Our family first climbed the Bridge as a way of healing, bonding and putting the past behind us.
Then we moved house, then I effectively disappeared mentally for six months whilst I co-wrote edition 1 of the Australian Autism Handbook.
Dex is the middle child between a high impact, additional needs older brother and the twins terrors, who can suck all the oxygen out of a room.
Anyway, father and son climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Dex’s birthday, and it really did mean something to them. We were there for ages, had heaps of time to enjoy the views and chat to out terrific guide. There are two long stepladder-type sections, and I did find them challenging but more mentally than physically. Our guide was terrific, the safety talks and demonstrations and practices were great; BridgeClimb runs like a well oiled machine, which, frankly, is just what you want. My husband and son climbed the Bridge at our own expense a few years ago and paid for their lovely photo.
That looks totally amazing, we went to Sydney for the first time a couple of weekends ago and loved it. PS I prefer getting your summary of post each Saturday, where I can just click on any I have missed. Hi there Caro, I just changed back to the weekly email, did you get that today, but with just the one post.

What a great way to do some bonding with the kids and to also encourage some communication.
Planning a day out in Sydney with kids?Hello, if you're looking for great places to go in Sydney with kids, you've come to the right place!
And if you need a holiday (who doesn't?) check out the Travel section - your dream escape might be there. If you're keen for free tips for exploring Sydney and far, far beyond, sign up for my email newsletter. Most Popular TodayThe 50 Best Playgrounds in Sydney Playgrounds Deluxe, don't you love them! Which reminds me of the time he threw our laptop into the garbage bin, but lets leave that for another time. I was lucky enough to climb the bridge just a few short weeks ago and it is something that I will never forget.
The views, the passion for Sydney, the meeting of strangers and learning new information about the Bridge.
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