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Did you know that over 75 percent of colleges and universities around the nation now offer online classes? You may not know it yet, but there is a wide range of online courses to choose from, offered by hundreds of different institutions. Unlike most on-campus degree programs, many online degree programs do not require you to take additional elective courses unless they directly related to your major.
These days, online learning is more accurately described as mobile learning, as you can take courses anywhere and anytime you want. Everyone who has ever been to any school remembers a day when they arrived at class and realized that they forgot their textbook, their assignment or even something as trivial as a pen. With how obsessed most of us are these days with keeping our laptops, tablets, and phones at hand, you don't have to worry about remembering a deadline at the last minute and realizing that you left your assignment at home. A lot of us are comfortable talking to each other on a familiar basis, but don't have as many opportunities to formally write out our thoughts and viewpoints. Tuition costs for most online programs are significantly lower than they are at traditional campus-based universities.
We are pleased to introduce today one of our childbirth instructors in College Station, TX.
I never doubted my ability to give birth without medication. After the birth of our first son, I was so ecstatic about my experience that I wanted to shout it from the roof tops! After my first was born I wanted to share my birth story with everyone who was willing to listen!  When I was pregnant with my third baby I read the book "Giving Birth" by Catherine Taylor and fell in love with the idea of becoming a doula, but with three small babies at home I knew that wasn't the time.  It wasn't until I was pregnant with my fourth, and after a conversation with a friend who was pregnant with her first baby, that I considered teaching childbirth classes in College Station, TX. I actually certified with a different company and taught for 2 years before switching to Birth Boot Camp. In what ways did the Birth Boot Camp teacher training help prepare you for teaching actual childbirth classes? Most of my students have been couples who choose to birth at home or birth center with a midwife.  Many of them have hired a doula after learning about them in class. I love hearing stories of couples who educated themselves, made choices that are best for them, perhaps even changed providers and then go on to have an amazing birth! In engineering courses classes, the core curriculum includes mathematics and physics which are usually essential. With the exception of a few specialist courses, it is common for all students to take the same subjects in the first year(s) of a degree, before going on to specialise in the final year(s), when they can choose from a number of options. Like Masters in Management, postgraduate programs on engineering issues are offered as fulltime and part-time programs. Almost every program requires exams to wrap it up though the testing can be dispersed over the course of the program.

Foothills Academy College Preparatory is enrolling new students for an innovative program that represents the rapidly changing demands of 21st century learners. In this unique program model, students can earn college credits through advanced placement and dual enrollment courses, and work at their own pace, potentially graduating early.
The program is open to high school juniors and seniors who are self-directed and motivated, and are independent and determined learners. Foothills Academy is one of Arizona’s first wave charter schools, with an excelling rating for many years and currently an “A” school under the new system. Featuring Youth Rodeo Competitors: Logan Grimes, Avery Mullins, & Brady Turgeon, the Barnett Family, Paper Dresses by Annie Lopez, and more! Wake Tech offers more than 60 online and hybrid programs, including associate in arts, business, computer programming, criminal justice, early childhood education, and more. We are pleased that you are considering Wake Tech as you plan for your education and career.Welcome! Online education enrollment rates are at an all-time high, and more people everyday are waking up and taking advantage of mobile learning.
Some schools are based solely online, while others are brick and mortar institutions that have online offerings. While these silly little accidents can actually have a serious effect on your grade at a traditional campus-based college, busy students with a lot on their mind don't have to worry about unnecessary grade reductions once they embrace all that mobile learning has to offer.
Course content is always just a click away, and you can also complete assignments at your own pace. If you'd appreciate the opportunity to become a little more comfortable writing and communicating on a more professional level, mobile learning might be the right choice for you. While course credits often cost less, you also don't have to worry about additional worries like dorm and transportation fees, classroom supplies, and even changing work schedules. Cheryl is a busy mother of five who taught natural childbirth classes prior to her becoming a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor. Tell us a little bit about your own birth experiences and how they influenced your desire to teach childbirth classes. Growing up, my mom always talked about birth like it was a normal, wonderful thing in a woman's life and something we were made to do.
So many women get sucked into the "that's just what we do" model of care and don't even know that they have options! I trained in Houston last February with an amazing group of women from all over the country.  When you are working on your certification and waiting for training you are put in a private Facebook group with other pre-certs so I felt like I knew some of the girls before we actually met at training.
I love that we do all of the reading, writing, and studying requirements before instructor training so we are all on the same page when we get there. I have received great feedback from my moms and dads, saying they felt very prepared for their births, which makes me so proud of them. For this reason, when selecting a course it is important to check what options are available, especially if undergraduates already have a specific career in mind. To see whether the program also demands a thesis (some universities offer a non-thesis degree), it is best to check with the university in consideration.

The program offers academically advanced eleventh and twelfth graders an alternative educational setting to practice independent learning and performing through self-motivation and self-direction. Classes include group interaction, instructor feedback, and independent learning – to engage students and accommodate all kinds of learning styles. Maybe you are still on the fence about online education and really need someone to persuade you. Many online courses offer chat rooms, forums, email correspondence, and threaded discussions, letting you get used to communicating primarily through text. I want women to have a say in the way they birth, where they birth, and the kind of care they receive throughout it all. The more I looked into it, looked at the materials, and talked to different board members, I was sold.  Birth Boot Camp is a complete curriculum. The days were long and jam-packed with information but Donna and Sarah were awesome at keeping things interesting and fun. However, specialising in one area whilst at University does not preclude working in another field of the profession at a later date. Part-time programs are offered on weekend courses or in modular tracks and usually take about double the time as the regular program the university or school offers. It blends the highest quality web-based courseware and a strong, tightly connected support system for each student, with personnel available online and face-to face. The program provides personalized learning programs and individual attention by experienced, highly qualified teachers. While there are a vast amount of benefits related to mobile learning, we are here to tell you why you should take an online course. Along with the opportunity to get used to writing, online communication is often less intimidating, making it a little bit easier to communicate with your fellow classmates and instructors. Different women have different needs and make different choices, and that's ok, but they should be educated and know why they made those choices.
It includes topics that are important to me and I love sharing with my classes such as breastfeeding, newborn care, even things like baby wearing, sleeping arrangements, and cloth diapering.  Information the other classes are missing. We covered each class, how to teach them, demos and games for each, relaxations, and comfort measures. I really feel like my students leave my childbirth classes in College Station, feeling prepared for birth and taking care of their new baby. We also offer career fairs, job posting services, and other resources to assist employers seeking full-time and part-time employees.We value our alumni and want you to stay connected to Wake Tech!
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