A Pennsylvania father penned a brilliant response to his children’s principal after the family received a notice about missing three days of school for a trip to Boston for the annual Boston Marathon.
Mike Rossi, a father of twins who are in the third grade, decided to take his family with him to Boston for the annual marathon, in which he was a participant. Rossi was furious over the letter, saying the school had no right to paint him as an irresponsible parent.
After receiving Marbury’s letter, Rossi wrote a response to the principal informing her of the nature of the vacation, and firmly assuring her that it was, in fact, educational. Rossi’s letter, which was shared thousands of times after he first posted it to Facebook, concluded with a blunt statement assuring the principal that he’d do what he did again at a moment’s notice. Clients of the law school’s Clinical Law Program include individuals and organizations that have multiple legal and non-legal needs and objectives.  Students of the Business and Tax Clinic often collaborate with students of the Community Lawyering Clinic or Southwest Indian Law Clinic in providing services to these clients. Students will be required (1) to attend and actively participate in up to five classroom sessions (ten during summer’s first three weeks) during each week of the academic semester and (2) to maintain, in addition to classroom hours, a schedule of 24 (2-hours block) fixed office hours (physically present in the clinic, working on clinic matters) each week during Summer, or 16 (2-hours block) fixed office hours each week during Fall and Spring semesters.
Students having specific questions about the Business and Tax Clinic are encouraged to visit with Profs. The failure to consider the genocide of school children by clergy, politicians, news outlets, patriot internet outlets and even Native American and Canadian activists is appalling and perhaps the biggest story purposely hidden in North American history. For people to say they are searching for the truth, including big shot internet radio hosts and their listeners, is nothing more than a fantasy and a lie. I have covered this story for seven years and have grown cold and angry first at the perpetrators, of course,  but also the apathetic Canadian and American people who stand by and do nothing.
However, a majority are blind and ignorant while others who purport to seek the truth are just dancing in the wind, many paid off to keep their mouths shut and others afraid to stand up for the real truth. I will ask you once again to watch this short clip and then read the following two stories below. Last year, at a tribal-approved excavation, I held in my hand bits of bones and small buttons from what appears to be the mass grave of Mohawk Indian children who died at the Church of England Indian school in Brantford, Canada, and who were buried in secret on the school grounds.
Canada is a land of official silence and coverup when it comes to its own ongoing genocide.
Behind Canada’s global image of a humanitarian nation lies the fact that it continues to violate international law with apartheid legislation known as the Indian Act, which denies aboriginal people on reservations full citizenship rights.
Whenever we have confronted these crimes of past or present genocide in Canada, we have faced the same attacks from the government, corporations and churches responsible. That campaign is now escalating, as we have joined with other victims of catholic church terror in countries like America, England, Ireland, Italy and Australia. We urgently rely on the courts and people of other nations to help us bring to justice the institutions responsible for the ongoing slaughter of indigenous people and children. For the sake of our children, living and dead, and for the victims of the worst genocide in human history, I ask for your help. Please call and work for international economic and political sanctions to be brought against Canada for its genocide of Indians, and for a boycott of all trade and tourism to Canada.

Today is Monday, October 15, 2012, and marks the formal online convening of the five sworn judges of our Court, from Canada, the United States and Belgium.
This first case involves the evidence that the government and churches of Canada entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and other crimes against indigenous people and their children for over a century; and that such crimes were committed by the defendants and their organizations, and continue today. Thirty two officers of church and state have been issued Public Summonses by our Court to reply to these charges, and only one of them, John Milloy, has replied. For the record, our Office will demand the strongest sentences against these parties, including extensive prison terms, the expropriation of their property and assets, the citizens’ arrest of their accomplices and others engaged in these ongoing crimes, the occupation and seizure of catholic and protestant church property, and the legal and practical dis-establishment of the criminal church bodies named in the main indictment. The defendants will not buy their way out of responsibility for the deaths of children and these other crimes against humanity, as they have up until now. The volume of evidence gathered against the defendants is considerable, comprising nearly two hundred exhibits that will be presented as primary evidence by our Prosecutor`s office in the course of our argument.
I am therefore authorized to announce that the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice will commence our opening argument and presentation in the first case in our Docket, The People and Kevin Annett v. University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits Name New Telescope 'Lucifer' Obama's Jesuit Connections Surface Marine Calls U.S. Our children had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that can’t be duplicated in a classroom or read in a book,” he wrote. Rossi also told Marbury that his children were able to pay respects to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings — something they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do had they not attended this year’s marathon with him. Krieger).Law Clinics in Taiwan: Can Clinical Legal Education Succeed in this Civil Law Jurisdiction with an Undergraduate Legal Education System?
There can be no truth unless justice is had for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Native American and Canadian children.
However, I realize most all of you will continue to follow the nonsense of your Hollywood and internet heroes like Martin Sheen and Alex Jones who are basically covering for the true perpetrators. Prime Minister Harper must be made to stand before an international court of justice for this crime. The depleted uranium that slowly tortures and kills the children of Iraq and other Islamic nations is mined on Cree Indian land in northern Saskatchewan, where it first causes the same death among Cree aboriginal families. A total of thirteen native activists in our network across Canada have been killed or died mysteriously in the last four years, including homeless men like Johnny Dawson in Vancouver. This month, we are launching an online common law court, in which the evidence of these crimes will be presented to panels of citizen judges and jurors, and an enforceable verdict will be issued. We have served public summonses on Pope Benedict, the Queen and England, Prime Minister Harper of Canada and other church and state officials. They are joined by fifty eight sworn citizen jurors from Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Holland, Italy and Australia, who have been prepared to receive the evidence in the first of five cases in the Docket of our Court. These sentences will be duly enforced by our own sworn Common Law Peace Officers and regular law enforcement officers deputized by our Court. For this reason, it is necessary to present the evidence as a single package, and not in piecemeal form, so that the citizen jurors and the public can receive the most accurate and truthful presentation of the evidence of genocide in Canada.

And you, the public, are invited to join us that day and view the online evidence in this historic court of justice. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Rossi explained that his children spent their time in Boston watching the marathon and cheering their father on, all while learning about perseverance and determination. I will also say that what goes around comes around and for your apathy you are facing genocide just like the thousands of Native children buried beneath your soil, killed by the very system now killing you. I believe the only reason I am still alive is because of my pale skin; and the public exposure our campaign has received. On November 1, our International Common Law Court of Justice will begin revealing to the world the extent of their crimes against humanity. And join us to actively dis-establish the Vatican and other churches and criminal institutions covered with the blood of so many innocent children.
Milloy nor any of the other summoned parties have contested or denied the charges made against them, including Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Our Prosecutor’s Office has therefore filed a motion with the Court that a guilty plea be entered on behalf of all of the defendants named in our Summonses, in their absence, since they do not contest or deny the charges made against them. These printable pages display the major differences between Common and Civil Law and the two principles of Common Law.
The opposing force of natural law is often thought of to be positivism, in which morality has no bearing on the validity of a law.The importance of a legal system in natural law is that they serve the function to secure justice. Any immoral laws or truly unjust laws are just considered pervasions of the law or even violence. Shaped by volcanic fire, desert wind, and monsoon rain, it is aptly named The Land of Enchantment. Because of this, there is not only no moral obligation to follow an unjust law, but there is also no legal obligation to support it.One of the biggest advocates for natural law was Thomas Aquinas who felt that natural law was the human participation of eternal law, or the law that comes directly from god or the will of god. The beautiful land of New Mexico is enhanced by its people, their culture, and their history. More recent philosophers Today, the theory of natural law looks at legal rules and legal order and where they derive their legal validity from. An appropriate response using natural law would say that if the law is immoral, it cannot be a law in the first place and thus it does not have to be followed. Raft the river (2 hours away), explore White Sands (3 hours) or go deep underground in Carlsbad Caverns (5 hours). In this situation, the laws in place during Nazi Germany would be deemed immoral and not actually laws.This is contradicting to the positivist stance which would suggest that if the law was correctly made, it is in fact a law and whether it is immoral or not is irrelevant.

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