How often has your patient gone for a follow-up appointment and the doctor never asks to see them move?
On their website, Coach’s Eye says, “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible to others.” Sounds like what we do as therapists every day! Deb Gulbrandson, PT, DPT, Impact Editorial Board member, and owner of Cary Physical Therapy in Cary, Illinois. A few weeks ago I bought myself an iPad and installed an app on it called Coach’s Eye, version 2.7. The old-style computer software analysis programmes cost in excess of ?1,000, and they were difficult to use and often needed a cumbersome camera setup, which would inexplicably stop talking to the computer halfway through a session.
Now we have easy-to-use apps that record motion clips, which can be edited by drawing useful lines and boxes over the film clip, and they will play in slow motion. You can play back in slow motion mode, but for picking up the fine detail I prefer to use the buffer, by winding forwards and backwards one frame at a time. In the evenings after a training session I like to watch any videos that I’ve taken with extra care and attention.
As an archer I ask fellow archers to film me with my iPad and I can check for myself how my technique looks.
One misgiving I have about Coach’s Eye is that you cannot watch an old clip side by side with a new clip to make critical comparisons and really see change over time. Last week we took a quick look into the future of Physical Education through the eyes of PE teacher Mark Bulmer. Mark Bulmer is a 25-year-old Physical Education teacher working at Rossett School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK. I have been teaching 3 years at Rossett and even in my short teaching career, I have seen the school move from strength to strength in its use of technological strategies to make teaching and learning outstanding. I start lessons with a skill-based warm up with students before delivering our lesson objectives for the lesson. Students were provided with a quick demonstration of both how to use the app and how to provide feedback.
The response from students has been brilliant, all classes seem very keen to use the app and a lot of students have even downloaded the app on their own phones. Students found watching their own performance fun and engaging and liked getting feedback on how to improve.
I feel students are more aware of how they can improve their skills through seeing what’s going well and what’s going not so well. Rising senior Chaz Elder (17) is among the safeties vying for a starting spot in Will Muschamp’s first spring practice at South Carolina. COLUMBIA — He seemed more like a position coach than a head coach, instructing players on the correct angle they needed to take at the snap of the ball, and to get two hands up in the air while going for an interception. Under former South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier, a Heisman Trophy-winning passer at Florida in the 1960s, it was the quarterbacks who comprised the most scrutinized unit on the field. Robinson was an All-SEC safety at Auburn under former head coach Tommy Tuberville, and went on to play three seasons in the NFL. No wonder, then, Muschamp has looked at a number of his returning defensive backs at a number of different positions, trying corners Fenton and Chris Lammons at nickel and safety, respectively. And Muschamp will likely be as hands-on with the defensive backs then as he is now, the old Bulldogs safety coming out on the practice field once again.

Douglas committed to Muschamp by phone on Wednesday but wanted to wait until talking with him in person at Saturday’s scrimmage before publicizing the news. Douglas narrowed his list to USC, Penn State, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina from over 20 offers.
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Now you have the capability to email the video to your patient’s doctor complete with your commentary.
The added ability to freeze frame, slow down, compare split screens, draw angles, and share the videos with others, makes this a real powerhouse.
I hope to show you that Coach’s Eye is easy to use, cheap, and a valuable and functional tool for both coaches and archers alike.
Coach’s Eye, for example, is a simple and easy-to-use app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. If I spot something, I can draw and talk over a playing clip while it records as a new clip.
As a coach it is a priceless tool that I can use to show my archers what it is they are really doing when they don’t believe me.
A coach also cannot save clips into a different folder for each archer, but can distinguish the important clips by saving them in the ’favourites’ folder. This week we had a chance to take a deeper look into what Mark is doing with Coach’s Eye video analysis in PE.
As a PE teacher, Mark stays active by; playing rugby, golf, badminton and keeping fit by running and going to the gym. Rossett is a large secondary school with approx 1500 students on roll from 11-19 years old. I first tried the App during a rugby lesson where I was teaching the key concepts of outwitting opponents. Students are really keen to be filmed performing and skill and receive feedback and watch their performance.
For example, one student in a rugby lesson didn’t understand why it is important to draw (fix) a defender before passing the rugby to a partner in space.
Head back to the Getting Started page for more info and be sure to check the FAQ’s in our Knowledge Base. Under Muschamp it’s the defensive backs, in particular the safeties, who man the same position the head coach did as a walk-on at Georgia in the early 1990s. Muschamp walked on at Georgia after a broken leg suffered playing baseball scared off recruiters, and went on to serve as team captain and make 84 tackles his senior year.
Safety Darin Smalls from Summerville left the program, but Chris Moody, a safety who planned to transfer, returned for his senior year.
284) of Charlotte confirmed Saturday morning that he verbally committed to USC earlier in the week. Imagine videotaping your patient’s gait on the initial visit and then again on the 5th or 6th?
Patients have an improved ability to make corrections when they can see what we are talking about. At just ?2.99 it really is accessible to everyone, although smart phones are generally too small to be of much use.

Choose your position, steady yourself, point the ‘camera’ in the right direction and touch the red record button to start and stop your recording. The camera is not quite quick enough to check arrow clearance, but it is just about quick enough to check for a clean execution in the average archer.
Once you have signed up to your free Coach’s Eye account you can send a link to your archer or coach, and they can watch it on the internet, without needing to have the app themselves. Taking a clip every so often shows up progression that a coach can show to their archer, so that the archer has a mental image to fit with their feel of the shot, a better understanding of what they are aiming to do, and positive feedback when their week’s work has paid off and they are doing a particular thing right.
Overall though, I think all archers and their coaches who want to improve their technique should be using an app such as Coach’s Eye. Februar kampfen uber 151 deutsche Athleten bei den Olympischen Spielen in Sotschi um Edelmetall.
He is extremely passionate about his job and introducing my students to the new technologies available to better their engagement in lessons.
This has enabled me to create a teaching environment where students can take constructive criticism and aim to improve their sporting performance in a positive setting.
Reviewing with video doesn’t just acknowledge the areas for development it also reviews good sporting performance.
It’s not unusual for the defensive backs to be the last group to leave the practice field.
Imagine displaying those videos side-by-side on a split screen to show the patient how far he or she has come. To get the potential out of Coach’s Eye, and to see greater detail, it really needs to be installed onto a tablet.
The camera must be kept absolutely still to make useful recordings, and using the grid function can help with this if you line a cross section on a point. However, I have found that for a world-level competitor it wouldn’t show up the difference between a slight execution error and their perfect release technique.
With practice you will learn the best positions for the camera to be in, to capture the information needed as clearly as possible. This has proved a key teaching tool which allows for an excellent plenary at the end of the lesson and assists with future lesson planning. This has provided instant feedback on how students can improve their sporting skills as well as acknowledging good skills in sporting performance. This has worked really well when teaching students, reviewing footage and then watching on a laptop in the changing rooms as a plenary.
Smith, who will miss the remainder of the spring with a thumb injury, and Elder, whom he said tackled well in a scrimmage last weekend.
We will work with you to discover the committee or task force that best suits your interests, skills, and availability.
I then use Coach`s Eye to film games before  providing feedback on students performance, this can be in a constructive form where I focus on their areas for development or praising students for something they have done well showing the aesthetic appreciation of the skill. I can then use the video footage taken in the lesson as part of a plenary in the changing rooms where students can sit and watch their performance (very popular).

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