As the parent of two former Lafayette students (classes of 2001 and 2004) now attending Wilson and Deal, I was particularly interested to read the results of your study.
Unbelievably helpful AND the perfect timing as well!!!!A  our oldest is only a 1st grader (we also have a 4 year old) and already feel overwhelmed by folks encouraging us to move to the Whitman cluster sooner than later and others sayinga€¦STAY in DC and give Deal and Wilson a try. As a parent of a Deal and Lafayette student, I really appreciated the fascinating study you conducted about college placement.A  Youa€™ve done a great serve for all of us and helped strengthen the case for public schools.
The class size varies from several people to 30 people; in contrast, a Chinese high school class usually has about 50 people. They are famous for their simple life style, plain clothes and unwillingness to use modern technology.
In this week, we also did many other fun events like: watching an Tony Award play in the oldest theatre in Lancaster, visiting a dairy and eating fresh ice cream, volunteering in the biggest chicken BBQ, and of course, playing Wii with Helen and her brother Mark. A national leader in graduation rates, undergraduate research, and graduate and mid-career salaries, Lafayette offers the benefits of larger schools with the student-centered approach of a small, undergraduate college. Luckily, the field is wide open; you have endless choices of where you can go to achieve your educational goals.
Due to the job market being as picky and demanding as it is, many people are finding the need to go back to school and obtain a whole new set of skills. Also, since the economy is such an issue, online schooling is an appetizing possibility, due to the sheer amount of money one can save. Being on a traditional college campus is perfect for the traditional student: the young kid just out of high school. Also, don’t discount the benefits of meeting with your professor or study group, face-to-face. However, online schooling has its drawbacks, particularly since your’e behind a computer, away from people who could help you in a jam. Also, there are many hands-on professions, particularly in the medical field, that simply do not translate well online.
Anyone who has gone to college before will tell you how incredibly expensive it is, and it’s not getting any cheaper. In addition, large universities and classes can cause many students to become lost in the shuffle.
Today’s world is extremely demanding, so it’s great that online colleges have become legitimate and accepted. Students who want a more challenging work load, but a more flexible school schedule, can skip AP classes and the AP exam all together and go straight to community college classes. A great aspect about Orcutt Academy that the other high schools in the area don’t offer is if students choose to take a class at the community college, they can get both credit for that class in terms of college, as well as high school credit, which would then go on your high school transcript. With Hancock in our backyard and many Honors courses and thirteen AP classes offered here at Orcutt Academy, you have a variety of choices to pick the best classes to match your academic needs. This entry was posted in Kids Boxing classes in Queens NY, Kids Boxing lessons in Queens, Kids Martial Arts Classes in Queens NY, Kids martial arts in Queens, Kids mixed martial arts in Queens, Martial arts classes in Queens NY, Mixed Martial Arts in Queens NY, mma classes in Queens, MMA gym in Queens NY, MMA in Queens, MMA in Queens NY, MMA in Quens, MMA Lessons in Queens, Queens Mixed Martial Arts Gym, Queens Mixed Martial Arts Training Gym, Queens MMA Gym and tagged Bayside MMA Classes, Boxing Gym in Queens, Boxing in Bayside, Boxing in Fresh Meadows, Boxing in Oakland Gardens, Boxing in Queens, Boxing in Whitestone, MMA in Queens New York, Queens Boxing Gym, Queens MMA Gym by Butchs Boxing and MMA.
This is valuable information for helping parents make an informed choice about sending their children to public versus private high schools. We live in AU Park, have 2nd grader and Kindergartner girls, and like everyone else in the area, face the same question.
Helen’s house was just as I expected (probably because Helen had told me everything about her house): two floors with a basement. I didn’t realize how different American high schools were until I went into some of their classes and club activities. Another thing I realized from the high school trip was that American high schools are harder than I thought. Students here have the freedom to take different courses rather than everyone taking the same course.
After we got 6 quarts of strawberries, we went back and Helen’s mum started to make strawberry jam. Helen has planned out some hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, and visiting friends.

Today, more than ever before, you need a college education to thrive, or even just to survive. That’s because, in addition to the traditional brick-and-mortar campuses out there, online classes are becoming more and more of a mainstream deal.
Going to class in person, and doing it from the safety of your bedroom, are two completely different things. Of course, a lot of these people still have full-time jobs that they can’t just quit in favor of school. While tuition is just as pricey online as it is off, you can save on just about every other aspect of college life. The weather, which is usually the reason to cancel a campus class, has no hindrance on an online lecture. They likely have no children, no full-time job that they’re tied to, and can more easily uproot themselves and ship off to school for a few years. This is both an effective and immediate way to learn; for some, that personal interaction, and physically walking through a lesson with somebody, is the only way they are truly able to grasp the material. Let’s face it; your home is filled with distractions, whether it be TV, or the Internet, or video games, or simply having your family around.
You no longer have the ability to arrange a face-to-face interaction with your professor, particularly when extra help is needed, because there’s a good chance you’ve never even met the professor. You can’t really learn how to draw blood or operate on a patient, for example, without physically practicing the lesson, with an experienced professor watching over you.
Yes, you’re at home, but you’re probably alone much of the day, with everyone else at work or elsewhere. The stereotypical oversized classroom, where several hundred students are seated in an auditorium, listening to a professor aimlessly lecture, is still a reality. For those with jobs and children, being able to obtain a degree from your laptop, on your own time, is beyond convenient and liberating. They were designed to give dedicated students the most rigorous and college style class possible in high school.
Though you wouldn’t get high school credit for the class, if a prospective student felt confident in a subject matter and took the AP exam passing with a 3 or higher, it would in fact count for college credit. Though you might not get the individual time and attention you would in a high school class, a lot of seniors believe it’s a great way to get those credits in, meet new people, experience college, and stay productive during the week.
Whether you are picking an AP class or a community college class make sure the course you have chosen is one you are confident in. Thank you so much for this information, it will help a lot of students to plan for the future.
Both my wife and I come from good suburban public school systems and we would like to send our kids to public schools if we can justify that the end results are similar, so this data is quite valuable even with the relatively small sample size. That day was one of their holidays, so I luckily had a chance to have direct contact with them. I was curious of them and asked Helen a bunch of questions like “do they go to hospitals or banks?” Isn’t it weird that I am jealous of their simple way of living while being unwilling to give up modern technology? It’s getting harder and harder to build a career, and succeed in it, without at least an undergraduate degree to your name. For the longest time, going to college from behind your computer was seen as a gimmick and a waste of time. One approach might spell utter disaster for you, while the other might bring out your inner Valedictorian.
You don’t pay room and board, you don’t pay for a meal plan, you don’t have to pay random lab and TA fees, and e-textbooks are typically far cheaper than their hardcover brethren.
If you are not well-versed in self-discipline, learning from behind a computer can cause more harm than good.
While you could feasibly e-mail them with any questions, it’s not the same as staying after class, or meeting them in their office and hashing out a problem you have with understanding the material. No students are around you, as they would be in a traditional classroom, and thus no true bonds or friendships are formed, as they would on a campus.

Even smaller classrooms, with 30-40 students, find it difficult to properly devote the personal time and energy needed to help each student grow.
Any jobs you hope to get, to help pay for school, must revolve around class times, or else you’ll fall behind and possibly flunk out. Still, there’s something to be said for physically going to school, meeting your professors, interacting with fellow students, expanding your social horizons, and generally living the life of a college student. If you’re more advanced and geared towards English and history rather than math and science, take a college level English and Composition class at Hancock or the World History course, and focus on your more challenging courses here at Orcutt Academy.
The curriculum is often less demanding than AP, but still at a faster and more challenging pace than a regular course at the high school. But I do appreciate how my high school teachers challenged me more often and pushed the limits of my intelligence so I could become smarter. She said she has picked strawberries and made strawberry pound cake every year since she was young.
Check out the pros and cons of each approach, and then decide for yourself which is best for you. So the flexibility that online schooling offers is perfect for much of today’s working populace. Since online lectures are typically pre-recorded, you can access it anytime of day, anywhere you are. For quite a few kids, this is the first time they’ve been away from home, and their first real opportunity to experience life away from the nest. On a campus, however, you’ll to be in a classroom, without random distractions everywhere, and the professor right there, making sure the work gets done.
If you need to physically practice with something, instead of merely reading about it, online classes will likely not work for you at all. If finding such a job is impossible, then you might not be able to work and study at the same time, which is the only way many families can hope to afford to pay those exorbitant tuition bills. Many students have asked these questions and after an informative interview with school counselor Mrs. This would mean for AP, if you passed the class with a B, it would look the same as an A on your weighted GPA. Helen and I also walked around the rest of the school, went to one of the quiz bowl club practices, and met some students who are learning Chinese. I learned a lot of things from the hike, and I am looking forward to doing more hiking in the near future.
Today though, people have so much of their lives interwoven with the Internet, that it’s become next-to-impossible to dismiss anything completed that way. The ability to study and test around your own schedule fits their life far better than having to drive to a campus and be in a classroom at a set time, each and every day.
Living and going to class on campus introduces them to new people and experiences that they couldn’t possibly get if they simply stayed at home, and went to school from behind their laptop. And of course, regular classes are also great for students who don’t have as much time to devote to classes or are involved in sports, have a job, or do other extracurricular activities. While limited to a small sample of one graduating class, your analysis certainly reassured us that our decision to choose a public school was not a flawed decision as regards limiting their future competitiveness for admission to a good university or college. The exam is scored by a scale of 1-5 and students who pass the exam with a 3 or higher, in most cases receive college credit. Regardless of what level classes you choose to take in high school, it’s important to stay focused and keep those grades up because college is right around the corner, Spartans! I hope more families choose to send their children to our local public schools and become involved themselves.

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