I resisted the urge to use my own tried and true oatmeal making rituals, and prepared the oats per the package instructions. This oatmeal had a great flavor and none of the mushy lack-of-texture that tends to happen with oatmeal. Wildcats isn't the only headliner on the Big 12-SEC Challenge schedule, but it's arguably the most intriguing.
BrownWisconsin's Hayes withdraws from NBA draftWisconsin forward Nigel Hayes has withdrawn from the NBA draft and will return to the Badgers for his senior season. I have a deep disdain for instant oatmeal, but love some slow-cooked whipped banana oatmeal (and by slow-cooked, I mean, it takes 6 minutes instead of 6 seconds).

They’re also not your typical steel cut oats (which are super delicious but tend to take too long for me to bother preparing them). I stirred in a little cinnamon and a whole lot of pumpkin pie spice, and of course added my usual sliced strawberries and Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter (a la Fancy Oatmeal). I first decided to try the chia seed in my oatmeal after reading many posts from Kath Eats and seeing them in just about everything she makes. Coach’s Oats are steel cut oats that have been cracked and toasted, which decreases the cooking time from 25 minutes to 5. I added 1 cup of soymilk and 1 cup of oats, along with 2 sliced bananas, and cooked per the instructions.

I have yet to find it in any of my local food stores (not even Whole Foods) – and it might be good enough to become the first item I actually request that a grocery store carry.

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