Communication is effective if it flows freely in a communication loop between the sender(s) and receiver(s). The barriers to communication that you have identified are much more elaborated compared to the ones I came across in another source. I would like to adapt this for a chapter on communication (as part of handbook for pharmacists). As a marketing specialist at Dominion Dealer Solutions, I know that a good relationship and continuous communication with my dealership clients is a big part of creating an effective marketing strategy.
Recently, I began working with a new dealership client through Dominion’s Managed Marketing Services.
Since this dealership had purchased multiple Dominion products, several product specialists had begun working with them.
Because of this internal and external alignment, a consistent marketing message has been established across the many different platforms (i.e.
It provides beneficial information and creates a cohesive relationship for all parties involved.

Since this particular dealership had purchased a suite of Dominion products, it was now my job to provide them with effective and strategic email marketing.
Dominion Dealer Solutions’ specialists can help with your dealership’s messaging! Quick and knowledgeable response to both hardware and software issues…and I love the one line, all inclusive support billing! Misunderstanding, Irrelevant response and undesirable reactions are the consequences of a failed communication exercise.
Many, if not most, dealerships work with numerous vendors, so establishing clear objectives and making sure everyone works towards the targeted goal is an immediate objective with any new customer. This allows the dealership to discuss their managed marketing goals with everyone at once, and also ensures that any campaign tactics employed enable the dealership to more effectively reach targeted customers.
The email marketing campaigns have already resulted in great engagement from the dealership’s targeted consumers with both high open and click rates. Failure of effective communication results in loss of valuable time, resource, material and even life.

You know that in an authoritarian set up, be it a state or a business or even a family, communication is unidirectional and is so fragile that it would snap anytime leading to irreparable damage. Though these may be indirect results of communication failure, an effective channel of communication could have reduced the damage.
When we say that some one has an open mind, we mean that he is transparent and receptive which in turn means that he is flexible and not rigid. All these characteristics are related to the mental make-up and communication style of the individual.
Barriers to communications range from the simple distracting noises to the most complex psychological factors. A communication gap can be bridged but retrieval of a situation, damaged by miscommunication would be rather difficult.

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