The group says it analyzed nearly 1,700 dashcam videos capturing the actions of teen drivers in the moments before an accident. As the Los Angeles Times notes, the 58 percent figure in the study is significantly larger than earlier findings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has said previously that distraction is a factor in just 14 percent of all teen driver crashes.
The crash videos, some of which can be viewed above, were provided to AAA by Lytx, a company that offers programs which use video and other data to train drivers about safety and collision reduction.

By analyzing these videos, AAA said that teens using cellphones while driving were found to have their eyes off the road for an average of 4.1 seconds out of the final 6 seconds leading up to a crash.
Alarmingly, distracted driving was found to be a factor in 58 percent, or nearly 6 out of 10, moderate to severe crashes. The most common distractions were interacting with other passengers (found in 15 percent of crashes caused by distracted driving) and cellphone use (12 percent), AAA said.

These crashes resulted in 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths,” the group said in the release.

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