As the DJ or DJ and MC at a wedding reception, the task falls on your shoulders to ensure that important information is properly communicated to all necessary parties. Obviously, the wedding couple and the bridal party need to be briefed on what to expect on wedding day. You should talk to all key vendors during the wedding week such as, coordinator, venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, transportation company, etc. Phone calls, text messages, email social media and in person contact are all ways to communicate prior to wedding day. Know exactly how the venue is set up, make pre-event site visits so you know meet the staff and find out how the venue staff can assist (or stay out of the way). CAUTION: At many events you’ll come across situations that will test you and push you to the limits of your diplomatic skills. For small or large groups, communication can be through a speech, by paraphrasing, or some form of non-verbal communication.
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It is also very important to speak with the the facility or catering contact person (ahead of time and on the day of the event), and the photographer and videographer as they can help you with timing and movements of the couple.
Try to do as much in person on wedding day as many people do not answer their phones or check messages that day. You need to know if there is a staging area or room for the bridal party as they arrive from the ceremony location.
In speaking of a large group, though, it is to a generic group of people sharing the same purpose. The tour guide is seeking to send information to small or large groups of people and receive feedback. Mass communication - refers to when huge numbers are involved; it involves trying to communicate to large populations all at once. You also need to know how to get them from that location to the main entry of the reception. This can be very helpful for quick, instant changes in timing or the cueing of grand entrance or other key events during the event.

Keep in mind that the best event vendors have strong, take charge personalities that may clash with each other.
In this medium, we are usually referring to sending information to people who will not be able to give direct or immediate feedback.
It also affords you an opportunity to meet these people in person and establish relationships that will help you on wedding day. You all have a common client and a common goal to make this wedding day amazing and unique. An example of Mass communication is what occurs via the television, when the Government of a country or an organization wishes to send information to the populace.

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