Having said all that I think we are likely to see the rise of a simple, free, open global LMS that will mashup open education resources, social learning and real time and asynchronous discussions [emphasis DSC] between 2012 and 2015. An interesting article that provides more information about the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative, particularly the instructional design behind the initiative. The course management system (CMS) reinforces the status quo and hinders substantial teaching and learning innovation in higher education.
The classroom of the future is moving to mobile phones, and reaching farther into India thanks to a new partnership between Ericsson and The Indira Gandhi National Open University. Teacherless or virtual-teacher learning is described by enthusiasts as a revolution in the making. Openness is a fundamental value underlying significant changes in society and is a prerequisite to changes institutions of higher education need to make in order to remain relevant to the society in which they exist. The second Open Educational Technology Summit wrapped up yesterday with the adoption of eight action steps or goals that define a vision for open access education.
Developing a sound business model is a critical concern of publishers considering open-access distribution. OK, here are two great opportunities around Open Source Software for K-12 that are coming up SOON!
On the heels of the governor's free text book initiative, non-profit offers teachers unprecedented opportunity to help shape education and drive out costs; announces participation of San Jose USD teachers.
The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation invites the Wikimedia community to vote on this proposal to license Wikimedia material so it is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-SA), while retaining dual licensing with the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Teaching is an art form in itself, so take these classes to continue learning and shaping the talent you already share with your students. Another program that has received a fair amount of attention is Walter Lewin’s series of courses at MIT. DIY teachers around the world are using open source course management systems, open access textbooks, and other open source tools to buck the chains and limitations of corporate education software. YouTube has just released a new sub-site called YouTube EDU, aggregating thousands of free lectures from over a hundred universities across the country, including MIT, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and oh-so-many more.
Open courseware has expanded to the extent that directories, lists, search engines, archives and Web tools are available free to anyone who chooses to learn through the Internet.
As a ministry of Covenant Theological Seminary, our Worldwide Classroom offers God’s people everywhere free access to biblically-based, grace-centered theological training materials for the benefit of the church.
The free courseware available on this site includes every class you need to help you in life, ministry, discipling and equipping others, and taking your biblical understanding deeper. IPT 692R: Introduction to Open Education - a course taught at Brigham Young University's Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology during the Winter 2009 term by Prof. A site called Christian Colleges has posted a list of top 100 open courseware courses in theology and philosophy.
This article includes two very possible ways things could go in the next 5-15 years: the development of consortiums in order to pool the necessary resources to create high-quality educational content as well as the trend towards creating open source content. When you have half a dozen or have a hundred lectures on calculus, which one do you choose?
Cloudworks allows you to find other people's learning and teaching ideas, designs and experiences as well as sharing your own. You can also get access to many learning design tools and resources to help you create learning designs.
Trent Batson, Communications Strategist in MIT's Office of Educational Innovation and Technology and Editor of Campus Technology.
Tom Carey, Professor of Management Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo and Program Director of the MERLOT ELIXR program. James Dalziel Director of the LAMS Foundation and Professor of Learning Technology and Director of the Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.
Bernadine Chuck Fong, president emerita of Foothill College and a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

Gerard Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) and Senior Director for Academic Technology Services for the California State University. Marshall Smith the Program Director for the Education Program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
Candace Thille, director of the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at Carnegie Mellon University. David Wiley, Associate Professor from BYU and, Chief Openness Officer (COO) of Flat World Knowledge.
In the midst of a recovering national and local economy, with limited to modest growth in employment opportunities, students and professionals alike are turning to online education for its flexibility, convenience and networking opportunities to advance their careers. To keep up with the growing demand, Chaminade has recently launched its Online MBA program to enable students to earn their MBA without ever setting foot in a classroom. This option can be ideal for students who are working while going to school, located on a neighbor island, or in the military. This is one of the most appreciated initiative of Discovery Education Media Private Limited.
In a very short span of time our portal has emerged as a phenomenally good source for News, Views & Updates about Universities Worldwide for anyone and everyone in the Education Fraternity Globally. With the increasing rate of students choosing to complete courses for their degree programs through the internet in lieu of traditional classroom settings, researchers have taken an interest in the process and begun to analyze certain aspects of online learning. Researchers have found that students who complete courses or entire degree programs online garner the same benefits, if not more, than traditional students. Though there are many perceived differences in courses completed online versus those completed in a traditional classroom environment, the experience is actually very similar. College Crunch offers info and reviews of the best colleges, the most popular degrees, and the top career options available today. Think of it as an open, searchable combination of user contributed content and social networking, using Twitter, Facebook and open educational resources.
It does so by imposing artificial time limits on learner access to course content and other learners, privileging the role of the instructor at the expense of the learner, and limiting the power of the network effect in the learning process.
There are a number of ways institutions can be more open, including programs of open sharing of educational materials. Yale University has added its third batch of courses to its open education initiative, bringing the total number of courses to 25. The event brought together 40 participants from around the world with expertise in different areas of education. Selecting the model appropriate to a particular journal will depend not only on the expense hurdle that must be cleared, but also on the publisher’s mission objectives, size, business management resources, risk tolerance, tax status, and institutional or corporate affiliation. The Board has evaluated possible licensing options for Wikimedia material, and believes that this proposal is the best available path towards achieving our collective goal to collect, develop and disseminate educational material, and make it available to people everywhere, free of charge, in perpetuity.
Even merely substituting OpenOffice of Microsoft Office on student computers can save thousands in licensing costs. In short, what one saves on licensing may end up (at least initially) being spent on training or dealing with the learning curve associated with a new environment. As The New York Times has noted, Lewin has long had a cult following at MIT, and now, thanks to his physics courses, he’s achieved a minor degree of fame on the internet. This panel of edupunks will rock the show by discussing the movement, its challenges, and its future. The following list contains some individual tools, but on the whole, this list is filled with links to sites and pages that offer more links to even more resources. These events are hosted by world-class cultural and educational organizations in Boston and beyond. Our hope and prayer is that no matter where God has stationed you in his Kingdom or how he has gifted you to serve, you will find that these resources encourage you in your Christian walk and strengthen you in your ministry. Our lectures are presented in English in MP3 format; transcripts and study guides are available as PDFs.

Open courseware, of course, are real world courses recorded for distribution over the Net.
The program is modeled after the OpenCourseWare Consortium originally developed by an MIT faculty committee wishing to share their course materials openly on the Web and now involving 200 institutions and organizations.
The one featuring the best lecturer with the best presentation skills, the best examples, and the best math jokes – of course. As challenges to the world's health escalate daily, the School feels a moral imperative to provide equal and open access to information and knowledge about the obstacles to the public's health and their potential solutions. Individual faculty can also choose to be more open without waiting for institutional programs. Through an open source platform, Curriki delivers free and peer reviewed K-12 curricula as well as collaboration tools to teachers, students and parents around the world so teachers can teach more effectively and students can learn at their own pace.
Through this online service hundreds of thousands of people worldwide listen to these talks wherever and whenever they choose. Anyone may download, use, and share these courses at no charge for non-commercial purposes. MIT has blazed this path, and this particular Top 100 list is dominated by courses from that school, with Notre Dame showing heavily as well. It’s outstanding when even one school provides a wealth of material, but as other schools provide their own material, then we get to see some of the virtues of crowdsourcing. It is so impressive that this week the Chronicle of Higher Education posted an article (dated October 17th) from John Seely Brown. In the last few years, Chaminade University has increased the number of online classes it offers and reports that almost half of its graduate students are now taking at least one online class.
As part of the Online MBA program launch, Chaminade will waive the application fee for all who apply to the Online MBA between Feb. Increasing degrees of openness in society coupled with innovations in business strategy like dynamic specialization are enabling radical experiments in higher education and exerting increasing competitive pressure on conventional higher education institutions. By increasing teacher engagement in curriculum development, Curriki drives teacher effectiveness and student performance. All of these physics courses, and many more, can be found in our Free University Course collection. We are proud of the role we serve in our community, of protecting and projecting the public voice; and of informing and inspiring that public voice toward greater civic engagement around the important issues of our time. Consider Sears and the Extreme Home Makeover -- it has been a great thing for that company. First, you have a virtuous cycle: as more material is shared, more material will be made available to share.
Online classes enabled me to finish my Chaminade degree and not to have to transfer to another university.
Spun off from Sun Microsystems in 2006, Curriki has more than 80,000 members and over 30,000 learning assets. This course will give an overview of open-source technologies (such as content management systems and ILS programs) which are being used by libraries today, as well as exploring the open access movement which advocates free online access to scholarly research and journal articles. Above all, they exclude most humans from their knowledge — the poor, the old, people born in the wrong place, people with time-consuming children and jobs.
However, every institution must begin addressing openness as a core organizational value if it desires to both remain relevant to its learners and to contribute to the positive advancement of the field of higher education (emphasis DSC).
This practical knowledge will be taught with an eye towards students understanding the implications of open access and what it means for libraries and librarians.

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