like it or not, you are now a role model in a child’s life, so take the responsibility seriously. Each Quick Start Guide has vital info you need to get your season started: initial e-mail to the parents, goals for the season, tips on practice, and tips for game management.
While you might have your own goals for your coaching, I’d also like to suggest one: the player should have so much fun and learn so much that they want to play next year. Remember that kids develop at different rates. Don’t try to predict long-term success in a given sport for a child at the age of 8. However, DO try to make it fun for them so that if their body grows into it and they learn the game, they’ll still be playing at that point. I have spent a number of hours talking baseball with Coach Grossman and discussing many of the drills in this book. Coach Grossman’s book will go a long way in helping players of all ages to become more fundamentally sound in every aspect of the game of baseball. In regards to youth baseball, Coach Grossman is THE most passionate person I have ever met. I have been David Grossman’s Assistant coach since 1999 we have won a lot and lost a few, but his enthusiasm for the game and teaching young players has never wavered.
As his assistant I learned a lot about baseball that I never knew as a young lad playing the game. Coach Grossman truly understands youth baseball and is able to communicate the right mix of baseball skills instruction and enthusiasm for the game to draw the best out of youth baseball players at all skills levels. Qualifications for Coaching Youth Rugby Union (players aged 12-18) Below is an outline of each qualification (current or proposed) within the coach education model relating to coaching youth rugby union. Matt Lydum is actively involved in the sport of track and field at the national and international levels.
USA Track & Field (USATF) is the national governing body for track and field, long-distance running, and race walking in the United States.

You have taken on one of the most beautiful, powerful, and influential positions a person can ever have.
Every time we coach, our words and actions can have a huge impact in the lives of our players, both positively and negatively. The thing is, we don’t get to choose which things stick, and which ones they forget, so in everything we say and do, we have to choose wisely. Or will it be something that tears them down, that diminishes their self worth, that makes them fearful of failure, or ties their self-worth with sports success? I believe that being a coach is so much more than running a bunch of practices and organizing kids for games. It is about being passionate, and loving the game you teach, so your players will play with passion and love. It is about empathy, making every player feel important, and giving him or her a role on the team.
It is about being a model of the behavior you expect from your athletes, both on and off field of battle. It is about being a teacher, not only of the X’s an O’s of a sport, but about life, about optimism, about persistence,  and about character.
Please leave a comment below about a great coach in your life, someone who made you better on and off the field. In order to gain the trust of your players you must first outline how you are going to build your team.
That’s not to say that you should encourage bad practice or form, but when the children are following your instruction or succeeding in their role, it’s important that you let them know.
By establishing consistency you will give your players a level of expectation that they will eventually grow comfortable with.
You will find that your attention is constantly drawn in every direction as parents fight for their child’s position, playing time, and status on the team. Although their philosophy of coaching only focuses on positive encouragement, they have a tremendous amount of resources for new coaches looking to jump into the fray.
Very often your best player is as good as they are because they are selfish, ambitious, and athletically gifted. If you see a player helping their teammates in a positive way and taking on a leadership role, that player is most likely the one who deserves the armband.
For more info on each of these specific roles, please see the Roles for Parents in Youth Soccer guide. Yes, there is hard work involved and your job is to make them better players, but as soon as you realize your players aren’t having fun anymore, you’ve lost them. Be the best coach you can be, but also remember that the development of children is the endgame. He has served as USOC delegate to the International Olympic Academy and on the USA coaching staff for the World Championships in Youth Athletics. USATF encompasses the world's oldest organized sports, the most-watched events of Olympic broadcasts, the number-one high school and junior high school participatory sport, and more than 30 million adult runners in the United States. Hershey's Track & Field Games encourage children ages 14 and under to participate in track and field events.
As the nation’s leading coaching education program, ASEP works with national, state, and local youth sport organizations to develop educational programs for coaches, officials, administrators, and parents. Some people may call it a job, and others a profession, but in reality, being a great coach is not that at all. You have chosen to guide them through the trials and tribulations of learning two beautiful games: sport and life. We are faced with moments of success and failure, and with calls from officials both good and bad. Many of them are wonderful, and will support you and be grateful that you have taken the time and energy to teach and mentor their child. We now know that many coaching and teaching methods used when we were kids are not as effective as once thought.

We all mean well, but sometimes when we are pushing to win a game, or talking to our teams after a tough loss, we say and do things that we later regret.
It must be a vocation, a calling to a place that best suits your skills, your passion and your ability. And if you want to study the secrets of the world’s greatest coaches and cultures of excellence, join our email list and stay tuned for info on our upcoming Coaching Mastery Course. In order to do this you’ll need a quick crash course on the mental, physical, and organizational basics of soccer coaching.
That is one traditional opinion of fairness, whereas another holds that players who work harder deserve more playing time.
At your first meeting with the team parents, explain what the various roles are and stress that a team can’t function properly without support.
Always be aware of how the players are feeling about coming out to practice and games, and if the status quo isn’t working, change it up. Always put the values and life lessons gained from team sports ahead of your own ambitions. This youth variation will qualify you to coach and referee the 15-a-side game, gaining a Referee Level 1 certificate in the process. As a coaching educator, he has certified hundreds of high school coaches in the Great Lakes region and around the country and coordinates the Instructor Training Course for USA Track & Field.
You are in a position to change their lives forever, not only by making them better athletes, but better people. We keep score, and because of that our work is often judged week to week, even day to day, based upon the performance of a bunch of kids, how well they play, how much they play, and where they play. What will your influence be? Will it be something positive and affirming that bolsters your athletes and serves them throughout life? I know in the past I have, and I never considered for a moment that my harsh, personal and often over the top criticism of a kid might follow him or her off the field.
You have to be very sensitive to the issue, and if anything, be harder on your child than the rest of them to set a good precedent. Make sure that it is abundantly clear that you are the authority figure and that your decisions are final.
This will let the players know what they are doing right, and then go into how they can improve. The mission of USATF is to foster sustained competitive excellence, interest, and participation in the sports of track & field, long-distance running, and race walking. You are a leader, you are a role model, you are a person who serves your athletes, and you are a person to whom they entrust their physical and emotional well-being.
They will make life miserable for their own child, and often for you and the rest of the team as well. Will it be a more fulfilling experience for you and your players, more enjoyable, and more successful? As long as there is a progression from match to match, there are always positives that you can highlight, regardless of the score. Do your best to educate them and minimize their negativity, and empower others to do the same.
Having a dialogue with parents so they understand why you are making your decisions is a necessity.
Those kids need a positive role model more than most, and it’s not their fault that mom or dad has lost the plot. Just because you went over it does not mean they retained it and can replicate it in a game.
Far too many coaches are focused on running exercises in practice that are successful 90% of the time, when in reality messy practices that replicate game situations are far more powerful learning tools.

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