Confidante provides training programs for managers and staff on a wide variety of workplace topics, including effective communication, sexual harassment, workplace violence, stress management, conflict resolution, supervisory skills and performance management, substance abuse awareness, behavioral interviewing techniques, and interpersonal skill development. Leadership styles need careful and thoughtful development, with periodic opportunities to “take the pulse” of staff regarding employee engagement. Confidante consultants can quickly identify critical workplace issues and behaviors that may be inhibiting mutual trust.
These are your “CEOs in attitude.” They are very competitive, goal-oriented, demanding, task-oriented and fast-paced. These individuals are charismatic, enthusiastic, persuasive, lively, loud, talkative, friendly and very social.
These individuals are calm, levelheaded, great listeners, team-oriented, introverted and loyal. For over 20 years, Advanced Team Concepts has been helping organizations and individuals throughout the world to excel through hands-on, experiential learning opportunities and structured facilitation, and most recently through eLearning tools for online training and education. Our services include customized training, meeting facilitation, facilitation training, and curriculum development and design.

We can also design training programs customized for your workforce, and assist with critical aspects of the hiring process. It is often effective to solicit employees’ suggestions for improvements, then train with an emphasis on the development of emotional intelligence skill building. Confidante works with your leadership team to clearly articulate the organizational values and culture, and can assist with strategies to communicate them throughout the organization, and incorporate them into performance measures. A sense of common mission and goals is essential to the success of an organization. To remain effective, leaders need near-perfect communication skills regardless of their own communication type.
Developing your “adaptitude” – your ability to adapt your communication style to the listener – is a critical element of being an effective team member.
This can be achieved through creating a true team spirit based on trust and respect, with open and honest communication between management, staff and among peers at all levels. Understanding the style of the person you are communicating with can make the difference between getting your message across and getting it across well. When you are able to recognize the various styles and adjust your approach, your life will be easier and void of the common communication ills.

The Aggressor-Asserter has key strengths that include providing momentum, providing focus and making quick decisions.
Key strengths of the Analyzer include being detail-oriented, superb problem solvers and providing the team’s reality check. Their on-top-of-it approach to projects can keep the rest of the team on target or even get it done early. However, this must be balanced as their weaknesses include overstepping their assignments, taking over tasks that have been assigned to others (and not necessarily because they can do them better, they just want to get them done).

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